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Evidence of learning 3

Evidence of learning 3:My learning manifestoAndrew bergeron

My teaching philosophy EmpowermentEnthusiasmEnergeticRealisticStudent-centeredNiceFun

My hopes for the future of educationHigh student achievementLower dropout ratesHigh quality at all schools Students happy in their careersHigher job prospects for college student outcomesMore fun

Emerging issues in educationLess funding in higher educationTechnology taking over educationQuality control in the classroom through measurementToo much of a good thing low employment prospects for college studentsGlobalization of learning students need to know about the worldAvailability of distance learning

What is right with education now?Great availability of technology with student engagementGreat data available about student achievementLarge amount of spending per student biggest in historyInclusiveness and diversityGreater connections between schools and universities Great extra-curricular activitiesGreat relationships between students and teachers-professorsAttempts to mitigate illiteracy and poverty

What is wrong with education now?Too many standardized testsMany educational institutions spend too much moneyMany great teachers leave profession because of lack of professional development and salaryStudents have very little connection between their education and their careersToo many students are sent through curriculums they do not belong inNo accountability with how money is spent Students have little to no flexibility with which schools or education they really wantVery little on-the-job training for people who successfully graduateStudents do not study enough STEM areas at school

Solutions to educationMake schools smallerHave more checks and balances in school spending and increase funding to reverse budget cutsEncourage students to study more STEM areas at school and integrate these topics into curricula TPACK Formula Value the education profession more by including higher salariesProvide better school to college to career pathways that guarantee jobs at the endDecrease tuition in higher educationIncrease literacymake schools have more access to Acknowledge that students learn differently Sir Ken Robinson

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