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Reading Strategies: Asking Questions through sq3r

Reading Strategies:Asking Questions through sq3rPresented By:Tri Ilma

What is questioning strategy?According to Harvey and Goudvis (2007), questioning is the strategy that keeps readers engaged. When readers ask questions, they clarify understanding and forge ahead to make meaning. Asking questions is at the heart of thoughtful reading.

Why is Asking questions important?

How to make good questions?

The 5 Ws 1 H???SQ3RSQ3R is one of the reading comprehension technique which developed by Francis Robinson on 1946. The steps of SQ3R technique is as follows: SQ3R5Name: Tri Ilma Topic: Prabowo Hatta popularity climbing after debate: AnalysisDate : June 17, 2014Survey: Look at the headings and vocabulary, make some predictions about what you will learnAfter surveying and reading at glance, I will learn the effects of presidential debates toward their popularity. Moreover, in my opinion president candidates performance is also has big influence for swing voters (undecided voters) to decide their candidate.Key Vocabularies: Survey, Polling, Electability Questions: Take the heading and turn them into questions. Also write down key words What is the effect of presidential debate? Who will be target of presidential debate? Where was the survey conducted? When was the survey conduct?Why does the presidential debate have big influence for swing voters? How many people or provinces involved in this survey?Reading: Read the text carefully and write down the answers to your questionsThe presidential debate has big effects for swing voters (undecided voters), based on Puskaptis survey the electability of Prabowo-Hatta at 44.64% and Jokowi-JK at 42.79%. Moreover, from the result of the survey which was conducted in 33 provinces from 5 to June 15 Prabowo-Hatta leads in three regions namely Banten, Central Java, and East Java and Jokowi in Jakarta Yogyakarta, and West Java. Recite: write short summary of the textFrom this article, I may conclude that based on survey and polling many viewers said Prabowos performance in the second round of presidential debate is better than Jokowi. On one hand, Some respondents choose Prabowo as candidate of president because of his competency and capability in understanding nationals problems. They also said Prabowo is a brave leader with a firm character and hard worker with extensive experiences. On the other hand, others preferred Jokowi for his simple, moderate, humble personality, and closeness to the people. Review: check and discuss your answers with a partner SQ3R