5BUS1085 - Lecture 4 - Career Report Assignment Requirements

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Transcript of 5BUS1085 - Lecture 4 - Career Report Assignment Requirements

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Career Research Report Briefing Purpose of the report

Required information

How to conduct your research

How to structure and layout your report

Submission Requirements

Beware the Penalties Enhancing EmployabilityModule code: 5BUS10851This report will support you in considering your future career and give you important information in helping your make career planning decisionsIt will provide you with an awareness of the knowledge, skills and experience required by a recent graduateIt will enable you to become aware of the opportunities available to graduates in the current jobs marketYou will be research information on the skills, knowledge and experience employers are looking forFree Career & Skills Matching ToolsProspects Planner www.prospects.ac.uk in the Jobs & Work Experience areaTargetJobs Careers Reportwww.targetjobs.co.uk in the Career Planner areaAdult Directionswww.cascaid.co.uk/adultdirections Use licence code: goalhome12

.3The Task4What will you be researching?5Carrying out the researchEnhancing Employability - Information ResourcesYou will need to review and develop your CV seek support from Careers, Employment & Enterprise Services to help you with this You should prepare your CV exactly as your situation is now not what you hope it will look like when you graduate!Your CV is a crucial starting point to your graduate or placement job searchYou must attach your CV as an appendix to your report

You will need to identify one current role being advertised that you would be interested in applying for when you graduateYou will also need to provide the advert or information on the current position that you identified as an appendix to your reportThis will form the basis for a large part of Assignment 3 your Career Action Plan In Assignment 3 you will reviewing yourself against the requirements of the role that you identified in this assignment

Researching your report9Structuring your report10Employability Week Passport

Dont forget that you need to include a jpeg of your passport in the body of your reportInclude this as one of your appendices not as a separate documentYou need to ensure that you refer to your research, learning and reflection as a result of attendance at the sessions within your report as appropriateYou need 5 separate stamps on your passport to be eligible to receive up to 10% of the module marksWriting your report12Laying out your reportSubmission Requirements14Beware of the penalties15Extension RequestsMike Rosier