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6 Social CRM cases from Brazilian Social Media by E.life

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  • 6 Social CRM cases from Brazilian Social Media
  • Case 1 The more Brodowski, the better Brand: Coca-Cola Zero Description The action of Coca-Cola Zero, 'The more the better' got its start last year with names of people, cities and places, approaching also Rock in Rio through music styles. During the action "The more travel the better," the user Matheus Maia, a resident of the city of Brodowski requested a package with that name in honor of the city which is known as the birthplace of the painter Portinari. Matheus moved other residents to echo this request. Upon request, E.life staff sent the insight to the agency that issued a post about Brodowski case. Meanwhile, E.life team brought the matter to other areas of the company, which made it possible for the production of two 600ml bottles with the names "Brodowski" and "Portinari," especially for the user Matheus. Press Link: MaxPress and Mundo do Marketing Original link https://www.facebook.com/cocacolazero/posts/10151421160603230
  • Case 1 - The more Brodowski, the better
  • Case 2 Love case Brand: GVT Description: Customer complained about GVT brand for not being available to install its Internet service at his new address , having to return in consequence to his old net provider. Unhappy, he put an original post on GVT Facebook page, simulating a love letter. In return, GVT answered back the consumer with an open love letter on Facebook Press Link: Globo.com, Exam and Analist de mdias sociais da depresso and Blog publicitrios social club. Original links https://www.facebook.com/gvtoficial/posts/ 10200924428862003?comment_id=5789093&offset=0&total_comm ents=1 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200935498818745
  • Case 2 Love Case
  • Case 3 Star Wars Brand: Coca-cola Description In a post of the brand, user Raylson Frana connected Darth Vader with phosphoric acid which is present at the Coca-Cola Zero formula. Coca-Cola relationship team answered with the same tone of voice of the user, including the story of Star Wars, without stop following the contents in the main fan page. Press Link: Analista de Mdias Sociais da Depresso Original link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151646815043230&set=a.4 27519348229.233428.61124008229&type=1&comment_id=9402593&offs et=50&total_comments=72
  • Case 3 Star Wars
  • Case 4 Lady Gaga Brand: Habibs Name of the case: Habib's Lady Gaga Description : The answer to an user makes a play on the lyrics of "burqa", Lady Gaga Press Link: http://tecnologia.uol.com.br/noticias/redacao/2013/08/27/empresasapostam-em-perfis-brincalhoes-para-falarem-com-internautas.htm Original link https://twitter.com/HabibsOnline/status/365164810532438016
  • Case 4 Lady Gaga
  • Case 5 Rhymes battle Brand: Coca-cola Description: During a recent case, social interactions where divided in two kinds: companys critics and jokes. The user Igor took advantage of the situation and used a piece of the lyric Vamo!, of BNego & Seletores de Frequncia, that were similar to the companys situation at the moment. The interaction team got the rhythm and anwered back, adapting the official position of the company through rhymes. Press Link: Blue Bus , Exame, AdNews, Proxxima e Administradores. Original link https://www.facebook.com/coca-cola/posts/10152711902498306
  • Case 5 Rhymes battle
  • Case 6 Oi Galera and Miley Brand: Oi Nome do Case: Oi Galera e Miley Description and print of the case: The answer makes a play on the song "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cirus Press Link: Fanpage Mdia Publicitria Original link https://twitter.com/Matheus1cavalca/statuses/397780862525136896
  • Case 6 Oi Galera and Miley