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 1 2013, November the 27th NEW RENAULT DUSTER MORE DUSTER THAN EVER Renault renews Duster, the robust SUV, which adopts :  a reaffirmed exterior design and a renewed inside,  new equipment and increasin g services,  new engines for more versatilit y and performance. PRESS KIT

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    2013, November the 27th


    Renault renews Duster, the robust SUV, which adopts :

    a reaffirmed exterior design and a renewed inside,

    new equipment and increasing services,

    new engines for more versatility and performance.


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    Since its launch in 2010 and its progressive marketing in different areas of the world, Renault Duster conquered

    more than 400,000 customers.

    Change outside, revolution inside

    New Renault Duster gains a new front-end that underlines its go-anywhere looks. The redesigned grille features a new air

    intake and the new double-optic headlights include daytime running lights.

    The interior gets a revamp too, with a brand new dashboard and redesigned seats.

    New equipment and enhanced features

    New Renault Duster delivers more: 4 airbags, cruise control with speed limiter, rear park assist and Renault MEDIA Nav

    (option or standard depending on version).

    Engine range extended for extra versatility and performance

    Renault Duster gets petrol 1.6 16v 105 and diesel dCi 85 and 110 engines, which already proved their efficiency on many

    Renault vehicles.

    These engines perfectly answers price, robustness and usage cost criteria looked for by our customers.

    New Renault Duster has substantial improvements in acoustic comfort: the overall noise level on board has been halved.

    A hardworking compact SUV

    New Renault Duster maintains all the qualities that made Duster a success, including versatility in use, all-terrain abilities

    for the 4x2 version and off-road abilities for the 4x4 version.

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    An emphatic 4x4 look 4

    Major changes inside 6


    New equipment 7

    Multimedia gets on board 8

    More active and passive safety 9


    Proven engines 11

    Reduced fuel consumption and acoustic comfort increase 12


    A real offroader in 4x4 version 13

    Renowned reliability 15

    Duster, a global calling vehicle 15

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    An emphatic 4x4 look

    The front end has been upgraded, with a redesigned grille, featuring two chrome-plated strips and housing a new, low

    set air intake and new double-optic headlights with daytime running lights.

    The upgrades underscore the cars on-road stance and robust, go-anywhere character.

    New DUSTER-labeled roof bars with slatted supports underline the cars SUV character, while new 16-inch Dark

    Metal alloy wheels and Mud and Snow tires revitalize the profile of New Renault Duster.

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    At the rear, new sharply outlined light units echo the styling cues of the front end. Further design enhancements include

    a chrome-plated tailpipe (depending on version), new 4WD lettering for 4x4 versions, and a new castellated

    nameplate trim.

    Duster is now available in a new body color: Comte Grey.

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    Major changes inside

    The interior design of New Renault Duster has been upgraded to reflect the exterior styling, positioning it clearly in the

    world of four-wheel-drive vehicles.

    The dashboard has been redesigned to feature a central console flanked by two vertical surrounds that emphasize its

    robust appearance.

    Darker cabin color schemes underline the strong character and sound 4x4 credentials of New Renault Duster.

    The seats have been redesigned, and the back of the rear bench seat reinforced for improved comfort.

    New Renault Duster comes with three new upholstery choices, including one in leather.

    New Renault Duster proudly restates its go-anywhere aspiration, both inside and out.

    We built on the appeal of the original model and its proportions. Identity components such as the grille have been

    modernized. We have also enhanced the 4x4 cues of the vehicle, while keeping all its useful features. New Renault

    Duster gains an even more assertive character while maintaining its initial DNA.

    David Durand, Head of Styling for the Entry range

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    New equipment

    To address customers expectations, New Renault Duster ships

    with more new useful equipment.

    Cruise control and speed limiter (on some versions) controls

    are located on the central console (system activation) and

    steering wheel (speed setting).

    Rear park assist (on some versions) uses sensors fitted in the

    rear bumper to detect when the car is nearing an obstacle

    behind it and warn the driver accordingly.

