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T E S C O TO p d r i v E SDelivering solutions that add real value, around the world

T h e d r i l l i n g i n n o v aT i o n c o m pa n y Tm

Technology for Todays Drillers, TESCOs Top Drive SystemOver a decade ago, Tesco Corporation pioneered a technology that made modern drilling procedures available to most rigs. With the ability to bring time and cost efficiencies to any drilling application, TeSCOs line of hydraulic and electric Top Drives has proven successful on rigs worldwide. In every location land-based or offshore, from the frigid arctic to desert heat, urban locations to remote jungle, anywhere there is a well to be drilled, a TeSCO Top Drive can improve operations.

Understanding the TESCO Difference

With the widest selection and greatest number of exclusive features, TeSCO Top Drives represent the world standard in sales and rentals.

Selection Like No OtherFrom the largest offshore or conventional derrick styles down to small truck-mounted units, theres a TeSCO Top Drive to meet your needs. Hydraulic or electric units are available from 150 ton to 750 ton, 400hp to 1350hp.

Our top drive systems are easily transported via truck, ship, helicopter or airplane.

Ease Of Installationpacked securely in three standard shipping containers, TeSCO Top Drives can be transported easily and affordably by truck, rail or sea. They can also be broken down into smaller modules for easy delivery by helicopter or as air cargo. Once on location, TeSCO Top Drives can be installed on most drilling rigs with little or no modification to the rig.



TESCO top drive systems innovative design and worldwide availability of parts and support services have resulted in a remarkable record of 99.3% uptime.

Ease Of Operation32 33 8 10 9 7 31 34

6 5 4 3 2 1 11 14 12 13 35 36


The TeSCO Top Drive control panel is designed to be easily understood and operated by the driller. On-site TeSCO technicians are available to help achieve maximum Top Drive drilling performance. Specially trained technicians know drilling processes as well as TeSCOs equipment, and provide both maintenance and training for the drilling crew. In addition, advanced factory training is also available.



Versatility At Its Best17 16 1514

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In extremely cold climates, a one-piece skid building is available to enable maintenance and operation of the power unit in temperatures below minus 40C. Units have been operated to 56C with optional high temperature packages. For offshore platforms or other locations where space is at a premium, the power unit can be split and stacked with a TeSCO stacking kit. If ambient noise is a consideration, various soundproof buildings are available to significantly decrease the sound of diesel powered hydraulic systems.

Double and triple stands of pipe can be made up in advance and drilled in, reducing the number of necessary connections by 50 percent or more.

NORTH AMERICA1 2 3 4 5 6 7

SOUTH AMERICA8 9 10 11 12 13 14

EUROPE23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30


ASIA37 38 39


On-site supervision and user training ensures maximum drilling performance.

Houston, Texas Bryan, Texas Kilgore,Texas Saginaw, Texas Conway, Arkansas Grand Junction, Colorado Calgary, Alberta

Grande Prairie, Alberta Nisku, Alberta Red Deer, Alberta Reynosa, Mexico Villahermosa, Mexico Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico Poza Rica, Mexico

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Quito, Ecuador Coca, Ecuador Bogot, Colombia Maracaibo, Venezuela El Tigre, Venezuela Mossoro, Brazil Maca, Brazil So Mateus, Brazil Salvador, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Salta, Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina Neuqun, Argentina Rio Gallegos, Argentina Mendoza, Argentina Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia Talara, Per

31 32 33 34

Aberdeen, U.K. Stavanger, Norway Bergen, Norway Moscow, Russia

Doha, Qatar Dubai, United Arab Emerites

Beijing, China Singapore Jakarta, Indonesia

Perth, Australia Te Puke, New Zealand

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Using the Top Drive Practically

Electric or Hydraulic The Choice is YoursElectric Top Drivesavailable from 400hp to 1350hp, TeSCO permanent magnet or aC electric Top Drives are the ideal choice for modern rigs (land or offshore) with sufficient electric power.

