8 Essentials Needed To Make Your New Born's Room A Perfect Cozy Space!

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Preparing a baby room in anticipation of a newborn child could be an overwhelming experience for any parents. While there are a few essentials that must be bought on priority, many eager parents usually end up buying things that are usually not required till very late. Let us take a look at some of the immediate baby room essentials that would make your child’s room a perfect cozy space.

Transcript of 8 Essentials Needed To Make Your New Born's Room A Perfect Cozy Space!

  • Moses Basket 1 Children till they attain the age of six to eight weeks are too small for cots while moses basket provides them the comfort and warmth they need. Ensure the basket is padded with comfortable cushioning allowing the child to feel comfortable and warm.
  • Cot & Cot Mattress 2 Make sure there is not much space between cot bars as the baby can get his or head stuck in between the bars. Cot mattress needs to be selected carefully as it is not only to provide warmth and comfort for the child, but also be safe and secure allowing the child to breathe freely.
  • Baby Mobiles 3 The best way to keep a child engaged is to use baby mobiles. Buy baby mobiles with contrasting colours which not only keep the child engrossed but also help them develop their eye sight.
  • Change Table 4 Change Table is an essential part of childs room, allowing mothers the convenience of dressing the child. Although the change table is preferred, some people with very limited space use change mats and place them on the bed or the floor
  • Wardrobe 5 Babies grow out of the clothes too quickly and a dedicated clothes storage or wardrobe are a must have in any childs room. Wardrobes allow parents to store the clothes neatly in case they plan to have another child.
  • Curtains & Blinds 6 If your baby room receives sunlight early in the morning, it is bound to wake your toddler up early. Babies sleep better in the dark which makes it important to use good quality curtains and blinds that can keep the sunlight out during the day time.
  • Room Decor 7 Decorating a childs nursery can be fun and exciting . You can choose the colours and shades of the wallpaper depending on the gender of your child. Pink is usually preferred for girl children while blue shades are ideal for small boys.
  • Toy Storage 8 Every child has his or her army of toys. Almost every visitor that comes to see the child is likely to bring in a new toy. While planning for your baby room, think about a dedicated toy storage section to avoid clutter in the room.
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