6th Annual Kansas City Shoot Out Competion was Fierce

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Transcript of 6th Annual Kansas City Shoot Out Competion was Fierce

June_2007_TSA_Newsletter Excerpt (Color Photos)6th Annual Kansas City Shoot Out... Competion was Fierce!
Then it was on to ththe Singles Events (Two divisions: Div I for -1's, 0's,and 1's and Div. II for 2's 3's and 4's).
Div. I Singles Winners (25 Players): 1st: Marty Shepard 2nd: Jeri Williams 3rd: Diana Hagen 4th: Debbie Voorhis 5th/6th: Euel "E.T." Jenson 5th/6th: Bill Melton
Div. II Singles Winners (39 Players): 1st: Jessica Williams 2nd: Ken Hudson 3rd: Ron Campbell Jr 4th: Jason Olberding 5th/6th: Bobby Duer 5th/6th: Robert Hoffman 7th/8th: Daniel Chapman 7th/8th: Barbara Head 9th/10th: Alan Foster 9th/10th: Maggie Worley 11th/12th: Cid Floriani 11th/12th: Jim Dennis
Many thanks go out to Kathy Yingst for doing a great job with the registration and sponsor sales and to TonyLeier for running the bracket boards. Even though we had a few glitches, all in all, things ran pretty smoothly. Thanks to the Elks Lodge #2088 for doing a great job making sure all our needs were fulfilled. The food was superb, as was the hospitality.
We had some problems with the camera and did not realize the camera we were using was not actually working. We will make sure next year that we have our camera tested and working.
You will find winners photos (ones we have) on the next two pages. Thanks to all who attended!
-- Mark Gray, Tournament Director
EDITOR'S NOTE: This results report is an excerpt from the June 2007 Issue of the Table Shuffleboard News (w/ color photos for the website). KC Shoot Out 2007 is a TSA Major Tournament Sponsor! "Many Thanks from the TSA for your support!"
The 6th Annual KC Shoot Out held at the Grandview-Hickman Mills Elks Lodge Lodge #2088 in Grandview, Missouri kicked off on Thursday night with another record number of 102 players in the A/B event. We can honestly say that we didn't see a bad team in the whole field of 51 teams. We had 53
teams in the HC Bring Partner (106 players)! When the Smoke cleared the A/B Event
(51 Teams). Winners were: 1st: Dee Gibson & Ron Campbell Sr 2nd: Steve Taylor & Ron Campbell Jr 3rd: Euel "E.T." Jenson & Bobby Duer 4th: Jason Papa & Keitha Ellison 5th/6th: Mark Gray & Mike Coon 5th/6th: Diana Hagen & Roy Applegate 7th/8th: Neil Fetter & Mollie Nolan 7th/8th: Deb Voorhis & Scott Wilke 9th/10th: Linda Noble & Mike Pope 9th/10th: Tony Pelton & Melissa Dunn 11th/12th: Craig "Doc" Bendickson & Liz Pope 11th/12th: Alan Foster & Gary Ferrou
Then it was on to the Handicap (neg. 4 max.) Bring Partner (53 Teams). Winners were: 1st: Ron Campbell Sr & Ron Campbell Jr 2nd: Diana Hagen & Linda Nobles 3rd: Jason Papa & Jessica Williams 4th: Terry Yingst & Dave Dickerson Jr 5th/6th: Dave Shewbridge & Robert Hoffman 5th/6th: Ron Gamble & Euel "E.T." Jenson 7th/8th: Bill Melton & Jim French 7th/8th: Steve Burkett & Barry Pipkin 9th/10th: Tony Pelton & Hoot Hodge 9th/10th: Dave Mason & Tom White 11th/12th: Rhonda Proffer & Roy Applegate 11th/12th: Mike Coon & JFK
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Grandview-Hickman Mills Elks Lodge #2088 13600 Arrington Road Grandview, Missouri
Held: January 25-27, 2007
Results Posted at: http://www.tableshuffleboard.org/January_2007_Results.htm
3rd A/B (Above L-R) "E.T." Jenson & Bobby Duer
5th/6th A/B (Above L-R) Mike Coon & Mark Gray
5th/6th A/B (Above L-R) Roy Applegate & Diana Hagen
7th/8th A/B (Above) Mollie Nolan & Neil Fetter (not pictured)
7th/8th A/B (Above L-R) Scott Wilke & Deb Voorhis
9th/10th A/B (Above L-R) Mike Pope & Linda Nobles
See Page 1 for complete A/B Winners list.
This is all the photos available
for the A/B Event.
(father/son teamwinners!)
2nd Bring Partner (Above) Diana Hagen (L) & Linda Nobles (R)
w/ sponsor Neil Fetter (center)
5th/6th Bring Partner (Above) Dave Shewbridge (L) & Rober Hoffman (R)
w/ sponsor Harvey Walden (C)
2nd Singles Div I (Above-R) Jeri Williams (R) w/ hubby Bobby
3rd Singles Div I (Above) Diana Hagen
See Page 1 for complete Bring
Partner & Singles Winners list.
for these Events.
5th/6th Bring Partner (Above) E.T. Jenson (center) & Ronnie Gamble (R)
w/sponsor Gerald Wood (L)