Whether your specific drilling operation calls for directional, horizontal, underbalanced, air or gas drilling, reaming, running casing, well control, or fishing, the TeSCO Top Drive can contribute in ways that will save time and money. Here are some practical examples of what a TeSCO Top Drive is capable of and what that means to you. A TESCO Top drive can connect to the drill string at any height in the derrick and provide simultaneous reciprocation, rotation and circulation of drilling fluids. The ability to ream and backream with full stands. Eliminates the need to pick up the kelly to begin circulation and rotation, thereby decreasing the risk of becoming stuck. No need to break stands into singles for reaming. No requirement to pump out singles with the resulting hole problems. The Top drive can rotate the drill string both clockwise and counter clockwise with highly controlled torque. Ability to rock the drill string in order to break the static friction while slide drilling. This allows the drilling of extended horizontal sections in shallow wells. Capable of making on bottom connections with the drill string, eliminating the need to re-orient the drill string in slide drilling. Facilitates free-point and back-off operations during fishing. double or triple stands of pipe can be made up in advance and drilled in with the TESCO Top drive, thereby reducing the number of necessary connections by 50% or more. In air or gas drilling, decreases the number of connections and thus the blow down time. Decreases the amount of time that the hole is not underbalanced in UBD operations. Allows 20 or 30 meter core barrels to be drilled without a connection, decreasing the chances of a jam-off. The TESCO Top drive allows for continuous fill up and/or circulation while running casing. Saves time filling casing. Allows circulation, rotation, and reciprocation of casing. Decreases circulating time and stuck casing risk. Link Tilt and Extend robotics assist in casing handling. Increases safety and speed when running casing. Reduces need for specialized casing running equipment.

Hydraulic Top Drivesavailable from 475hp to 1205hp with self-contained aC over hyraulic or diesel prime movers, these units are the traditional choice for portable installation or for re-powering older mechanical rigs. TeSCO rental Top Drives are available from our International Service Divisions. These units can be economically shipped and quickly installed in almost any rig worldwide. an experienced TeSCO Top Drive technician is supplied with every rental unit to ensure the customer receives maximum benefit from the Top Drive. Both hydraulic and electric Top Drives are available for sale in new rig construction, rig upgrades and permanent installations. a selection of models, combined with accessories, on-site Installation supervision and factory training ensure that the customer receives real value for their TeSCO Top Drive investment. Top drives Types and Models Hydraulic 150 HMI 475 250 HMI 475 250 HXI 700 500 HS 750/1100 500 HCI 1205 650 HCI 1205 Electric 150 eMI 400 250 eMI 400 350 eXI 600 500 eCI 900/1350 650 eCI 900/1350 750 eCIX 1350

in the event of a kick, the well can be secured with the double ball valve. Provides a second alternative to traditional stabbing valve well control procedures. Driller can shut-in the well without drill floor crew even while tripping. We at TESCO can make your rig more efficient, and a safer environment to work. Automation of the rigs. Safety improvements for rig floor crew. Elimination of manual tongs to make up connections. Quicker connections. Ability to close the safety valve remotely at any height in the derrick. Possibility to add Stabbing arm. With the addition of Power slips, back up tongs are virtually eliminated.

TESCOs Hydraulic Top Drive operating in Brazil.

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TESCO Electric Top Drives

250 EMI 400 Top DriveThe 250 eMI 400 provides the performance and pipe handling features required for drilling and workover applications. The 250 eMI 400 employs an aC induction motor and drive system. The 250 eMI 400 can be operated from a self-contained generator, or can be connected directly to the rigs aC Bus. The eMI 400 is also available in a 150 Ton configuration and can be integrated with an existing, dedicated VFD on the rig.Top drives Types and Models Rated Capacity Rated Power Hook Weight Operating Length (including links & elevators) Width Max. Continuous Drill Torque Make-up / Breakout Torque Max Speed Quill ID Quill Connection* NC 50 available with reduced capacity

350 EXI 600 Top DriveThe 350 eXI 600 extreme electric top drive system is a compact,full featured, top drive with horizontal drilling in mind for smaller narrow mast drilling rigs. The eXI 600 is also available in a 400 Ton configuration and can be integrated with an existing, dedicated VFD on the rig.

