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Pfc r ae eThe objective of this work is to present to the engineering reader information about the practical professional aspects of Engineering involvement within Oil & Energy Industrial facilities promotion. These industries produce various types of gases in condensed form for the transportation through the pipelines for supply to the real consumer or the end user and also various petrochemical products as well as many bye products are produced. All disciplinary budding working engineers in the industry & particularly in the execution field shall be benefited by the information provided. The contents have been extracted from the practical experience earned in the field. A brief on the description of the terms used has been included. It has been noted that experiences attained are usually not recorded on documents for the benefit of the incoming young engineers to learn from the seniors experience resulting adversely on that these budding engineers depend solely on their individuals exclusive learning in the field based on the university learning which is not virtually adequate for a fast progress achievement. Therefore, to fulfill the requirement to extend the learned resources to the incoming new engineers, this small work in hard copy is presented to help those who intend to know in advance about an overall perspective of building new facilities or extending the existing one to further development. The information has been given in text only. No photo or diagram could be incorporated as under the obligations of the contracts such information should not be revealed for a definite number of years from the contract commencement day to maintain the secrecy conduct clause on various contracts. Only certain google earth images included to assist the reader. This work may not provide with the in-depth specialized subjective knowledge but definitely, illumine with an idea how the procedures move in the field which knowledge cannot be drawn from the university. This book might prove beneficial for the candidates aspiring to become Certified Professional Engineers within the purview of EMF (Engineers Mobility Forum, the Bharat represebtation by The Institution Of Engineers India). Of course, the . contents of the book are very boring but practical. The contents vary in nature including the usual procedures of the EPC nature of contracts involving in general types of Industrial jobs carried out in the industry. Also included certain statements & reporting Also, procedures as well as contract matters generally adopted. It is uncommon among engineers to be used to reading this type of work but practically, it is necessary. It is hoped that reader shall enjoy the boring work.Page 2 of 663 suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

IE C rtifie P fe s n l E g e r S ra S g I e d ro s io a n in e u j in h

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I am grateful to Cdr Eng A K Poothia, The Secretary & Director general of The Institution of Engineers (India) for commending this work & extending most useful advise for which attempts were made to incorporate to some extent. Attempts shall continue to incorporate the readers suggestions as much as practically feasible . feasible.

Author IEI Professional Engineer Suraj Singh

August 15, 2009

--------------------------------------Refer to the various photographs appended somewhere else.Source Google

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Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

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IE C rtifie P fe s n l E g e r S ra S g I e d ro s io a n in e u j in h

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12 Chapter 12 13 Chapter 13 14 Chapter 14 15 Chapter 15 16 Chapter 16

E e u nP n x c tio la E v n e ta c u e fo n iro m n l la s s r p n In u tria c in la t d s l ity C n tru tio C n c o s c n o tra ts HE SS C m e ia o m rc l Cn c o tra ts R fe n e e re c s Sb u

Chapter 1G el n e r a A Industrial development- Processing Facility formation(Refer to photos) It is necessary in the interest of the economical development, industrial project should be efficiently promoted as Industry being backbone of a nation. Sooner the industry creation, better the prospects for the nation. Therefore, the value engineering should efficiently be applied for the product proposed to be facilitated to enable the consumer delivered with the most economic & qualitative products.


Policy decision- Authorization-Technology Promotion

The government should promptly decide relevant policy in a positive manner for the time is extremely important to be used properly to get the optimum use of the project provided adequate funds are available within the budget or finance borrowing should be made. Value engineering should be properly studied by experts to reach a conclusion that the product shall be processed imparting no adverse effect to the environment, shall be most economical in production cost, shall be easy to be transported to the end user facility, shall be most beneficial to the society from every aspect/view of cost & economy uplift as well as shall promote the technology & provide benefits to the people globally in long run.

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IE C rtifie P fe s n l E g e r S ra S g I e d ro s io a n in e u j in h

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Facility requirement

Value Engineering effective application, Effective Technology, Product end User Requirement Necessity, Approval & Financing, international competition, Cost effectiveness & environment tenability, Sustainability. Should these points be met by the proposal, the project may be given a go ahead subject to the meeting other criteria.


Facility Justification & Feasibility

Environment sustainability - Cost viability in long term Nationally beneficial to add to economic growth multi purpose approach & creation of employment casual as well as regular. Export potential of the product. Processing Technology & availability of raw material. Adequacy of availability of terrain & routes. Selection of the planning & execution mode. Availability of the expertise & experts along with all other inter related professionals.

A1 2

Components Elementsgeneral

of any Facility - inclusions in



Availability of the natural gas or oil fields from where the natural resources are being tapped out at offshore location Availability of the land for the required processing area onshore with acceptable terrain that may be used for the complete chemical engineering applications as well as transportation of the processed products to the outlet leading to the consumers locations Plant processing scheme & Technology with legal license for the defined period Liquefied Natural Gas tanks, cryogenic containments with spillage & other components etc for the storage purpose at minus temperature Plant processing trains elements, complete with complete descriptions of heavy & light industrial equipment Utilities areas element for the integration with plant equipment Off sites element for sub assistance to aforesaid Intake Piping for circulation & delivery into plant equipment for cooling Seawater basin for storage of seawater & delivery to plant Piping, pipe supports, pipe sleepers & pipe racks for the product transportation & handling Service air & Instrument air circulation piping Chlorination plant & its system for the purpose of chlorinating the watersuraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk


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IE C rtifie P fe s n l E g e r S ra S g I e d ro s io a n in e u j in h

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Storage & Warehousing for the physical handlings of subsidiaries Drainage infrastructure from plant to receiving basin & then to outfall structure through the discharge channels duly provided with metal lugs & channels Ditches completely lined to carry out to the final discharge the storm water from various catchments areas of the plant. Complete Package drainage system for, oily water, acid water, dusty water, sewage etc. Water line for the whole site for various purposes including loss prevention i.e. fire fighting with fresh water as well as back up sea water supply Cooling water line throughout the whole industrial area zone taking in water from the intake at sea, supplying to the industries & then through the return headers discharging to the sea directly after being supplied once as well as employing cooling water system technology to re-circulate the water & only make up water to be supplied. Pipe supports, pipe anchors, general anchors, big anchors/thrust blocks at various spacing. Pipes supports to be connected to sleepers & direct supports using structural steel connection for both direct clamp