5 top link building strategies part i

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Best tips for search engine optimization; use these link building methods to keep pace with Google's changes and explode your website to the top of the rankings for your chosen keywords! Tools to help you inside - indispensable!

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  • 1. 5 Top Link Building Strategies Part I: Surviving the Attack of GooglesArctic AssassinsWhys everything always my fault? I just got here...The landscape of SEO is a lot different today than it was just a few years ago.Remember when beginning websites could simply do a couple of link-exchanges, and rank highly(sometimes even first) for their chosen keywords?Now, it takes quite a bit more to outrank your competitors. Link-exchanges still work with high-valuewebsites and blogs; otherwise, you need to incorporate other methods into your backlink plan if youreally want to succeed.Not Everythings Changed When it Comes to Link Building

2. Youre not out of the woods yet...Of course, there are still some methods of building backlinks that work as well today (at least as well;often better) as they did in the past; in fact, youve probably guessed the two major properties of thesemethods:- stick to methods that enhance the content for the reader- write content that isnt written primarily for the search engines.Content marketing and guest blogging, for example, are better than blog commenting and banneradvertising precisely because the former compel you to keep the human viewer in mind and producegreat, targeted content. Incorporating all four of these into a link-building plan, however, is just whatyou need to really rise to the top for your chosen keywords.Without further ado then, here are the top current link-building methods in the post-Panda and post-Penguin eras.1: Target the Top Article Directories with Your Absolute BestArticle marketing still works; believe it or not. Even though many article directories have bitten the dustdue to having too many poorly-written articles in their categories, well-written articles submitted to ahandful of the better directories will still give you good/great backlinks.You should manually submit articles to diehard directories like: 3. Ezinearticles.com - still a strong PR6 article directory, with an excellent Alexa traffic value of386. Consider that anything under 10,000 Alexa is really good. Articlesnatch.com - another excellent directory with a PR5 and Alexa = 5,500 or so. Articlesbase.com - a very successful PR6 site, which gets a totally undeserved bad rapsometimes for being "nofollow". Obviously, having nofollow tags is more important today thanever, when Google looks for a natural link profile and almost certainly gives extra points forthem. Articlesbase has an Alexa value of 1,862 - recently its Page Rank has dropped to PR5though... Articlecity - has a PR5 rank, and an Alexa right around the 10,000 mark. ArticleTrader - a great - though very slow unless you place an order to speed it up - articledirectory with a PR of 5; which just very recently dropped to PR4. Still a very good one though. ArticleDashboard - a pretty static and very strong PR5; they cost money - $49 at last count - tojoin, which may be one of the reasons they keep their poor-article-count down. Might be worthit to join if youve got the extra cash lying around; being that there simply arent too many PR5directories around any more. Lastly, for the others out there, consider using a distribution service like isnare.com to targetthem although targeting the smaller ones isnt as important as it used to be pre-Panda. Besure to submit different anchor text in your hyperlinks, of course; for even better results, waituntil some of your articles are approved by Ezinearticles or another powerful directory, andalternate links between your main site and the article.Man I wish I had this much fun while article marketingAlways aim to link at least 5 articles to each post you write for your main website/blog; stick to the big,reputable directories ones for your best, unique articles, and target the smaller ones using your manyunique, but run-of-the-mill reproductions.Remember; the goal is to make sure your visitors have something of maximal value so you needexcellent content on your website. 4. The rest of the articles you either write or spin (very well) are to get the search engine spiders torecognize your existence and push you through the pages - allowing your really good stuff to be seen.Content - as always - is King; so youre just wasting your time if your blog post or targeted article is justspun content or riff-raff. Engage your audience and offer something of value; I promise the results willeventually come your way.2: Manually Find High Page Rank Link Partners (Of Course)Building backlinks by finding good linking partners worked in the past, and will work in the future. It canbe time-consuming and difficult; but there are definitely SEO tools that can help out tremendously withthis.My absolute favorite is SEO Spyglass (which is the most robust tool in a toolbox called SEO Powersuite,collectively), which