500/650 ECI 900/1350 Top DriveThe eCI top drive system represents a significant advance in electric top drive technology. Traditional induction or brush style DC motors have been replaced with liquid cooled, permanent magnet synchronous motors. Compact enough to fit into any triple mast, the eCI provides the performance and pipe handling features required for medium and deep drilling applications. The modular eCI is available in 900 and 1350hp configurations.750 ECiX 1350 750ton 1350hp 28,000lbs. 307in. 64.5in. 58,000ft-lb.DERRICK LARGE TRIPLE MAST 20 10 8

750 ECIX 1350 Top DriveThe 750 eCIX 1350 top drive system has a rated lifting capacity of 750 tons, making it ideally suited for many off shore applications, yet in the TeSCO tradition, this eCIX is compact enough that it can also be installed on many land rigs where high performance drilling requirements exist. The eCIX Top Drive is designed to be installed on existing guide rail torque arrest systems and utilizes an adaptor dolly, minimizing rig modifications in a retrofit application.

250 EMi 400 250ton 400hp 13,684lbs. 230in. 44.5in. 21,000ft-lb. 32,000ft-lb. 200RPM 2.5in. NC50

350 EXi 600 350ton 600hp 25,000lbs. 237in. 48.5in. 30,000ft-lb. 45,000ft-lb. 220RPM 3.0in. NC61

500/650 ECi 900 500/650ton 900hp

500/650 ECi 1350 500/650ton 1350hp



13,000lbs. 13,800lbs (not including optional swivel) (not including optional swivel) 172in. 171in. (not including optional swivel) (not including optional swivel) 62in. 36,700ft-lb. 45,000ft-lb./56,000ft-lb. 193RPM 2.5in. *NC61 62in. 58,000ft-lb.




68,000ft-lb./84,000ft-lb. 68,000ft-lb./84,000ft-lb. 193RPM 2.5in. *NC61 193RPM 3.5in. NC70500 / 650 ECI 750ECIX 350 EXIApproximate Working clearance w/Top Drive Installed

250 EMI

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TESCO Hydraulic Top Drives

250 HMIS 475 Top DriveThe HMIS top drive system is the most compact offering in the TeSCO top drive line. Designed to fit into small masts, the HMIS provides the performance and pipe handling features required for shallow drilling and workover applications.

250 HXI 700 Top DriveThe 250 HXI 700 top drive system is designed for use on offshore and land based drilling rigs. The 250 HXI 700 provides the performance and pipe handling features required for drilling and workover applications.

500/650 HS 750/1100 Top DriveThe 500 or 650 HS, the original portable hydraulic top drive drilling system is reliable and field proven. The HS top drive is rated for 500 or 650 ton casing loads. The ability to drill with stands speeds oriented directional drilling and air, gas or underbalanced drilling. pipe handling and robotic features decrease connection time and increase rig floor safety.

500/650 HCI 750/1205 Top DriveThe 500/650 HCI 750 or 1205hp top drive system is compact enough to fit into most double and triple masts for land based applications or offshore derricks, the HCI provides the performance and pipe handling features required for medium and deep drilling applications. The HCI top drive is available with an optional integrated swivel or can use the customers swivel. Casing load ratings of 500 or 650 tons are available. performance (torque and speed) can be customized using optional gear ratios and power unit selection.8 6 6

Top drives Types and Models Rated Capacity Rated Power Hook Weight Operating Length (including links & elevators) Width Max. Continuous Drill Torque Make-up / Breakout Torque Max Speed Quill ID Quill Connection* NC 50 available with reduced capacity

250 HMiS 475 250 HXi 700 Top drive 250ton 475hp 8,000lbs. 173in. 33in. 21,000ft-lb. 21,000/23,500ft-lbs. 170RPM 2.25in. NC40 250ton 700hp 16,000lbs. 199in. 47.5in. 24,000ft-lb. 32,000ft-lbs. 200RPM 2.5in. NC50

500/650 HS 750/1100 Top drive 500/650ton 750/1100hp 13,300lbs. (not including optional swivel) 148in. 64in. 39,400ft-lb. 39,400/45,042ft-lbs. 150RPM 2.5in *NC61

500/650 HCi 750/1205 Top drive 500/650ton 750/1205hp 19,300lbs./12,300lbs. (with/without optional swivel) 172in. (not including optional swivel) 47.25n. 52,800ft-lb. 52,800/59,400ft-lbs. 210RPM 2.5in. *NC61500 / 650 HS/HCI 250 HMIXApproximate Working clearance w/Top Drive Installed20 DERRICK LARGE TRIPLE MAST 10




250 HMI

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TESCOS Exclusive FeaturesTESCO Ultrex LubricantsTeSCO distributes a full line of performance lubricants for oilfield applications. Ultrex Lubricants are supplied with all TeSCO equipment in gear cases, pump drives, hydraulic systems, engines, bearings and all friction points. Many Ultrex Lubricants are 100% synthetic and wont breakdown in extreme conditions. They meet or exceed all OeM specifications and the TeSCO standard of excellence. Ultrex provides superior protection from heavy loads, dirt, dust, water and heat. Its extended drain interval makes it the lubricant of choice for products used in severe duty applications.

