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Tahjah BlakeNine Key Frames

1st Key frame:

Scenario: In this medium close-up shot the audience sees Chelsea, who is the protagonist and her mum. Her mum is annoyed at Chelsea and is telling Chelsea off. Sound: There is the diegetic sound of the dialogue that Chelseas mum is saying in this part. Chelseas mum is telling Chelsea that she is not going out tonight, talking in a very stern voice. Cinematography: The lighting in this shot is room lights, as the director I decided to use the room lights because this scene takes place in a house and I felt that it would give my film more of a realistic and natural feel to it, rather than over doing it with lighting and lighting gels etc. This scene would start off with the camera position being over the shoulder of Chelseas mum and the camera will see half of the behind of Chelseas mothers and a mid shot of the protagonist to start with before the camera angle moves to the right to show a wide shot of both the mother and daughter, with occasional mid shots of the characters faces, over the shoulder shots and close up shots. I feel like these shots will keep the audiences attention.Mise-en-scene: Through the staging as the director I wanted to show that the two characters are on the same level and no one is inferior. Chelseas mother is at a higher level to Chelsea telling the audience that the mum should have more authority here but the sly, cheeky grin on Chelseas face shows the audience that maybe Chelsea has the authority in this scene not caring what her mother is saying. Even Chelseas figure expression with her arms crossed emphasizes this and thats why I specifically ordered the actor to do this with her body. Editing: When editing this picture I decided to have the focus on the mother and to lightly blur out Chelsea as I wanted the audience to focus on the mother telling Chelsea of and the mothers body language. However, during this scene Chelsea will come out of the blur and the audience will focus on her.2nd Key frame:

Scenario: In this key frame, the mother and Chelsea are arguing about why Chelsea cant go out and how she doesnt listen because she dyed her hair, both the characters are very annoyed.Cinematography: This extreme close up shot of the mothers mouth shouting at Chelsea there are a few extreme close up shots of the mother and Chelseas eyes and mouth. In this scene it will just cut from an extreme close up of the mother shouting to a close up shot of Chelseas annoyed face and a close up of her rolling her eyes.Sound: while Chelseas mum is telling her off I decided to have muffles in the background during the close up shots of Chelseas eyes and then when it is back at the mother the sound is back to normal. As the director I chose to do this as I feel like it emphasizes the invasiveness that Chelsea is feeling at that moment.Mise-en-scene: As the director I wanted the audience to see that Chelsea is not very happy which is clear by her facial expression and the same with the mother. The actors facial expressions are especially important in this scene as this will be revealed and stand out to the audience. It was important for me that the audience was able to understand more about the character by the microelements and that is why the sound and lighting etc is key and very vital.

3rd Key frame:

3rd Key frame:

Scenario: in this frame Chelsea runs up the stars following the argument she had with her mother.Cinematography: it will start with the view of the stairs and as Chelsea runs closer towards the camera, her foot becomes the centre of attention as it will show a close up shot of her foot before her foot leaves the frame.Sound: the sound that will occur in this scene will be diegetic sound of Chelseas foot running up the stairs and then her door slamming before it cuts to the next scene.Mise-en-scene: the staging in this scene is more about the camera positioning, the camera will be placed at the top of the stairs and it will watch Chelsea run up the stairs. As the director I decided to have this shot as I feel that it displays to the audience the transition from place to place and it is easy for the audience to follow.4th Key frame:

Scenario: In this mid shot of the protagonist she is feeling a mix of emotions from frustration, annoyed and devastation while also trying to think of what she is going to do next.Sound: In terms of sound in this scene I decided that I wanted a silent shake of tambourines in the background as non diegetic sound to build up the atmosphere right before the tempo gets faster and then there will be diegetic sound of Chelsea screaming out in frustration.Cinematography: For this part I had in mind two different camera positions, one from the top so that the camera will be looking down on Chelsea and one in front of her as the key frame shows, I wanted both the camera positions to show mid shots of Chelsea to display to the audience that right now her personal space should not be interrupted.Editing: I decided to take away some of the contrast from this key frame image, I thought it would symbolize to the audience that Chelsea is feeling moody and a bit gloom at this point as she is not allowed to go out with her friends. I also thought it would help represent that she is not thinking as clear as she normally would as she is in the heat of the moment. Mise-en-scene: The staging of this part of the scene will have the protagonist sitting at the end of her bed, I decided to make her sit at the end of her bed rather than the middle to symbolize that she is on edge and close to tipping off.