    The power window controls, now located on the doors (front and rear) are

    equipped with a one-touch function on the drivers side (on some versions).

    New Renault Duster provides even more cabin space and a trunk volume increased

    with a boot capacity up to 475 liters1 (1,636 liters with the rear bench folded down).

    The new model can carry objects up to 2.70 meters long (with front passenger seat

    pulled down) and has up to 3.3 liters of additional interior stowage space.

    A new removable, stiff luggage shelf offers easy access to the contents of the trunk and helps to better organize storage.

    1 443 liters for 4x4 models with tire repair kit, 408 liters for 4x4 models with spare wheel.

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    Multimedia gets on board

    Multimedia arrives on New Renault Duster with two offers.

    - Renault MEDIA Nav, an easy-to-use multimedia system (some versions). The large 7-inch (18-cm) touchscreen

    features a clear startpage for intuitive browsing among the four functions of the menu: radio, media, phone and settings.

    Renault MEDIA Nav includes Bluetooth connectivity to connect its phone in order to receive or make calls safely. For a

    convenient connection, personal mobile devices such MP3 player can be plugged on USB and jack connectors mounted

    on the front panel.

    - Plug&Radio, the essential multimedia system, is a simple and effective technology comprising a radio, an MP3-

    compatible CD player, Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music from its nomadic device or phone in complete safety, and

    jack and USB plugs on the dash front.

    Renault MEDIA Nav Plug & Radio

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    More active and passive safety

    The electronic stability control function (ESC) with anti-slipping function is available as optional. The system

    keeps the vehicle on course in the toughest conditions, when avoiding obstacles, losing grip in bends and driving on

    slippery surfaces.

    Fitted as standard, emergency brake assist (EBA) rounds out the ABS anti-lock braking system.

    Setting the highest levels in safety for all the occupants, New Renault Duster is equipped from the first level with front

    driver and passenger airbags, but also, as option, side head-and-chest airbags and belt pretensioners at front seats

    (depending on version).

    A visual and sound signal alerts drivers (standard) and front-seat passengers (option) who forget to buckle up.

    As standard, the rear seats are fitted with Isofix fasteners for safe, uncomplicated attachment of baby and child seats.

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    New Renault Duster offers a wide range of possibilities for personalization, with a comprehensive range of accessories.

    Stronger 4x4 styling

    Two special packs are available to further emphasize the adventurous look of New Renault Duster and express its


    Adventure pack includes wing extenders (to protect the wheel arches against abrasion and chipping) and door-

    sill protectors (to protect against impacts).

    Off-road pack features a footboard and a bull bar.

    Accessories that make everyday life easier

    New Renault Duster provides enhanced interior protection, with a range of protective mats for the trunk and cabin

    (including a rubber mat with high edges), a restraining grille between the trunk and the back seats, and seat covers.

    Accessories highly expected are still available: front armrest and boot threshold.

    Additional equipment includes crosswise roof bars, supporting up to 100 kg, and a loading tray.

    Comfort and piece of mind

    For even more comfort and peace of mind, New Renault Duster is now available with front park assist, adding to an

    already comprehensive range of safety accessories.

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    Proven engines

    Renault Duster is available with 1.6 16v 105 petrol and dCi 85 and 110 diesel engines, which already proved their

    efficience on many Renault vehicles.

    These engines perfectly answers price, robustness and usage cost criteria looked for by our customers.

    Petrol engine 1.6 16v 105

    The 1.6 16v 105 hp engine is available for 4x2 and 4x4 versions (depending on countries). This engine develops a

    maximum power of 77 kW at 5,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 148 Nm at 3,750 rpm.

    Its power associated to a sequential multipoint injection ensures a direct and smooth answer, while offering a mastered

    consumption (7.6 l2 / 100 km in 4x2 and 7.9 l2 / 100 km in 4x4).

    This engine is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox in 4x4 version and a fifth-speed manual gearbox in 4x2 version.

    Diesel engine 1.5 dCi 85 in 4x2, 1.5 dCi 110 in 4x4

    For diesel engines, Renault Duster proposes 1.5 dCi 85 engine in 4x2 and 1.5 dCi 110 engine in 4x4.

