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  • 1. 80-meter XHDINSTALLATION OVERVIEW WEBINARPaul Dawson Global Sales ManagerLarry Jacobs Marketing ManagerSteve Clark P.E., Mechanical Engineer & Technical LeadEmeric Rochford Mechanical Engineer & Crew Leader 24 March 2011

2. Webinar Objectives Provide a high-level overview of the 80m XHD Underscore critical installation steps Answer your questions Share next steps and resources This webinar DOES NOT replace a thorough review of the 80m XHD Manual 3. Webinar Agenda Introduction 80m XHD tower overview Testing and beta program Design Installation Lighting and compliance Critical Steps and Safety Q&A Wrap-up 4. Testing and Beta Program Laboratory tests ofOff-site laboratorybase plate and jointstests on guy wire (axial and bending)breaking strengths 5. Testing and Beta Program Three (3) NorthMultiple on-site American betainstallsinstallations for final testing and feedback 6. 60m vs. 80m Comparison:Design Component 60-meter XHD80-meter XHD (197.7 ft or 60.3m) (266.7 ft or 81.3m)Tube diameter (OD) 10 inch (254 mm) 10 inch (254 mm) 8 inch (203.2 mm)8 inch (203.2 mm)Tube wall 10 inch0.109 inch nominal (12 ga) 0.134 inch nominal (10 ga)thickness8 inch 0.109 inch nominal (12 ga) 0.134 inch nominal (10 ga)Tube transition101 feet, 5 inch (30.9 m)182 feet, 2 inch (55.8 m)Shipping weight4323 lbf (1960.9 kg) 9050 lbf (4105 kg)(tower and ginpole)Footprint50 meters to outermost anchor55 meters to outermost anchorBolted JointsNo bolts; flared, lanced joint Flared, lanced and bolted jointBase plate 0.134 inch (3.4 mm), 10 ga steel 0.188 inch (4.8 mm), 7 ga steelGuy levels 68Guy wire diameterAll levels: 1/4 inch (6.3mm) Levels 1-6: 5/16 inch (7.9mm)Levels 7-8: 3/8 inch (9.5mm) 7. 60m vs. 80m Comparison:Installation Component60-meter XHD80-meter XHDTotal erection forces 35.6 kN (8000 lbf)66.7 kN (15000 lbf)(tower plus NOW System)Erection forces 11.9 kN (2667 lbf)13.3 kN (3000 lbf)(winch cable force)Winch rigging 3-part line 5-part lineWire rope length300 ft (91.4 m) 750 ft (228.6 m)Maximum anchor load 5,100 lbf (2313 kg) 12,400 lbf (5625 kg)Anchor number and typeFifteen 8-inch, single-helix screw- Sixteen 8-inch, double-helixin earth anchorspower installed screw anchors Two 8-inch, single-helix screw-in earth anchors 8. InstallationTopics Covered Resources and Time Terrain/slope Requirements Anchors and Pull Test Joint Assembly Ginpole and Jumper-struts Winch 9. InstallationResources and Time Site layout / anchor setting: 1 day Tube bolting: 3.5 hours Laying out guy wires: 3.5 hours Ginpole assembly: 1.5 hours Lighting installation: 2.5 hours Raising & plumbing tower: 3.5 hoursTOTAL: 3-4 days 10. Installation80m XHD Terrain/slope Requirements Terrain/slope 3 Slopes greater than +1.5 Slopes less than -2 11. InstallationAnchors and Pull Test1 Double Helix Power-InstalledScrew Anchors. Maximum anchor load: 12,400lbf (5625 kgf). CRITICAL STEP:Anchors must be pull-testedto 15,000 lbf (6804 kgf). 12. InstallationJoint Assembly1. Hold top fastener up while tubes are slid together.2. Using a block of wood and sledge hammer, pound 2 to 3 times to seat joint.3. Using a torque wrench, torque 5/8 11 nuts to 203 Nm (150 ft-lbs). 13. InstallationGinpole and Jumper-struts CRITICAL STEP:2Jumper-strut cables must betensioned to 1000 lbf usingprovided tension gauge. 14. InstallationGinpole and Jumper-struts CRITICAL STEP:3Carefully follow the manualinstructions for reeving the5-part line for the lift cable. 15. InstallationWinch 750 ft of 3/8 in diameter 4cable. 3000 lbf (1361 kgf) winchcable erection force. CRITICAL STEP:Winch base plate must besecured to winch anchorusing sling provided. 16. Installation ToolkitToolkit Includes:5 Chicago grip Come-along Shackles CRITICAL STEP:Mechanical tensioningis required to tensionguy wires. 17. Summary: Critical Steps & Safety1 234 5Anchor Pull Test Jumper-Strut Tension5-Part Line (Ginpole)Winch Anchor Guy-wire Tension 18. Lighting OptionsTop mounted, L-864 RED LED flashing beaconSide-mounted L-810 RED LED steady burning side markersRed light controller (RLC)PV Power SupplyPV Integrated Lighting & Remote Monitoring System 19. ComplianceFAA Obstruction Marking and Lighting Advisory Circular AC 70/7460-1K ANSI/TIA-222-G 20. Compliance: ANSI/TIA-222-G No Ice 0.25 in Ice 0.5 in Ice 0.75 in Ice 1 in Ice33 Foot 3-second Gust Wind131103 826857Velocity (mph) 21. Summary of Key 80m/60m Differences 22. Final Thoughts 60m XHD performance at 80m More steel means more weight Similar installation, new toolsand anchoring required Thoroughly review the 80mXHD Manual 23. Questions? 24. Resources Installation Manual Training and Live Demonstrations http://forum.nrgsystems.com/ Provides links to slides and FAQs Webinar Recording Support: support@nrgsystems.com sales@nrgsystems.com 25. Thank you for attending The NRG Systems Team