8 Foods to Boost Your Productivity

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1. FO O D S TO B O O S T YO U R P R O D U C T I V I T Y 2. C H EC K O U T O U R FAVO U R I T E FO O D P I C K U P S Our diet should consist on natural food that help keeping the brain at its prime, and not the chips from the vending machine or those (albeit delicious) cookies your coworker baked. What we drink or eat can inuence our productivity, so we need to have a good diet at the workplace, and living out energy drinks is not the answer! 3. Is the perfect excuse to keep some sweets on our desk. It helps to keep us awake and alert which equips we to tackle difcult tasks. Moreover, it improves the amount of blood that ows to our brain. DA R K C H O C O L AT E 4. C I T R U S F R U I T S Oranges, tangerines and lemons also stimulate alertness. In addiction, if we eat an orange we also benet from all that Vitamin C for an immune system boost. 5. C O F F E E Of course, our good old coffee is a magic blend for productivity. 6. EG G S They help our short term memory and reaction time. The protein that eggs contain will keep our brain hitting all the right notes throughout the day. 7. WAT E R It keeps us hydrated. Not having enough water detracts our focus, so drink a lot. Its normal to not have this habit, but its important to gradually get more water overtime, so we dont fold the system. 8. G R E E N T E A Is also great to the brain - it helps producing new brain cells. However, we should drink up to two cups per day. 9. B LU E B E R R I E S This fruit improves learning and muscle function at our brain. Eating blueberries on a regular basis should help us stay coherent longer into our life. 10. C A R R OT S Our brain receives a steady level of glucose from raw carrots, which is great to our brain functions. Its often taken as a given that our memory will get worse as us age, but carrots contain luteolin which helps prevent that from happening. 11. http://blog.hiveux.com/post/108636225207/10-foods-to-boost-your-productivity If you have your own pick-me-up tips, share them with us!