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  • Battlefield2Boardroom 7 Simple Steps to Success

    Jay Allen

  • www.JayAllen.uk

    [email protected] +44 7812 603065

    During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012, Jay Allen was commissioned by the North East Regional

    Federation of Small Businesses to speak at York Venturefest. The audience was a combination of business

    owners and employees from all over the county.

    As Jay finished, the audience responded exceptionally favourably and video of the speech was forwarded

    and nominated for recognition for the effect he had on the audience. 6 Weeks later Jay was awarded a

    Global Entrepreneur Big Impact to Business Award by the Kauffman Foundation (Founders of the GEW)

    The following year, Jay was encouraged by the Kauffman Foundation to speak about the success he had

    enjoyed as a result of winning the award, so hosted his own event How I earned 86,400 for 45 minutes of

    my time, and how you can to! The event was a huge success, and won a Host of a Big Impact to Small

    Business Award.

    The following pages share with you the 7 Simple Steps to Success on which the 2012 presentation was

    based upon.

  • Obsession is a young mans game, I just forgot to grow up Sir. Michael Caine


    The British Armed Forces are renowned world wide as one of the most professional fighting forces in the world. This is not owing to sheer might, or technological advantage, weaponry or manpower. Its not the best funded, or the best equipped, yet considered a force to be reckoned with the world over; and its predominantly based on history; a reputation of delivering and this is predominantly based on Strategy. The True grit and determination battle against all the odds to deliver has made us who we are, and by so doing has created this inner understanding, appreciation of being often considered the under-dog, the David in a world of Goliaths yet still gone on to win the day. One of the major advantages we have accrued over the years is a mass of intelligence. We spend a lot of time, effort and money of researching our enemy - Know your competition. From MI5 & MI6, the Secret Service and the likes its about gathering data, and from most recent times where weve seen the leaked reports in the USA regarding to the colossal amount of data that is collected these days, not only on our enemies but on EVERYONE. From the phone hacking saga in the UK, to The Germany Premier Angela Merkals phone being bugged, the battle of today is fought in the electronic highways of modern communication, and the winner shall be he with the most data. So, are you collecting data? What? Where? When? Why? What do you collect? What do you consider relevant? What is important and worthy of consideration? Where do you collect it? Where do you store it? Where is the data being collated and by whom? When do you collect it? Do you ever not? When is it appropriate / not appropriate to collect? Why is it necessary? Why should I? Why? The simple answer is, the more observant we are, the more we open our eyes, and ears; the more we capture, the more we learn, the more we can develop, and EVERYTHING is worthy of consideration. The fact is, our data is being captured EVERYWHERE, every transaction we make, every bill we pay, every conversation, email, text we send and receive, every page on every website we view is being monitored Big Brother isnt just watching, but hes making copious notes. Data protection, Electronic communication, Human rights, Freedom of information, super injunctions; a whole host of news laws have spring up in the bid to control, manage, administrate data and its our job, our duty to understand the importance and make best use of everything thats happening around us. Its not about spending time looking at the competition to determine whether you should copy them, after all No-one shall ever achieve THEIR goals, by following someone else but its about understanding whats happening in your business, your industry, your sector to seek the competitive advantage. Not knowing whats happening around you is being oblivious to the blindingly obvious. You have to remain aware of your surroundings and the effect its having on you, your business, your sector, your industry, the community and the environment. The impact of not knowing is far greater than any impact you think you may have on forging forward regardless. So sign up, log on. Monitor, consider, review and digest. We live in a world connected by the click of a button, in a world of fibre optic, Wi-Fi, broadband and Bluetooth wizardry and its better knowing than not, consideration is key and proactive action is better than reactive defence.

  • www.JayAllen.uk

    [email protected] +44 7812 603065

    All our dreams can come true, we just have to have the courage to pursue them Walt Disney

    THE BEST or NOTHING I went to school during a time where competitive sports were still ok! Where we were encouraged to compete, where anything from top of the Science test tables was as important at hitting 100 runs in cricket and the hat trick on the field. Where the lead role in Hamlet was as acknowledged as head boy, and being a great musician was on par with a 110 metre hurdles personal best. Our school created winners. But, it also created a winning mentality, the internal toughness and sustainability to strive for perfection. As already alluded to; the British Armed Forces are considered one of the most professional fighting forces in the world; this isnt to say weve won every battle! Some of our most devastating defeats can still be considered another triumph in regard to the mark it has made in our history books as the grit and determination we are so well known for. The Ghurkha Rifles have a regimental mantra translated simply into Death before Dishonour and when questioned on this, was simply told repeatedly Better die a hero, than live a coward. There is no place for 2nd place. When things boil down to the simplest factor, 2nd place is first loser. However, how do we maintain this mantra throughout EVERYTHING we do? How do we ensure every moment of every day, we are the best we can be, every time, all the time? Is it possible to be at our best ALWAYS? Well it is if we give ourselves permission when we dont have to be! If we accept and understand we cant possible perform at 100% all the time, we can then go on to accept that there will be times when we cant possibly be at 100%. But once we have accepted this, it allows us to make conscious decisions about when we MUST be at 100% in order to win the race, to beat the odds (and the competition) and be Number one. When Husain Bolt beat the World Record and became the fastest man alive, he didnt need to be at 100% moments AFTER he had won that race, he could afford not to be at 100% for quite a while AFTER that race, he made a conscious decision to be THE VERY BEST, World Class; at the very point when it mattered most, and thats the difference between a world class athlete and the rest of the competition. At the moment when it counted, he was working 100% at being 100%. There have been a number of periods of my life, long periods of time, where I have been anything but 100%! In fact, I acknowledge now, there were periods where I was less than 50%! However, by becoming conscious of this, by consciously making a decision to be conscious of this, allows me to take control of my ability to BE PRESENT, to actively BE PRESENT; to have a mantra similar to that of the famed Ghurkha Rifles which allows me to get into the zone and be 100%. I now know how long Im able to be 100% for, Ive now got to a stage where I know where and when and for how long I can be at 100% and I make sure, every moment of every day, that I saved those times, for the times that REALLY matter. I make a conscious choice as to when I have to win my race, and I know when I can afford to loose the battle and still win the war. Giving yourself permission to NOT be 100% all of the time, and making a conscious decision as to when you can afford to do this, is the only true way of then also making 100% REALLY count.

  • The best way to predict the future, is to create it Oscar Wilde

    Invent the Future Whilst the Military is based predominantly around Orders, Discipline, Routine, Control. This is not the full story. It is also acknowledged (although not so well documented) that some of the most successful battles ever fought by the British Armed Forces, were ones conducted outside of the orders and military strategy. You see, there is a difference between following orders and an inner maverick spirit, a calling to march to our own tune. From the beginning of time, human has invented, created, examined, explored and despite rules, expectations, laws we have always questioned, delved, pushed the envelope to determine what WE can achieve. In Jim Collins exceptional research published in Good to Great it is identified one of the key factors between Good Companies and Great Companies is surrounding TEAM and collectively agreeing a direction for the company where everyone strives to collectively achieve. The first step to this, is a step back to our military roots in regard to ensuring EVERYONE involved in the Mission, understands the mission! Everyone connected to the success of the task, is clear regarding his or her role in the overall success of the task. The next phase, is to pass as much responsibility to the lowest level as possible! Whilst setting parameters in which each can safely exercise their best judgement an understanding that eyes on the ground are the very best method of making local decisions (as long as they fully understand and accept the mission, and the effects local decisions have on the overall success of the mission) So whilst the common reaction to