    Diesel engine 1.5 dCi has a second-generation direct Common rail fuel injection system. It ensures that only the minimum

    amount of fuel is injected into the cylinders for optimized fuel consumption. The dCi 85 engine is mated to a fifth-speed

    manual gearbox, while 1.5 dCi 110 is mated to a six-speed one.

    Fuel consumption is mastered with 5.1 l3 / 100 km for 1.5 dCi 85 and 5.2 l2 / 100 km for 1.5 dCi 110.

    Renault Duster dCi 85 4x2 torque stands at 200 Nm at 1,750 rpm and dCi 110 4x4 at 240 Nm at 1,750 rpm.

    All 4x4 are mated to a six-speed manual gearbox which enhances the off-road capabilities of New Renault


    It features a short-staged first gear affording:

    - smooth, gradual response at low speeds over uneven terrain,

    - powerful pull-away on steep gradients,

    - effective downhill load retention.

    2 Consommation et missions according to applicable legislation

    3 Consumption and emissions currently under homologation for 1.5 dCi 85

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    Reduced fuel consumption and acoustic comfort increase

    Reduces fuel consumption with the Gear Shift Indicator (GSI)

    The Gear Shift Indicator (GSI) uses visual signals to inform drivers of optimum revs for shifting up or down, to reduce fuel


    Substantial improvements in acoustic comfort

    The overall noise level on board New Renault Duster has been halved.

    This very substantial improvement in acoustic comfort has been achieved by reducing noise from three sources:

    - road noise ;

    - engine noise ;

    - and wind noise.

    Engines mated to the six-speed manual gearbox also benefit from improved acoustics at high speed; the noise

    level at 130 kph in New Renault Duster is comparable to that at 90 kph on the previous version.

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    New Renault Duster keeps the same compact body proportions 4.31 m long and 2 m wide for impressive agility.

    Sitting high up, drivers have excellent visibility and can anticipate any obstacles, for optimum safety.

    A real offroader in 4x4 version

    In its 4x4 version, New Renault Duster is ideal for off-road use:

    - reinforced underbody

    - high ground clearance (210 mm), for handling uneven terrain

    - true off-roader clearance angles: approach angle 29.3, ramp breakover angle 23, and departure angle 34.9.

    Compact footprint and light weight make for superb agility and enhanced off-road performance.

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    4x4 TO ORDER

    Using the intuitive 4x4 control on the central console, the driver can adapt vehicle capabilities to actual

    conditions as required.

    4x2 Mode

    In 4x2 mode, the transmission is locked into two-wheel drive. This mode, the most fuel economical, is suitable for driving

    on good, dry road surfaces.

    Auto Mode

    In Auto mode, torque is split between front and rear axles

    automatically on the basis of actual grip conditions, up to

    50 % on the rear axles.

    Lock Mode

    In Lock mode, the system locks electronically into four-

    wheel drive, transferring 50% of engine torque to the rear

    wheels on a permanent basis. This mode is recommended

    at low speeds on uneven or low-grip surfaces (snow, mud,

    dirt, sand).

    Renault Duster 4x4 is equipped with a six-speed gearbox with a short first ratio (5.79kph per 1,000 rpm) which

    allows the vehicle to travel at very slow speed on uneven terrain, and improves performance as you pull away from

    standstill with heavy loads or on steep slopes.

    This simple, efficient and economical solution was favoured in order to meet the needs of Renault Duster customers.

    The TL8 gearbox offers:

    - optimized output thanks to a single gearbox and module architecture which limits the number of gears engaged, and

    thanks to the use of a low-viscosity lubricant;

    - compactness: gearbox and gearshift module are positioned alongside each other with a view to freeing up cabin space

    and keeping interior roominess.

    - controlled mass: on the TL8 gearbox, the short first gear, instead of a transfer box, optimizes the number of gears

    engaged (and thus the mass) for a maximum level of performance;

    - a solution to keep the cost down: the TL8 gearbox is derived from the TL4 gearbox which is a high production volume

    organ within the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

    The 16 wheels on New Renault Duster are fitted with Mud and Snow tires featuring a special tread that clears mud,

    sand and soft snow more efficiently.

