9 Tips for Lead Follow up Infographic

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Transcript of 9 Tips for Lead Follow up Infographic

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    01 USE BIG DATA TO LEARN ABOUT YOUR LEADWhen used properly big data can help you identify leads that are likely to convert and help you concentrate resources in a productive, ecient way.

    02 PROPERLY SELECT YOUR METRICSBecause data can be dicult to interpret, its important to select metrics before you begin interpreting it. Consider metrics such as Time-to-Customer Conversion and Cost of Customer Acquisition

    03 RESPOND QUICKLY TO LEADSBecause information moves so rapidly in todays digital world, your leads have short attention spans and high expectations. Waiting just 5 minutes can reduce the likelihood of the lead to convert by up to a factor of 10.

    04 MANAGE THE INITIAL CONTACTThe initial contact can be dicult to manage, but automating an email deliveryone with a contact name and phone numberis a great way to conrm to the lead that he or she has entered the lead process.

    05 USE EMAIL LEAD NURTURINGUsing emails, you can conrm, follow up, and engage with leads. Using email is an easy way to communicate with the lead right away.

    06 ENGAGE WHEN YOUR LEAD IS READY TO TALKThe cardinal rule of lead engagement is to engage with your lead when your lead is ready to talk, so ensure you have multiple ways to communicate. Leads are more likely to covert when youre readily available.

    07 INVEST IN EXCELLENT CRM RESOURCESCRM is a broad term. Its either provided by software or people but, regardless of the provider, it enables eectively managed interactions with and data from leads.

    08 CONSIDER HELP FROM THE OUTSIDESometimes an outside eye can help connect the dots to all you marketing touch points and communications in a way that insiders simply cant fathom.

    09 GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREEEducation is incredibly valuable. When you oer it for free, you make the lead more likely to return.