[500DISTRO] The Early Stage Growth Playbook: Testing Features, Debunking "Best Practices,"...

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Aihui Ong, Founder & CEO, Love With Food

Transcript of [500DISTRO] The Early Stage Growth Playbook: Testing Features, Debunking "Best Practices,"...

  • ! ! ! The Early Stage! Growth Playbook! ! Aihui Ong (i-we)! Founder & CEO!
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiBrands We Work With Non-GMO Gourmet Popcorn Seattle, WA Non-GMO Coconut Chips San Francisco, CA Goats Milk Caramel Brookeld, VT All-Natural Salsa Albuquerque, NM
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiCompany 2.5 year old 13 team $2MM revenue
  • ! ! ! GROWTH FOCUS! for early stage! ! !
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiPrioritize - Tracking & Analytics Tools War is 90% information War is 95% server-side information
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiPrioritize - Homepage Test Image Test Messaging
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiUser Testing Video
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiCurrent Funnel Homepage Click Learn More About Page Snack Box Click on Choose ShopAbout Page FAQ General Membership Questions How It Works 10 CLICKS! LATER
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihui More explanation Show Past Boxes Urgency How It Works Testimonials Links to Pricing Page Links to About A B
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiA vs B Results
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiTest Conclusion User feedback provides ideas on WHAT to test BUT users are NOT always right!
  • ! How to collect user feedback?! ! !
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiWays To Collect User Feedback $100/3 tests $63/month $5/test Y U NO LOVE WITH FOOD LOTSA LOVE WITH FOOD FREE FREE
  • Who on your team! has the closest contact! to CUSTOMERS?
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiCustomer Happiness Team 1. Customer service are the EYES & EARS of the Company 2.Weekly meeting to discuss issues 3.If you can x one thing, what would it be? design, copy etc
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiCS Are Product People Too! Make It Fun! Award Prizes
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiA B $2 More explanation Urgency Photos of customers Unboxing video by customer
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiA vs B Results
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiGrowth Ideas 1QUARTER 1DAY 3GROWTH IDEAS
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiGrowth Ideas gluten free box Partnershipsmoms brides new funnel special offers food banks referral program tv paypalbumper stickers
  • @LoveWithFood / @aihuiToo Many Ideas. What to Test? Rule #1! Always Be! Testing Rule #2! Pick 1 Metric! to Improve On Rule #3! Start With Low! Hanging Fruit Ideas
  • ! THE END ! Aihui Ong (i-we)! aong@lovewithfood.com! @aihui