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What is IP? What are some common intellectual property misconceptions?

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  • 1. 500 StartupsIP 101: Why Care about IP as a Startup???@maryjuetten @traklightOct 21, 2014Disclaimer: This presentation is intended to be general information. Nothing in the presentation constitutes legal advice. Please consult with an

2. Small Business World 3. Capturing innovation(and thus value) is hard. 4. Over 80% of a businessvalue is in their IP. 5. Got intellectual property?Why care100% of all companies have IP. 6. IP theft costs UScompanies $250 billionannually 7. 700K new startupsannuallyvs.20% protected IPafter 1st year 8. When do you needan IP strategy?Exclude competition:Attract investment (including crowdfunding);Leverage and license. 9. When do you needan IP strategy?Avoid IP loss,infringement,or business failure. 10. What is IP?Patents(Utility & Design) 11. What is IP?Copyright 12. What is IP?TrademarksImage courtesy: Shelby Asistio 13. What is IP?Trade Secretsunsung heroesImage courtesy: Beverley Goodwin 14. IP Misconceptions 15. IP MisconceptionsIP is just for tech startups ortech companies, and patentsare the only IP for inventors. 16. IP MisconceptionsTrade secrets are the easiestto protect because there is noregistration. 17. IP MisconceptionsYou can copy anythingwithout a copyright 18. IP MisconceptionsYou can copyright an idea. 19. IP MisconceptionsDomain = TM 20. IP MisconceptionsIf I pay for it, I own it. 21. IP MisconceptionsPatents mean rightto make or sell. 22. Branding 23. Restaurant 24. NameImage courtesy: MG Siegler 25. Software 26. Prototype 27. Homepage 28. Who: IP OwnershipChallenges Multiple inventors Who are you? Employee of anothercompany Proper assignment of IP rights personal vs company Assume that ownership extendsoutside the US 29. When: Key Dates toRemember Date of Idea/Inventions (First toInvent First INVENTOR to file) Date of Use Date of Filing Date of Conversion Renewals 30. What: BusinessPlan/FundingPresentation Idea URL Name Know how Employees Contractors 31. Strategies to Protect IPHire a Professional:- Attorney, Consultant,- LegalZoom, RocketlawyerDo It Yourself:- USPTO.gov- copyright.govSecrets:- Notary- IP Vault- Copyright software 32. Fundraising ApproachIdentify IPProtect IPPick a PlatformBuild Social CapitalCreate a Pitch 33. Start on the right TrakDo NOT start with creating acampaign, pitch, or businessplan.THIS APPLIES TO ALL FINANCING! 34. Read, Read, ReadCheck out CreativeCommons.org 35. Software Platform 36. Rewardli Dealwww.rewardli.com/offers/2408-traklight25% off ID your IP 37. Questions?www.traklight.comTake our Free Risk QuizMary Juettenmejuetten@traklight.com@traklight@maryjuettenSlides available on slideshare.net/Traklight