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Transcript of 7 Biggest Mistakes Online Retailers Make - Velaro, Inc. · PDF file 7 Biggest Mistakes Online...

  • 7 Biggest Mistakes Online Retailers Make

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    Introduction You spend so much on Adwords, you wonder if you should buy Google stock. You’re doing the

    Facebook thing, the Twitter whatever, and churning out content marketing. And for what? All to

    drive 734,928 targeted users to your site.

    So after spending all that time and money, you of course have made the buying process an

    intuitive, easy, and delightful experience. Right?

    Put yourself in your customers’ digital shoes

    When was the last time you went through the entire buying process on your site? What was it

    like when you did it on your phone?

    While a few users may have accidentally stumbled upon your site, the vast majority came be-

    cause they were interested in your product. That customer is yours to lose. But unlike a brick

    and mortar store, they are only going to give your online store a few moments before walking

    out. They didn’t battle 30 minutes of traffic and spend another ten looking for a place to park

    to get to your site. They aren’t thinking “well, I guess I HAVE to buy something or the whole trip

    was a waste.” So you need to make it as easy and delightful as possible for them to find what they want, buy it, and tell their friends how fabulous the whole experience was.

    And you can do that by avoiding these revenue-killing mistakes that online retailers make.


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    Many companies just use product descriptions that are provided by the manufacturer. And while it

    is technically correct, do those words even remotely describe what the product would look, feel or

    smell like in an actual store? Do they provide the information about the product that a buyer wants

    to know before making a purchase? Do the descriptions

    have any personality so they fit with the brand of the

    retailer? Most often, these descriptions are technical and

    boring. They leave important questions about product

    quality and product experience on the table, and

    unfortunately many times they are never addressed.

    MISTAKE ONE: Using product descriptions that suck

    Since users can’t actually touch them, your descriptions need to work a lot harder.


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    Online shopping is a form of entertainment— so make your descriptions a pleasure to read.

    Yes, sizes and specs are important. That’s

    what the little product detail tab is for. The

    description, however, is working with the

    photos to entice and delight the user. Make

    sure you include information about the

    quality of the product and the experience of

    using it for the first time. That is what

    buyers are trying to determine when they

    look at the description. Which would you rather buy?

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    Shoe porn, house porn, food porn. When your photos look enticing and alluring, interested customers actually love ogling your products. In fact they even like to brag to their friends after they buy them and pin the photos on their digital scrapbooks telling

    the world about their latest purchase.

    Feel-a-Vision isn’t around yet so make those photos work hard Back in the dial-up days, one pixilated photo made sense. Now, users expect multiple angles,

    the ability to zoom in, and even see a video. What if the manufacturer doesn’t supply you with

    these? Or, are you the manufacturer? It’s worth investing on some good photography.

    Remember, it’s going to be a while before feel-a-vision is invented, so you need to

    let your customers look at your product several different ways. You can even one

    MISTAKE TWO: Not Making Your Photos Look Like __________ Porn

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    up the real in-store experience by adding a charming video about how your product is made.

    Pay attention to lighting, angles and the setting for the shot. Your products should look like

    they are a lot of fun to use if you want buyers to get excited about them.

    Not only can you see all the different views of this knife, you can even watch how it was

    created in Japan.

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    Imagine walking into a brick and mortar store and there are no salespeople on the floor. The only

    way to find someone is to wander around hoping to find the side room where they might be. You

    knock on the door and if no one answers, you slide a note under it.

    That’s what it’s like for users on your site if you don’t make it easy to contact customer service at

    every step.

    In 2011, over 70% of all shopping carts were abandoned. According to USA Today, “Online

    customer service improves the chance of ecommerce by 40-60%.” As a live chat provider, we’d

    be remiss if we didn’t tell you that live chat can drastically reduce shopping cart abandonment.

    In fact when users have a problem with checkout, chat is the most preferred way to resolve it.

    MISTAKE THREE: Not Making It Stupid Easy to Get Questions Answered

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    The Phone is Essential, But it is Not the Solution for Everything

    Yes, the phone can be great for helping your

    customers — if they are willing to slog through

    the wait, go to voicemail jail, and call during

    business hours.

    Consider Making Your Site

    a Social Customer Service


    Some user problems are better solved via live chat. Many simple questions can be

    answered with a response and link to the appropriate information. Questions like Do you carry

    those running shoes that look like gloves? or How do I change my password? can be addressed in

    seconds with live chat. This is much more helpful than an actual phone call. And here’s the

    kicker: your customer never has to abandon their shopping cart. They get the answer they

    need and proceed with their purchase.

    Not all users want to use the phone for customer service

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    Service agents can help four chat customers at a time. Adding live chat to a site may feel like a daunting task because it will need to be staffed. But the reality is online chat is more

    efficient than the phone because agents can help multiple customers at once. The faster your

    customers can get help, the more likely they are to stay on the site and complete their purchase.

    Velaro has found that introducing online chat boosts customer service rep productivity by allowing

    them to effectively serve 4 customers simultaneously.

    You can pro-actively offer help before a user leaves in frustration.

    Perhaps that user has been getting 0 matching results for what she is searching for. Or maybe they have been wandering

    around the site for two minutes. More sophisticated live chat

    programs can be set to automatically pop up a chat box to ask if

    they need help. They are completely customizable. The pop-up

    on the right is just one example that Velaro offers.

    Provide service the way customers want. The best way to prevent customers from bailing on their purchases is to make sure they have several options

    for getting service. A phone number, email and live chat provide a great mix so that customers can

    get their questions answered the way they want.

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    Do you worry that you’ll appear too much like a pushy car salesman if you suggest additional

    purchases? You should definitely buy the special undercoating and premium floor mats!

    Don’t think of it is pushy. Think of it as helpful. Your buyers may be in a hurry and forget

    other items they may need so if you offer them complimentary products at check out it’s

    another way to provide great service.

    Recommendations can save users time. Do you need D batteries with that toy? Do you

    want to get a swim cap with your goggles? Instead of multiple trips to the store and multiple

    shipping charges, help them get everything they need with one stop.

    Seeing what else other customers also bought can be inspiring. Amazon has based

    much of their business model on this. You bought the Star Trek Phaser? Here’s what other

    geeks also bought. While “The Next Generation Deluxe Shirt” is a little much for our taste, it

    may be just what the guy with the phaser wanted next.

    MISTAKE FOUR: Not Offering Recommendations with Customers’ Selections

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    Offer real-time personal recommendations. Even the best algorithms can’t always

    figure out what to recommend for the user. A live person who really knows your products may

    be the best advisor. A live chat pop up offers you the option to provide a bit of personal

    shopper assistance.

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