Ive used just in the past few months to find active link partners and get three of mywebpages up to PageRank 4 and growing.When I compare the results I get with this tool to the days, weeks and months I used to spend for resultsthat take just a few hours to a day to obtain now, I wonder how I managed.Seo Spyglass is both an extraordinary timesaver (which means you do not need it; you can do this stuffon your own without it, as long as you have the time to put in. It literally saves you time by a factor oftens to a hundred) and allows you to find the link partners of your successful competition, as well as setsout a template for success in the search results.For me, SEO Spyglass allowed me to find both the authority sites, as well as websites that were doingquite well but arent necessarily considered authority sites and scan their backlinks to know who toapproach for links.No more spending hours and hours scanning Google Search page-by-page only to discover that 98% ofthe sites didnt allow commenting or link-backs - even if you had useful contributions to make.When I started finding sites with SEO Spyglass, I would spend some time reading the blog beforecommenting usefully, in a way that truly contributes to the discussion, and then either drop my link inthe website box, or approach the webmaster with a guest blog proposal.This legitimate method has - simply put - worked wonders! Especially considering that you can clearyour schedule, and try SEO Spyglass for a time before canceling - if it doesnt work for you. 5. The other tools are also quite useful, but the package is more expensive its for really serious SEO guysand gals who may also work optimizing other peoples websites.Once youve found these link partners, you can read and comment on their posts, approach them torequest a chance to write for them, suggest relevant articles to them - the possibilities are endless. Thepoint is to foster some kind of interaction that will eventually lead to getting a backlink; butyou must have something to offer in return.3: Content MarketingAs mentioned above, this is one of the most important website promotion methods out there right now,and is probably here to stay. Youve got to fill your website with relevant content that informs yourreaders; as opposed to blatantly trying to get them to purchase a product.Content marketing is a perfect example of inbound marketing, where youve embraced the principle ofgetting visitors through value-creation, rather than by mere advertising.Gone are the days when a single page could comprise a website, with pitches on why you should buytheir service or product, and minimal info on exactly why it is needed. Today, theres basically a three-step process to making an informative webpage or blog post: youve got to first identify the need then anticipate all the questions people might have regarding it and then show them why you have a solution above anyone elses.If content marketing gets to be too much for you as a single webmaster, then you can join a growingnumber of website owners who hire bloggers to write posts for them that reflect the general tenor oftheir previous writing. 6. There are several companies that have sprung up in recent years, and all you have to do is give thecompany a guideline of what you want written, and theyll send it to a large pool of writers withdifferent areas of expertise. There are some very good results reported with this method.4: Internal LinkingThis is an often overlooked method, despite the great power it has. It consists of linking together yourown content, by placing a relevant hyperlink from one page to another. By analyzing my own sites, Ive found that search engines love this, as it shows your content has acoherent and related theme.I suspect theres another reason why internal linking works so well; its an inevitable offshoot of thatother top link building method content marketing.A secret hint (wellnot secret anymore): internal linking is counted by Google Search (and probablyother search engines) as valid backlinks! To see this, just go to the Google homepage, type inlink:http://yoursite and see that in addition to all the offsite backlinks that are listed, links to otherpages on your domain are also there. These help to drive up your PageRank.As a quick example to drive the point home that internal linking is absolutely essential, have you everconsidered why your homepage usually ranks the highest? Well, one of the reasons is because it isautomatically internally-linked to all of your other pages, since they are really just folders on yourdomain.5: Writing Popular, Engaging ContentThis is mostly for my relatively high-powered writers, or good researchers (or both). Find top content fora given long tail keyword thats already out there, read through them all, and then write a unique takeon these articles, providing better and more up-to-date information wherever possible.You can also spruce it up a bit by displaying your new content as an infographic or even pdf onslideshare.com or some such site. This is another area where SEO Spyglass can expedite the process, byfinding the high-PR websites that would have gr