7.1 Mechanisms (perceptual, motivational, learning, motor, etc.) Behavioral capacities Lifetime...

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Transcript of 7.1 Mechanisms (perceptual, motivational, learning, motor, etc.) Behavioral capacities Lifetime...

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7.1 Mechanisms (perceptual, motivational, learning, motor, etc.) Behavioral capacities Lifetime reproductive success Next generation Developmental programs Genetic influences Nongenetic influences Slide 2 7.2 Exteroceptive and interoceptive information Perceptual processes Short-term acquisition Long-term storage Storage Response selection Physiological activation Behavioral activation Retrieval Associative learning Slide 3 7.3 (a) Classical conditioning (b) Instrumental conditioning Stimulus 1 (CS) Stimulus 2 (US) Response 2 (CR) Response 1 (UR) Stimulus 1 (S D ) Stimulus 2 (S R ) Response 1 (R i ) Response 2 (R c ) Slide 4 7.4 SDSD RiRi SRSR (Pavlovian) eReR (a) Two-process theory (parallel processing) (b) Occasion-setting theory (hierarchical processing) SDSD riri eReR RiRi SRSR riri (Instrumental) Slide 5 7.5 Test Start Goal Caudate Nucleus Hippocampal Test Day 8Test Day 16 Slide 6 7.6 Master Yoked RiRi Nothing No R Trials when Master Animal Responds R SDSD Master Yoked No R i S D SRSR No R R Trials when Master Animal does not Respond Nothing S R or S D SDSD Slide 7 7.7 Slide 8 7.8 Slide 9 7.9 Start Box Goal Box Treatment Slide 10 7.10 Acquisition Score Cycle/Trial Duration Ratio 1 10 100 1000 1 10100 Slide 11 7.11 (3) (2) (1) Slide 12 7.12 Slide 13 7.13 AcquisitionExtinction Slide 14 7.14 70:3050:5030:7050:50 Slide 15 7.15 Start box Side arm (black) Side arm (white) Goal box Choice box Delay box 10 cm Doors Slide 16 7.16 0201030 Probability 1.0 Postfood Time (s) Feeder area Running Other Running wheel area Drinking Water bottle area Slide 17 7.17 Predating General search Focal search Handle / consume Travel Socialize Investigate Chase Lie in wait Capture Test Ingest Reject Hoard MODE Locomote Scan Crawl over Sniff Nose Paw Track Cut off Immobile Pounce Grab Bite Gnaw Hold Chew Swallow Spit out Wipe off Carry MODULEACTIONSUBSYSTEM Slide 18 No ResponseLightPainShock Early trials, first process: ResponseLightLight off Later trials, second process: Fear reduction Fear Pavlovian Instrumental 7.18 Shock off Slide 19 7.19 Slide 20 7.20 Slide 21 CR UR Compensatory responses Hyperalgesia 7.21 CS Cues present before and during drug administration Context US Direct effects of the drug Hypoalgesia Unconditioned link Conditioned link