6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Gmail to Prospect

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Transcript of 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Gmail to Prospect

  2. 2. 1 1Lack of Reporting
  3. 3. 1Salespeople live and die by data.1Lack of ReportingSales teams need deep insights sothey can make intelligent decisionsabout what drives results.Key metrics that Gmail doesnt provide: Delivered Unique Opens Unique Clicks Unsubscribed Bounced
  4. 4. 2 Multi -TouchAutomation isAbsent
  5. 5. 2Multi -TouchAutomation isAbsentGiven that a majority ofsalespeople are sendinghundreds of emails a day,manual follow-ups can seemlike a daunting task.Gmail lacks the necessaryability to send personalizedemail drip campaigns.
  6. 6. 3No Prospect3Tracking
  7. 7. 3Sales teams need real-time activityNo ProspectTrackingfeeds so they can monitor exactlyhow their prospects interactwith their campaigns.
  8. 8. 4Missing Research4Intelligence
  9. 9. 4Names of positions, companies,Missing ResearchIntelligenceindustries, locations, employee counts,and quick access to LinkedInprofile URLs are crucial to prospecting.Gmail lacks the prospecting tools neededto automatically pull this information
  10. 10. 5No Email5Delivery Windows
  11. 11. 5Timing is everything.No EmailDelivery WindowsEvery sales professional knowsthere is a preferred time and dayto send emails that have a higherchance of receiving a response.
  12. 12. 66Spam Indifferent
  13. 13. 6Spam 6IndifferentYou could be sending spamand Gmail would never tell you.
  14. 14. wwhatshouldyou beusing?
  15. 15. whatshouldyou beusing? whhttttpp::////wwwwww..aauuttooppiillootthhqq..ccoomm//ccooppiilloott hhttttpp::////wwwwww..aauuttooppiillootthhqq..ccoomm//ccooppiilloott hhttttpp::////wwwwww..aauuttooppiillootthhqq..ccoomm//ccooppiilloott hhttttpp::////wwwwww..aauuttooppiillootthhqq..ccoomm//ccooppiilloott Powerful hhttttpp::////and wwwwww..Efficient aauuttooppiillootthhqq..Email Automation ccoomm//for ccooppiilloott Sales Teamshhttttpp::////wwwwww..aauuttooppiillootthhqq..ccoomm//ccooppiilloott hhttttpp::////wwwwww..aauuttooppiillootthhqq..ccoomm//ccooppiilloott
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