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Target Users- People on diet- Diabetic / high blood pressure- Sport athletes


It is critical for people on diet, people who have diabetes or high blood pressure, and especially sport athletes to keep track of their food intake to maintain their health or body.2


However, if you go to hospital or fitness club right now, you are given this piece of paper, and you need to write down all food intake by hand. This is very time consuming and painful.3

Food logging


Our app makes food logging super easy. And, with the data we get from our app,4



We do visualization so you can see exactly how much protein, carbs, fats you consume everyday.5

Coaching based onSparse Modeling


Also, with the same data we get from our app, we provide coaching based on unique algorithm called Sparse Modelling. We developer this algorithm with the support from award winning professor Mr. Ohzeki from Kyoto university.6





Here is our team. Im the CEO and Ive done 2 exits in the past. Our CTO was previously a growth hacker at the startup that makes web app with 5 million users, and he used to be a CTO at the company he co-founded in the past. We have an experienced nutritionist who understand the problem very well.7

Miyako Capital

ChushinVenture Capital

Senshu IkedaCapital

Kyogin LeaseCapital


Thanks to 500 Startups pre-accelerataion program. Today Im pleased to announce that we have closed our seed investment round from these investors. With the fund from these investors, we will go global and we plan to do our series A next year. If you want to make an investment into Japanese startup willing to go global, please come and talk to us.8


Hi, My name is Kenshin. Im CEO of Hacarus. We make a mobile app that helps you to keep track your food intake.9