Torque Track TESCOs modular concept torque track is completely portable and can be adapted to fit different sizes and styles of rigs. Little or no rig modifications are required to install the Top Drive. For special rig designs or sizes, adapter pieces are available to allow the TeSCO Top Drive to fit into almost any rig configuration. Speed and Torque Ranges A selection of speed and torque ranges, gear ratios and other features provide optimization of available power for a variety of drilling programs Pipe Handler TESCO Top Drives include pipe handling features that make the drilling operation safer, quicker and easier. Hydraulic Power Operated Elevators All TESCO Top Drives are available with remote hydraulic elevators to fit all drill pipe sizes from 2-7/8 to 5-1/2. Extend TESCOs extend feature moves the Top Drive out over the mouse hole allowing connections to be made at eye level, reducing cross threading and drill pipe damage. Integrated Swivel TESCO Top Drive designs provide the option for an integrated swivel and a one-piece quill. The quill is a dry spline design that can be removed and replaced without draining oil from the gearbox. This operation can be performed in the shop, or if necessary, on the rig floor. Ball Valve All TESCO Top Drives are equipped with a dual ball valve, located below the quill. The upper valve (hydraulically actuated by the driller) serves as a mud saver valve. The lower (manually activated) provides redundancy for well control. Generator Sets A selection of diesel powered self-contained generator systems are available for electric Top Drives.

Tesco Corporation RIGSMART Wireless Anti-Collision SystemTESCO exclusive partner for anti-collision system. The RIGSMART wireless Top Drive Anti-Collision system is designed to eliminate collisions between the Top Drive, crown, floor, automatic pipe handlers, the racking board, and the derrick structure.

Aftermarket Sales and ServiceTeSCOs team of dedicated service and repair technicians commissions new units and re-certifies working units including top drives, power units and other TeSCO products. TeSCO maintenance people are among the most well trained in the business. Through a series of apprenticeship programs, technical training and practical field experience, the TeSCO team is on the job and ready to work. They have intimate experience with the operation and capabilities of all TeSCO equipment making them an invaluable member of your project. Field personnel provide rig-up and installation services as well as on-site training and Top Drive supervision. Maintenance contracts are also available. across the street or around the world, TeSCO service people are available 24/7/365 to meet the needs of your project.

Service CommitmentOur job doesnt end after delivery of your TeSCO Top Drive. at TeSCO , our commitment to our customers extends for the life of the product. Our after Sales Service Division has locations in the americas, europe, africa and the Orient to provide 24-hour support, parts shipment, and advice from specialized technicians. Delivering solutions that add real value. TeSCO Top Drives represent the world standard in sales and rentals. Versatility at its best

A certified TESCO technician is adding value to operations in North America by rigging up TESCOs Casing Drive System to the 500 Ton HCI 1205HP Top Drive.

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Tesco Corporation is an industry leader in the development and commercialization of drilling technology and services. The Corporations mission is to change the way wells are drilled. By reducing drilling risk and increasing operational efficiency, TeSCO generates real value for its customers. TeSCOs powerful combination of engineering and service excellence is provided by experienced and dedicated field personnel. Coupled with a passion for innovation, TeSCO offers a comprehensive toolbox of proven technologies and delivers superior solutions at the wellbore. With a vision spanning the crown to the bit, from the desert to deepwater, around the world TESCO is THE DRILLING INNOVATION COMPANYTM.

Corporate Headquarters 3993 W. Sam Houston Parkway N. Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77043 USa Tel: 713-359-7000 Fax: 713-359-7001 email: [email protected] www.tescocorp.com

2012 Tesco Corporation. all rights reserved. TeSCO is a registered trademark in the United States and Canada. Casing Drive System, CDS, Multiple Control Line Running System and MCLRS are trademarks in the United States and Canada. 20000e_RevE