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Transcript of 500 Startups Lean UX Bootcamp

  • 500startups Lean UX Design BootcampEnrique Allen, Rick Boardman, Miche Capone, Karl Dotter, Thomas Both, Laura Klein & Janice Fraser + more!
  • Thursday Day 1 4-4:15 4:15-4:30 4:30-5:00 5:00-5:30 5:30-6:00 6:00-6:30 6:30-7 Intro to Who are you generative DistinguishThink target users? Business interviewing needs Stories & insights (Talk) Gut Check Customer/ Laura Lean User User Setup Users Business Needs Problem Kim UX Empathy Needs Denition AyeMake Draft questions(Activity) Practice interviewing Make persona Ecosystem Map Practice of target user(s) Write out synthesizing Write customer business empathy hypotheses hypotheses map POV madlib Lessons from: IMVU DailyAisle BaydinCheck(Reect) Practice with What are riskiest partner How to test? Show partner hypotheses & how Rene POV Debrief can you test? questions
  • Quick review ofartifacts well create
  • PersonasDraw the Person... Needs... Add real names What are their pain & Describe what they pleasure points? look like Triggers? Traits... Goals... Demographics What do they want to Age, Sex, Location accomplish? How doGeneralizable Attitudes they succeed? & Characteristics
  • Personas
  • Ecosystem Map
  • Ecosystem Map
  • Interview QuestionsPoint of View: [Insert User...(descriptive)] + Needs List of[Insert Needs...(verb)] + Because + [Insert Insight...(compelling & surprising)] hypotheses: Tell me about the last time you... When you go through the interview check o Tell me about an experience youve had with... if you validated any assumptions How did you feel when ____ happened? What were you feeling at that moment? Really, can you tell me why that matters? Say more about that...I see... Do you know why you think that? Okay. And that is important because...
  • Point of View [User...(descriptive)] Needs [Needs...(verb)] Because [Insight...(compelling & surprising)]
  • Now a little soapbox
  • Design? What comes to mind
  • Jesse Schell on DesignAnyone who makes decisions about how the product shouldbe is a designer*. Designer is a role, not a person. Almostevery developer on a team makes some decisions about howthe product will be, just through the act of creating theproduct. These decisions are design decisions, and when youmake them, you are a designer. For this reason, no matter whatyour role on a development team, an understanding of theprinciples of design will make you better at what you do.
  • The Right Lean UXDesign Method for the JobPeople cling to things like personas, user research, drawingcomics, etc., notes Dan Saffer. In reality the best designershave a toolbox of options, picking and choosing methods foreach project what makes sense for that particular project.
  • Beyond the Surface Visual DesignInterface - Navigation - Info Design
  • Beyond the Surface You w ouldn t say th at com puter Visual DesignInterface - Navigation - Info Design e nginee ring is o nly abo ut the fron t-end
  • Design Goes Deeper Than You Think Visual - Graphic Design Interface - Navigation - Info DesignInformation Architecture - Interaction Design Functional Specs - Content Reqs Underlying Tech - IPUser - Product - Biz Hypotheses & Objectives
  • Design Goes Deeper Than You Think T heres a full ck of d esign Visual - Graphic Design sta Interface - Navigation - Info Design dis cipline s thatInformation Architecture - Interaction Design crea te the user Functional Specs - Content Reqs Underlying Tech - IP e xperie nceUser - Product - Biz Hypotheses & Objectives
  • We All Want to Hit this Sweet Spot
  • Repeatable Process to Great Design?
  • St artups dont rep eated ly getthro ugh a whole cyc le! (or reallyhave a pro cess)
  • Design Process for Startups? Start ups Have to Bias T owards This End
  • Design Process for Startups? We aim to improve We ai m to improve design skills on this desig n skills hereend with low -cost, low- thro ugh data & res methods distribution
  • Design Process for Startups?
  • Lets Start with Empathy
  • Flare Out for Inspiration
  • Search for Human Values
  • What is Empathy? empathy: the intellectual identication with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another you can think through the experience of another by understanding it completely you can feel what another is feeling by immersing yourself completely in an experience
  • Huh? Empathy is when you feel what the other person is feeling.You can mirror their expressions, their opinions, their hopes...
  • Why Empathy? to discover peoples explicit and implicit needs so that you can meet them through your designs Find meaning & stories Uncover latent needs The difference between what people say & do
  • Why Empathy?People care about theirproblems (or pleasures ;) notyour F-ING solution- Dave McClure
  • How well d