5th Key frame:

Scenario: In this mid shot of the protagonist sending a text message to her friend Lisa thats she isnt allowed out. As she writes the message she decides in a moment to send a text message to her friend that shows she is going to go out anyway, despite what her mother has told her.Cinematography: The camera shot will be a close up of the phone and text messages it will show Chelseas fingers pressing send and then it will show a close up shot of Chelseas satisfied yet slightly fearful expression.Sound: As the director I decided that I wanted a silent shake of tambourines and drums in the background as non diegetic sound to build up the atmosphere right before the tempo gets faster and then there will be the sound of the button as Chelsea clicks send and then the music and all sound will stop instantly because the text message she sends is quite significant. Mise-en-scene: The prop of the phone is important as not only does it display the times in which my movie is set (modern times) but it also plays a narrative to the audience as it shows the audience what Chelsea is planning on doing.

6th Key frame:

Scenario: This is the moment after the protagonist sends the text message to her friend telling he friend that she WILL be going out tonight. She puts on her coat whilst check she looks okay in the mirror. Cinematography: I chose to have a over side camera shot of Chelsea looking into the mirror fixing while she is putting on her coat as I wanted the audience to see that she is actually going to go through with this. There will be an extreme close up shot of Chelseas hand while she zips up the jacket, as the director I feel this will emphasize the fact that she is going to actually sneak out of the house.Sound: I want the sound of her zipping up the coat and her moving around to be heightened. As the director I chose to do this because I felt it would keep the audience on edge and make them wonder if her mum can hear her making up this noise and make them question if she will get away with it or not. Mise-en-scene: The costume of the coat is an important part of particularly this scene as there are a few close up shots of Chelsea putting her sleeves in the jacket and zipping it up and it shows she is going out it shows the audience that she is going to go through with it especially as we will see her be hesitant to pick up it in the first place.

7th Key frame:

Scenario: In this frame, the protagonist is fixing the fake body in her bed made of pillows to make it look more realistic so it looks like it is her sleeping in her bed. Cinematography: For this part the camera position will have a mid shot of Chelseas bed and her fixing it, it will then cut to a close up shot of her hands fixing the body and the actual body; along with an extreme close up shots of her eyes.Mise-en-scene: As the director, I decided I wanted the protagonists face to have a slight smirk, as she knows she is doing something naughty but she feels it is worth it and she gets a thrill and excitement from it even though she knows there will be consequences. I want the audience to understand this as that is the thing that makes her character relatable for the audience of teenagers and makes her fun and intriguing.Sound: I decided I wanted mellow rock music for the non-diegetic sound in the background for this part; this was because I thought rock music has a reputation or theme of rebellion or untamed to it which is how I wanted the protagonist to be seen at this moment.

8th Key frame:

Scenario: In this frame Chelsea is climbing out of the window, to sneaking out the house and to hang out with her friends. The audience likes the protagonist and so the tension is particularly high in this scene, she is actually doing it, there is no going back. The audience wants her to escape without getting caught.Cinematography: In this scene there will be a camera position on the outside inside off the bedroom window and from the inside, it will be a split screen of both views. The cameras will then zoom in to her and get closer to her to allow the audience to watch and explore her every move. Naturally that will make the audience more interested and zoned in to what is going on and what is going to happen next.Sound: There will non-diegetic sound in the