6 Awkward Questions You're Asked at Indian Weddings

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Being a girl at an Indian wedding can have its strange moments. Folks, most whom you don't know walk up to you and ask weird, often awkward questions. Here are a few of those

Transcript of 6 Awkward Questions You're Asked at Indian Weddings

  • Questions you get asked at Indian weddings 6 awk ward Photo credit: abhiomkar via Compfight Creative Commons
  • Diet aah? Could mean youve lost weight Just as easily mean youre FAT! Photo credit: jenny downing via Compfight Creative Commons
  • Photo credit: Ivana Vasilj via Compfight Creative Commons Youre next aah? Why arent you engaged yet?
  • Photo credit: Photosightfaces via Compfight Creative Commons Mayas daughter ah? Whos kid are you? Whos your mom?
  • School done ah? Meaning which grade are you still in? Photo credit: gfpeck via Compfight Creative Commons
  • How come you speak English with that strange accent? Speak tamizh ah?
  • 7 Learning music aah? How can any self-respecting kid not be learning to play the violin or sing? Whats wrong with you? Photo credit TheAlieness GiselaGiardino via Compfight Creative Commons
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