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Submitted by: MITISHA RAGHUVANSHI BBA(H.A.)-VI SEM Roll no. : 43929

M.P. Ajab hai sab se Gajab hai:

What is Tourism? Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes.

Who is Tourist?People traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes.

MP has a rich cultural heritage, various religious spots along with the vast forest area and other scenic places makes it an ideal tourist destination that could cater to various interests of tourists. Heritage sites such as Sanchi Stupa and Bhimbeteka are included in Unescos World Heritage Sites. MPs tourism sector is dominated by the domestic tourism with approximately 8 million tourists arrival in 2005-06 and is ranked among top ten States for domestic tourist visits. The foreign tourist arrivals was relatively less amounting to mere 0.16 million. Pilgrim centers account for the major portion of the domestic tourist traffic whereas places such as Khajuraho, Orchha and Gwalior attract a maximum number of foreign tourists. In an effort to boost tourism sector in MP, the State Government has sanctioned USD 12.2 million for development of 17 tourist spots across the State. Further, the Government is also making efforts to improve air connectivity to other states.

Kanha is the largest Wildlife Sanctuary in Asia. Kahjuraho has some of the most famous Sculptures in the world. Bhimbeteka is the oldest Cave Paintings in the world. Sanchi houses the oldest Buddhist Stupa

in the world. 9 national parks and 25 game sanctuaries out of which four are major tiger reserves. Sacred rivers of Narmada, Tapti, Son and Kshipra have a string of religious places located on their banks. Pachmarhi one of the most beautifulhill stations. Tourist festivals displaying variety of folk and performing arts at Khajuraho, Orchha,

Pachmarhi, Indore-Ujjain (Malwa) and Bhopal.


It has been awarded as the best State in the country in the field of Tourism. National Tourism Award - First Best State Comprehensive Development of Tourism. Best Tourism State - Rest of India (First Prize)- Tourist Related Programs and Development of Infrastructure National Tourism Award - Most Innovative/ Unique Tourism Product Caravan Bus National Tourism Award - Best Civic Management, Municipal Corporation of Khajuraho. National Tourism Award - Most Innovative use of Information Technology/ Website / Portal Promoting Tourism

M.P. is the Heart of incredible India.

the year 2009-10. With an The State has touched new heights duringannual revenue growth rate exceeding 25 per cent in consecutive years. MP Tourism is the 1st to introduce Holidays on wheels concept of CARAVAN. At present 3 caravans are running successfully by MP Tourism.


Travel and Tourism (t & t):the worlds largest industry

Share of the world GDP

% of total (2000) 11.0


8.07.9 9.4

A Powerful engine for generating jobs and wealth


PRODUCT capable of exchange or use Product is a bundle of benefits and attributesusually a mix of tangible and intangible forms may be an idea, a physical entity, a service or a combination of three.Potential



Core benefit

PRODUCT product by nature Madhya Pradesh tourism is a serviceand involves tours in the exotic locales of Madhya Pradesh.

There are different kinds of tour products

A product which provides tourists with Caravan tourism Packagetheir own caravan to travel.

Eco tourism package As the name suggests, it is a tour for touristswho love landscapes and forests.

Pilgrimage tour package Involves tours to temples and sacredplaces such as Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Amarkantak, Chitrakoot etc.

Adventure tourism An interesting tourism concept wherein touristsare invited for the Chambal challenge, river rafting, parasailing etc.

If the competitors products offer the same benefits, same quality, same price, we have then to differentiate our product with design, features, packaging, services, warranties, return and so on. In general, differentiation is mainly related to: The design: It can be a decisive advantage but it changes with fads. For example, a fun board must offer a good and fashionable design adapted to young people. The packaging: It must provides a better appearance and a convenient use. In food business, products often differ only by packaging. The safety: It does not concern fun board but it matters very much for products used by kids. The "green": A friendly product to environment gets an advantage among some segments. In business to business and for expensive items, the best mean of differentiation are warranties, return policy, maintenance service, time payments and financial and insurance services linked to the product.

PRICE Price Used to achieve predetermined sales volume and revenue objectives. Price gives a product or service a perceived value in the eyes of the consumer. Price is the sum of all the values that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. Pricing of Madhya Pradesh tourism is competitive in nature. It competes with various other private organizations such as Mahindra tours and travels as well as others and hence it has to use competitive pricing.How would you use price to counteract demand exceeding supply?


FEATURES Pricing is one of the most important factors when deciding your marketing tactics, which could involve the following: SKIMMING Low market penetration, high pricing strategy for premium products COMPARABLE PRICING If we are not the market leader, competitors will have set a price expectation which can be followed. MARKET PENETRATION STRATEGY Deliberately low pricing in order to enter or control a market quickly.

PLACE Place is not only the location of the tourist attraction or facility but the location of points of sale that provide customers with access to tourist products. Place refers to the method of getting your product to the consumer this could be a dealership or an online shop.

PLACE In case of tourism industry, place of availability of service refers to the place where tour package is conducted as well as the place from where it can be booked. Offices of M.P. Tourism: Head Office:- Bhopal Regional Offices:- Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur, Khajuraho, Panchmari, Satna. Marketing Offices:- Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi and Raipur.

EXAMPLES Amarkantak Bhimbetka Chitrakoot Jabalpur Khajuraho Omkareshwar Panna Shivpuri Bandhavgarh Bhojpur Gwalior Kanha Maheshwar Orchha Pench Ujjain. Bhedaghat Chanderi Indore Bhopal Mandu Pachmarhi Sanchi

These are the places where tourism packages are conducted.

Service Location : Situations & their Impact

Customer Service ProviderCustomer goes to service providerSP have to select an appropriate location or multilocations Cinema hall, tourism industry, dental services etc.

Service Provider CustomerLocation becomes less important Service Provider Lift repair service, because SP housekeeping goes to the provides the services etc. customer service at customers place

PROCESSProcess is the way of undertaking transaction, supplying information and providing services on a way which is acceptable to the consumer and effective to the organization. Process refers to the procedures which are followed when delivering a service to a customer. For example, for a hotel : how are customers greeted? Who takes the baggage to the room? When are the rooms cleaned? What time is breakfast?

product Process is inseparable

PROCESS by the consumer, it could result in a If any part of the process is found to be unsuitablenegative evaluation of the whole product. Depending on the type of package, the process varies. In case of Caravan tours, the process would involve loaning caravans to tourists who can then return it in a given amount of time. Similarly in case of other tours, Guides as well as accommodation is included which completes the whole tour with minimum hassles and maximum enjoyment for the tourist. Thus the process of Madhya Pradesh tourism is systematic in nature.

PROMOTIONThe most visible of the 4ps, Promotional techniques aim to increase awareness and demand for products. Promotion is used in hopes of influencing the recipient's feelings, beliefs and behavior through any form of communication. Promotional Mix Elements: Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relation Publicity Direct Marketing Internet Marketing Word of mouth

PROMOTION Madhya Pradesh tourism ads are known as one of the best and most creative ads across India. Each of its TV commercials have been innovative in nature and have attracted a lot of eyeballs as well as generated curiosity. It also does promotions through publications as well as sales promotions. The tourism board also has a tie up with Jet Airways for promotional packages. Abhishek Bachchan is its brand ambassador.

MP Tourism is a service and services are produced and consumed simultaneously, the role of service delivery personnel becomes extremely important. The interaction between the customer and the service provider in service industry means that the employees often represent the company to the customer. As in most of the cases, the customer moves to the service provider, the issue of staff presentation, customer interaction and levels of satisfaction with the service encounter is crucial in service industry. Employees should be rewarded fr