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  • 1. 500
  • 2. If you do it,
    your startup will thank you for it.
    Is there anything you need, that you dont have time for?
    my space
    Eat Healthy
    with people
    Take a break
  • 3. If we want to make 500 Startups the leading startup accelerator, we need everyone to be at their best so we can perform as a team.
  • 4. Obvious question
    So, how do we get there?
    I dont know.
    This summer will be one of exploration finding out what matters to startups to enhance their creativity/productivity.
  • 5. Through innovation in the areas of architecture, team building and healthy eating I hope to develop a sense of personal and community wellness in 500 startups.
  • 6. To narrow down the scope of the project, I will concentrate on the kitchen.An overarching goal is to create a sustainable system based on practices that can be replicated in the future and in other locations.
  • 7. PEOPLE
    With so many brilliant people together in one room, it would be a waste not to get them to use each other as a resource for creativity. We are social animals who need others to stay focused and motivated
    The plan
  • 8. Solutions I could implement
    Consult with d.shrink faculty for a good team dynamics introductory session
  • 9. SPACE
    What behavior do we want to create in the kitchen?
    Community Space make it feel ours e.g. Hanging cups on the wall with everyones names on them
    Expressive of companys culture - board with question of the day aimed to make people think outside the box
    Functional easy to use and clean up after yourself
    Responsible - establish a protocol, a culture of maintaining the space
    Relaxing a space where you can disconnect and take a break e.g. rubix cubes on tables, puzzles
  • 10. Solutions I could implement
    Design and build furniture - one idea is to use Koa wood to build a bar table for the kitchen
    Buy and install necessary equipment - e.g. a salad/sandwich fridge.
    Make the kitchen area THE place to be
  • 11. FOOD
    Even the busiest designer or computer programmer has to eat. Mealtimes are ideal to bring the team together!
    One of your mentors, Brenden Mulligan, pointed out that pizza and Ramen are hurting startups. With better food youll sleep better, be better rested, and use your time more effectively when youre awake.
    • Your food budget: assuming ~60 people x 12 food events/month x $10 = $7,200/month
    • 12. Your food sponsors: San Franola
    The plan
  • 13. Solutions I could implement
    Optimize the use of the budget to include an open kitchen system (the kitchen is stocked with healthy snacks that can be eaten throughout the day by everyone who wants them)
    Develop easy recipes that can be carried out at a fraction of the cost
    Get companies to give us wholesale prices
    Find other food/health companies and persuade them to sponsor/cut a deal
    Look into 500 Startups food related companies like foodspotting, e la carte, textaurant, ordermapper, spoondate, wednesdays and cookpad to see how we can use them as a resource and test our own services at the same time
    Continue to use the Beta version of waiter.com while we explore other options like zerocater.com
    Find out what startups really want to be eating and make it work
  • 14. PEOPLE
  • 15. 500