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6 Degree is a technology platform built for people who are in business of adding beauty to the world. Whether you walk the ramp, design a dress, photography, do pottery or create glass sculptures, your expression is our inspiration. And our inspiration led to the creation of 6 Degrees, an endeavor to make work fun for all the creative folks out there. It is our vision to build a global network of artists, where each and every artist while having her/his very own space can at the same time build a support system. Our intelligent platform automates the mundane tasks specific to the creative field you belong to and helps you reach out to vendors, audience and other business partners. We have made your success our business because just like you we want to paint the world a shade more beautiful.

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  • 1. FA S H I O N & C R E AT I V E E C O S Y S T E M T E C H P L A T F O R M F O R

2. C R E AT I V E P E O P L E T O C O L L A B O R AT E , N E T W O R K , M A N A G E , E X P L O R E & E X PA N D . A C O M M U N I T Y P L A C E F O R 3. FA S H I O N & H A N D I C R A F T I N D U S T RY Fashion & textile / handicraft industry employees jointly more than 65 million people. ! The handicraft industry is growing at an explosive rate and The Craftmark initiative is driving the industry towards standardisation. ! The fashion industry is booming and the reason is not just designers but contributors like, models, makeup artists, photographers, artisans & others. ! There are defined skill sets in this community and networking becomes a critical part for growth. 4. P H I L O S O P H Y B E H I N D 6 D E G R E E A platform built with the creative community, for the community. ! Interviews with users, understood their pain areas, requirements and suggestions tin order to develop the platform. ! High standard of security of users content and work. ! Privacy - Set by users, as its their work & passion ! 6Degree is not another social platform but helps users to grow and build a meaningful network & business. ! Intelligence built to help users manage their work, network and business in effective & hassle free way. ! Create a community which inspires each other, support and help others in their growth. 5. 6 D E G R E E M A N T R A Your Work, Your Passion, Your Features. 6. P E R S O N A L E X P L O R E E X PA N D S O C I A L B R A N D S E C U R E K E Y F E AT U R E S 7. W H AT I S 6 D E G R E E A place for creative people to build their presence - portfolio, work experience & expectations. Manage and create connections. Look for like minded people & expand their network. Look for new opportunities to work and inspire. Collaborate with people and create new projects to explore talent. https://vimeo.com/96609008 8. W H AT I S 6 D E G R E E Managing schedule, projects, content and creations. Create your own brand store & let your dream to make people look beautiful alive. Know the latest trends, news, events and everything that inspires. A place where, individual, institutes, businesses & brands can benefits each other. 9. C R E AT I V E P R O F E S S I O N A L S @ 6 D E G R E E * Fashion Designers : 209 Design Studios : 40 Handicraft Group : 22 Product Designers : 123 Artisan Group : 19 Fashion Institutes : 17 Stylist : 49 Photographer : 110 Blogger : 23 Image Consultant : 1 Model : 5 Boutique : 13 * Signups as on 28th-June. Number of professionals joining 6Degree are on constant increase 10. P L A N N E D D E V E L O P M E N T S Popup Stores - Hyderabad Brand Store @ 6Degree iPad App & New Website 6Degree @ Lakme Fashion Week Mobile App - iOS Brand Store Mobile App Android Mobile App Brand Store @ Your City 6Degree Fashion Show July14 Aug14 Aug14 Aug14 Sep14 Sep14 Dec14 Jan14 March15 11. 6 D E G R E E M I S S I O N To reach more than 10000 creative professionals by Sep14. 15 Creative Brands @ Brand Store by Sep14. Building a place worth revisiting 12. FA C E B O O K / 6 D E G R E E P L AT F O R M T W I T T E R / 6 D E G R E E P L AT F O R M connect with us H T T P : / / 6 D E G R E E . I N 6 D E G R E E @ P R O T I N U S . I N