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    Renowned reliability

    Duster benefits from the Renault groups expertise in quality and uses the reinforced processes and standards of the

    Renault-Nissan Alliance.

    New Renault Duster is produced at the Pitesti plant in Romania.

    The Pitesti plant, like all Renaults manufacturing facilities, subscribes to the Renault Production Way, rolled out at all

    Renault group plants.

    Duster benefits from the reliability of Alliance engines, among them the 1.5 dCi, which is the best-selling Alliance

    engine with over one million units sold in 2012. New Renault Duster also draws on all Nissans experience in 4x4


    Dependable vehicles

    Like all Renault vehicles, New Duster undergo rigorous testing under the most extreme conditions.

    In addition to the classic bench tests, all new Renault vehicles go through extensive testing under the toughest of real-life

    conditions to ensure they offer long-life rugged reliability.

    In addition to the 4 million kilometers of tests run for the first-generation Duster, New Renault Duster has gone

    through a further 1,6 million kilometers of validation trials. And engine tuning has undergone high-altitude tests to

    verify behavior under different air composition conditions.

    All Duster systems have undergone tests simulating three years of real-life use, with repeated open/close cycles for doors

    and windows, seat and mirror adjustments, horn operation, and so on.

    Duster, a global calling vehicle

    Conceived on international Renault platform, Duster is manufactured with Dacia and Renault in different plants according

    to the marketing countries. Depending on markets, specific fittings are made to the vehicle to take into account global

    customers needs.

    In Romania

    Since April 2010, Duster is manufactured at Pitesti plant under Dacia label for a marketing in Europe, in Turkey and in the

    Maghreb. Duster is also manufactured under Renault label since June 2010 for a marketing in the Middle-East (Isral,

    Jordan, Syria, Lebanon), in Egypt and in other African countries, then in Gulf countries in 2011.

    Dacia Duster is a true success and conquered more than 450 000 customers in three years of marketing. In 2012,

    it is among the prizewinners of the ten cars the most sold in France.

    In South-America

    Duster is manufactured under Renault label since October 2011 for a marketing in Brazil and Argentina. Renault Duster

    proposes a specific version developed by Renault Design Latin America and Renault Technologies Amrique, which

    mainly takes into account engine fitting to Flex Fuel.

    In Argentina, Duster has been elected car of the year 2011 in the SUV category among a choice of 35 new models.

    Since February 2012, Sofasa (Colombia) plant produces Duster under Renault label, for a marketing in Colombia,

    Mexico, Equator, Chili, Peru and Central America.

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    In Russia

    Since March 2012, Duster is manufactured under Renault label at Avtoframos plant for a marketing in Russia. This

    version mainly gets a extreme cold fitting.

    With more 100,000 Duster sold at the end of August 2013 from its launch, Duster comes at the end of August

    2013 on top of Renault vehicles sold in the country (39 % of global sales).

    In India

    Duster is manufactured at Chennai plant under Renault label for a marketing in India (May 2012), in South Africa (June

    2013) and in Indonesia (September 2013). It is also manufactured since January 2013 under Dacia label for a marketing

    in United-Kingdom, in Cyprus, in Malta and in Ireland.

    Renault Duster proposes with Renault Design India a specific version that fits India needs which includes a right-hand

    drive and a two-colors dashboard.

    Commercial success since its launch in July 2012, Renault Duster is now part of the 15 models the most sold in

    India. It represents more than two thirds of the sales of Renault in the country, and positions itself second on the SUV

    segment on the Indian market.

    Renault Duster received the 2013 car of year price 2013 in India (Indian Car of the Year (ICOTY). This price greets

    the intrinsic qualities of a model: design, comfort, safety, innovations and performances. It rewards extremely popular cars

    in India and the tremendous success of this new model on the Indian market. Duster Renault created a new segment

    and has already seduced 70,000 customers within one year of marketing.

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