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my.linkedin.com/in/maywongmeiching1May Wong, PMPPMPROJECT ANAGEMENT ROFESSIONAL8Things no one told me.HELLO.Armed with more than 10 years of experience in marketing. Specializing in Project Management of activation campaigns, conferences, events & exhibitions.

Bitten by the travel bug and an explorer at heart.

Loves dogs.


1WHAT IS A PMBOKPronounced: pim bok

DONT.read the entire PMBOK. Use it as a guide/reference. There is too much information that is very academically presented & will bore you within 2 minutes!A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK Guide) is a book which presents a set of standard terminology and guidelines forproject management. The Fifth Edition (2013) is the document resulting from work overseen by theProject Management Institute(PMI). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia2WHAT(OR WHO)IS PROMETRIC

BE FAMILIAR WITH THE PROMETRIC INTERFACEPrometric is a U.S company in the test administration industry. They operate globally providing services to operate test centres, delivery and to administer test.

The PMP exam is operated by Prometric, and it is computerized and programmed test. Itll be comforting to know what to expect on the screen in terms of its interface, functionalities & its look.

IT WILL LOOK LIKETHIS!3ODD-BALLS IN YOUR HALLEveryone is unique in their own way and have different methods of coping with an exam.

Image courtesy of nonicknamephoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.netKEEP YOUR SMILEThere will be many DISTRACTIONS in the exam hall. IGNORE THEM! Do not let it dampen your spirits.Sigh~~~GRRRR!!!!Sigh~~~oh damn!@#%&!%@#%&!%@#%&!%Pssttt!4WHAT HAPPENS AT THE EXAM HALL

EXPECTATIONSMANAGE YOURImage courtesy of artur84 / FreeDigitalPhotos.netAt the examination hallYoull be given a locker to store your bag & other belongingsYoull be ask to fill up a simply form with your personal details bring a valid photo IDYoull need to go through a security check to ensure there are no hidden notes on you a quick body friskYou will be given some pencils & paper, a calculator & a headsetYou will be given 4 hours to complete the exam. Clock starts once you lick Begin TestRaise your hand when you want to excuse yourself from the exam hall for a toilet break or a drink of waterThere will be CCTVs everywhere stay calm & focusRaise your hand when you need more paper or any other assistanceYou will be given 15 minutes to learn how to use a computer & navigate the softwareOnce you click Submit, youll be ask to do a survey while it computes your resultsYou will be given a copy of your results before you leaveYou can review all your answers as many times as you want5THERES PLENTY OF TIME MANAGEMENTTIME


VS UNDERSTANDINGMEMORIZING One of the worst mistake Ive done throughout my PMP journey is to try and memorize too much. From Knowledge Areas, to Process Groups, to Processes, to ITTOs, to formulas, definitionsetc.

I wish someone told me that itll only help with 10% of the questions. The other 90% requires understanding of the subject & accurate interpretation of the question.Image courtesy of digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net7NOT EVERYTHING YOUVE FOUND ONLINE IS TRUEand this apply to non-PMP information as well

Be wary of un-verified sources of information. Always refer back to PMBOK or check with your prep-course counselor.8THE NEED TO LET GOand let GOD manage the rest

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.netOnce youve done enough preparation, it is important to acknowledge that youve done your part - and let GOD do the rest. There will always be something that we have not read or learn. So all we can do is to lift up the situation to GOD and pray for HIS wisdom.QUESTIONS?FEEDBACK?slideshare.net/MayWongMC@maysclosetYOUTHANK