5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot

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Transcript of 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot

  • 5/17/2018 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot



    alk.AroundMiG-15 Fagot~,, . -' 0

    squadron/signal publications

  • 5/17/2018 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot


  • 5/17/2018 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot


    Walk AroundMiG-15 FagotBy Hans-Hei ri StapferColor by Don Greer

    Illustrated by David Gebhardt and Darren Glenn

    ~ Walk Around Number 40. squadron/signal publications

  • 5/17/2018 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot


    IntroductionIn early November 1950, United Nations fighter pilots over North Korea encountered a formida-

    hie, swept-wing high performance fighter, which was quickly identified as the Soviet-built MiG-IS.Almost overnight the name 'IVliG' became infamous in the West, as P-86 Sabres and lvliG-ISsclashed over 'MiG Alley.' The rvIiG-15 was the first jet tighter to be mass-produced by t he MiGD esig n B ure au (n am ed fo r th e tw o m en he ad ing th e b u rea u, A rrjo m Iv an ov ich M ik oy an an d MikhailIosifovicb Gurevich), and over the years the name 'MiG' has become virtually synonymous withSov ie t f igh t er s .During early 1947, work on the 'Project S' prototype began at State Aircraft Factory 1 atKuybyshev. The aircraft was designed as a fast climbing, heavily armed f ight er abl e to in ter cep t

    Am er ic an b om b er s a tt ac ki ng t he S ov ie t U n io n. T he f ir st p ro to ty p e, 'S -0 1, ' f ir st f le w f ro m Z hu ko vs kyai rf iel d (known as Ramenskoye in the West) on 30 December 1?47 with Viktor NikolaycvichYuganov at th e cont rol s.

    The first production MiG-lS made its maiden flight on 30 December 1948, exactly a year afterth e first flight o f th e S -O 1. prototype. Th e MiG-IS was powered by the 2,200 kg (4,850 Ib) thrust RD-45 turbojet engine, a Soviet-manufactured copy of the Rolls Royce Nene. Once NATO had identi-fied the MiG-15 as an operational tighter, it assigned the Air Standards Coordinating Committeer ep o rt in g n ame ' Fago t-A' to t he ai rcr af t

    A total of 1,:144 MiG-IS Fagot-As were produced between late 1948 and early 1950 by not lesst han fi ve St at e Aircraft Factories, when the type was phased out in favor of the improved MiG-15his'Fagot-B,' with a more powerful VK-l engine having a thrust of 2,700 kg (5,950 Ib), increased fuelc apaci ty, and enl arged speed brake s. By 1952 no fewer than 7,936 MiG-15bis tighter'S had been man-ufactured in t he S ov ie t U n io n.

    The MiG- IS and MiG-15bi s al so we re l ic ense-bui ll in Czechos lovak ia by the Letov and Aero fac-tories under the designation $-102 (Fagot-A) and S-103 (Fagot-B). A toral of 821 S-102s and 620 S-l03s were built between 1951 and 1957. In Poland, PZL manufactured 227 MiG-ISs (called Lim-Jin Polish Air Force service) and 500 I\1iG-15bis (known as Lim-2) from 1953 to 1956. In all, over17,000 MiG-ISs of all var iant s, i nclud ing the two -seat :MiG- ISUTI , were p roduced .

    Acknowledgements and Photo CreditsUnited States Air Force MuseumArmeemuseum der DDRDan AntoniuBob BirdRober t BockStephan BoshniakovAmel ia CachayCzechoslovak Air Force MuseumLarry DavisDeutsches Museum - Werft SchleissheimNigel A. EastawayGerhard FilchnerRobert GretzyngierOdon HorvathZdcnck HurlLubomir Kudl ickaMartin KyburzWojciech LuczakH an s- Jo ac hi m M a llMaxwell Research Center2

    Dusan MikolasAndrze j Morga laA nd ra s N ag yAlain PelletierGeorge PetkovGeorge PunkaR.A.R.T.Tibor SinkaChuck StewartWol fgang Ta rnmcZdenck TirzMicha l OvcacfkHans-Georg VolpricbJiry vranvNicol as 1. Wate rs illSimon Watson4+ Publ ishing CompanyDani el BaderAe romas te r Decals /Eagl e St rik e Product ions

    C01'YRIGllT 2005 SQUADRONISIGNAL PUBLJCATIONS, INC.1115 CROWLEY DRlVE CARROLLTON, TEXAS 7501 l-501OAl l ri gh ts r eserved: No par t of t hi s publ icat ion may be reproduced, s to red in a ret ri eva l sys tem o r tr an smit -t ed in any form by means el ect rical , mechani cal or otherwise, wi thou t wr it ten pe rmi ss ion of the pub li she r.ISBN 0-89747-495-31 you have any photographs of aircraft, armor, soldiers or ships of any nation, particularly wartimesnapshots, why not share them with us and help make Squadron/Signal's books 011 the more inter-esting and complete in the future? Any photograph sent to us will be copied and the originalreturned. The donor will be fully credited for any photns used. Please send them to:

    Squad ron/Sfgna t Publ ic ati on s, In c.1115 Crowley Dr tv e

    Carrollton, TX 75011-5010

    Ecn a y nac ec-rt, OTorpacpa11 ca aone roe, BoopY::KeHH5I, COJIJI,aT Hnnxopafine a JIIo60fi c-rcaxsr, ococenno, CHHMKH BpeMeH BOHHbl,IIOlI.eJIHTeCh C HaMH IiI I IOMorHTe cneJIaTb ncnue KHMTlif lI3naTenhcToa3eKalI.POH/CHrHan euie na-re oecnee. MbI rte pecna.a ew naura4>oTorpawlli Ii nepl:JeM opar-mran u. I1MeHa np acnaauucx CHHMKP.l6Y.D:YT cOnpOBO>KlI.aTh Bee ony6JIHKOBaHHhIe cpOTorpacpHILT IO :::K 3J IY HC Ta , rr pH Ch IJ Ia RT e < PO To rp aC PU H no anpecy:

