8 most expensive ad words mistakes which you need to avoid

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This pdf file reveals the top eight AdWords mistakes which you need to avoid in order to save your advertising dollars. It is presented by http://www.ppcadsmanagement.com

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  • 1. 8 Most Expensive AdWords Mistakes Which You Need to Avoid By www.ppcadsmanagement.com

2. Google AdWords Most of the business owners are investing in Google AdWords campaign with an objective to get leads thereby experiencing maximum return on investment. But most of the cases their advertising dollars gets wasted due to some worst mistakes committed by their advertisers. 3. Here you will get the list of some common AdWords mistakes which you need to avoid: Mistake 1: Preparing a Long List of Keywords You need to keep one thing in mind that PPC is not a free service so whatever keywords you are choosing for your campaign must be relevant to your business and target the most potential traffic to increase conversion. 4. Mistake2: Single Ad Group Placing all the keywords in a single ad group is one of the big mistakes made by the advertisers. Try to create several ad groups and place targeted keywords under each group to reach your target market. 5. Mistake3: Fails to Write a Compelling Ad Copy If you want to generate clicks then you need to write a relevant ad copy with proper usage of targeted keywords. You can create two to three version of your ad copy simultaneously but Google will give importance to ads with high CTR. 6. Mistake4: Using Landing Page as your Home Page Dont use home page as your landing page in your Google AdWords pay per click campaign. Try to create separate relevant landing pages for each product and services you are providing so that your visitors dont get confused after entering into your page. 7. Mistake5: Excessive Use of Broad Match Broad match increase the chance of getting irrelevant clicks. So you need to reduce the use of broad match thereby increasing the use of exact and phrase match. 8. Mistake6: Avoiding Negative Keywords Negative keyword checks the display of your advertisement on irrelevant search terms. Suppose if you are proving any paid service then you can add the term free in the list of negative keywords and as a result your ads will not be displayed if anyone looking for free services. 9. Mistake7: Fails to Add Call to Action Dont forget to add call to action to your landing page. Try to insist your visitors to take the desired actions by adding strong, clear and prominent CTA. 10. Mistake8: Not Tracking Results You need to keep an eye on your Google Analytics in order to measure your campaign performance. It will give you an idea that which keywords are effective enough to generate leads and which are not. You can also remove those useless keywords from your campaign thereby saving your ads from getting irrelevant clicks. A pay per click consultant must avoid the mistakes mentioned here in order to save the advertising dollars. 11. PPC Ads Management Y8, Block - EP Sector V, Salt Lake Kolkata - 700091 INDIA Ph: +91-33-40200838 email : info@ppcadsmanagement.co m