    Squad ronlSignal Pub li cat ions , Inc.H15 Crowley Drive

    Carrojl ton, TX 75011-5010.mm.=~.~.At:.m~~~0~a~M~l~~~hb~:i~1~?L~~lt~~~?~0~~t.O)zt~:t'4TT. fl"lij ~ I::fi~~:h~ 60)1J'!M't:f t : P(7)Z-1". Squamon/Signartt(7)tI:lfllZ-t -t.flJff~r , . : : } . 3 ~ " I - r . : . ~O)J:?~~~lj:r*J:it-~Jc;~l. !~i*

  • 5/17/2018 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot


    The MiG-15 has been called "The atrcrett.ot the soldier." It was indeed a pilot's airplanewith outstanding flight characteristics and was easy to maintain, even under the mostaustere front-line conditions. 'Red 1915' of the Polish Air Force was built by PZL

    (Panstwowe Zaklady Lo tnicze/State Aircra ft Factory) a t Mielec in Po land. A total of 500MiG-15bis were license-built in Poland under the designation Lim-2 (LicencyjnyMysliwiec 2 - License Fighter 2). 3

  • 5/17/2018 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot


    (Above) A l ine-up of Roman ian Air Force MiG-15bis manufactured by the Aero Vodochodyplant in the Ceskos lovenska Social is ticka Republ ica (Czechoslovak Social is t Republ ic).The Romanian Air Force used two-, three-, and four-digit tactical numbers on their MiG-15s and MiG-15bis.(Below) Czechoslovak-built MiG-15bis (5-103) of the 9. Stihaci Letecky Pluk (9th FighterRegiment) of the Letectvo Ceskoslovenske Lidove Armady (Czechoslovak Air Force) dur-ing a winter exercise. All aircraft are equipped with the PTB-260 slipper tanks. At the timea total of near ly 1,000 MiG-15s were operat ional in 18 Czechos lovak Fighter Regiments .

    (Above) 'Black 3244,' a Czechoslovak-built MiG-15bisR (serial number 613244) atPardubice Air Force Base in 1969. This parti cular Fagot-B of the Czechoslovak Air Forcecarries the crest of the city of Ostrava on the nose, a common marking on Fagots belong-ing to the 30. Sbolp "Ostravsky" (30th Fighter Bomber Regiment). The leading edge of thetail fin is painted blue. The MiG-15bisR - "R" stands for "Razvedchik" (reconnaissance)- carried only a single NR-23 cannon to port. The port inboard cannon was deleted tomake room for the AFA-1M vertical camera.

  • 5/17/2018 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot


    This Romanian Air Force pilot has just accomplished a mission. 'Red 1129' is a late pro-duct ion MiG-15bis equipped wi th two NR-23 23 mm cannons as evidenced by the bl is teredshell e jection ports.

    MiG-15 Fagot-As of the Romanian Air Force. The jet fighter nearest the camera is serialnumber 231767. The last three digits are repeated as a tactical number. The serial numberis painted on the upper nose covering, the blisters for the NS-23 KM cannon, and the nosewheel door. The serial number denotes that these MiG-15 Fagot-As were all built InVodochody, Czechoslovak ia, by Aero.

    A Romanian pilot climbs into his MiG-15 Fagot-A. The two-piece gun blast panel on thelower part of the nose is a t ypical feature of the Fagot-A and the early production batches ofthe MiG-15bis. The $-13 gun camera in the upper ai r intake l ip is sl ightly offset to starboard.

  • 5/17/2018 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot


    An impressive line-up of MiG-15bis Fagot-Bs of the Chinese People's Liberation Army AirForce, which designated the aircraft 'J-2.' AU aircraft carry large red four-digit tacticalnumbers. The national marking was applied on the rear fuselage as well on the wing

    upper and lower surface. All Fagot-As and -Bs operated by the Chinese People'sLiberation Army Air Force were supplied by the Soviet Union; the production of the J-2never took place in China.

    Food for Chinese Regiments in the Korean conflict was strictly rationed, and many Fagotpilo ts were chronicall y malnour ished. As a result , they suffered gravity-induced loss of con-sciousness in h igh-G maneuvers. This J-2 has received a locally applied camouflage, whichwas not uncommon for Fagot-Bs assigned to Aviat ion Regiments fighting over North Korea.

    A large Chinese contingent took part in the Korean War against United Nations forces. Inthe early stages of the conflict, the hastily trained MiG-15 pilots became easy prey for thewell-t ra ined American pilo ts. Many Chinese-operated J-2 Fagot-Bs, like these, received afront line-applied camouflage consisting of mottled green, brown and sand colors.

  • 5/17/2018 5540 Walk Around 040 - Mig-15 Fagot


    Albanian Fagot-Bs were built in the Soviet Union and initially deUvered to the Chinese AirForce, which added a smal l access hatch to the port side of the nose. '548,' based at KucovaAir Force Base, carr ies new markings introduced after the fal l of Communism in Albania.

    'Red 708,' a MiG-15bis (seria l number 31530708) of the 31. vadaszrepulc Ezred (31st FighterWing), Magyar legier ij (Hungar ian Air Force). This Fagot-B was del ivered to the Hungar ianAir Force in December 1952. Hungarian MiG-15s