5 Shocking Mistakes to Avoid on Linkedin

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2. People working in dealerships, vehiclemanufacturers and automotive distributors allaround the world use LinkedIn,as do architects, facility managers andbuilders 3. In fact theres now over 100 millionprofessionals on LinkedIn and growing. 1.1 million in South Africa9.1 million 200,000 in Thailand India2.1 million 2 million Australia China 4. There are endless reasons for using LinkedInmore proactively Attract the proper public exposure to help potential clients find you. Manage your reputation in a credible, professional manner. Find relevant information and experts when you need them. Uncover information to help when evaluating or negotiating a deal. Discover new companies to partner and work with. Learn, share and broaden your horizons. 5. but your profile cannot activelynetwork for you. 6. but your profile cannot activelynetwork for you.so lets makethis happen! 7. Think of LinkedIn as the corporate cocktailparty and everyone you know (and want to getto know) is there, 8. Think of LinkedIn as the corporate cocktailparty and everyone you know (and want to getto know) is there,There are lots of ways of achieving yournetworking goals on LinkedIn, and definitelymore than one methodology.Ultimately one of my favourite ways to learn isfrom other peoples mistakes.So here are !! 9. 5 SHOCKING LINKEDINMISTAKES YOU NEED TO AVOID 10. BEING AWALL- FLOWERMISTAKE #1 11. Wallflowers dont get invited to dance.Being social is the key to being discovered.Active participation will draw others to you. Heres an example of the most active discussion in the Auto OEM Network Group presently 12. Search for groups that interest youin the Groups directory & Groups search 13. Ask questions fromthousands of professionalsBrowse questions and answersin categories of interest 14. Find the Answers section underthe More Tab at the home page 15. BORING PROFILEMISTAKE #2 16. Anonymous accounts are pointless.Its like hiding at the back of the crowd.No one will see your potential. Have an avatar A photo of you, head and shoulder only, keep the background simple. Use the Sewells logo if your prefer. 17. What first impressiondo you make?Its normal to be Googledbefore meeting someoneprofessionally for the firsttime, so your LinkedInprofile may be what theysee first.Stay top of mindwithin your networkwith regular updates. 18. Create a greatpersona.The best profiles are richwith relevant information.Theyre like a candidconversation aboutyourself. 19. NETWORKTOOSMALLMISTAKE #3 20. Import youremail contactsBuild your network. Look at LinkedIns suggestions of others you may know Find the people you were educated with and share alumnis Look at company pages for former colleagues and clients Connect with the people you meet at events 21. but remember, the people with most friendsdont always win.true value will come from adding people to yournetwork that youve met or have an online relationshipwith.a reference from someone you respect isrecommended, but choose wisely gravitas ratherthan peer popularity. 22. Nointegrationwith other platformsMISTAKE #4 23. Add your LinkedIn URLto your email signatureLink your professionaltwitter account to yourprofileDont forget to claim your vanity URL.Then, add it to your professional Twitterprofile, your business card and oncompany proposals and publicdocuments. 24. NoTUSINGREGULARLYMISTAKE #5 25. You got mail!Regularly check your inbox forupdates and invitations.It is acceptable to exchange InMailbefore accepting an invitation.You do not have to accept everyinvitation that you receive. 26. 3 QUICK TIPS!1. A little bit of application goes a long way!Add up to 6 LinkedIn profile apps to sharewhats happening in your career.Use the SlideShare app to showcasepresentations and videos, and theReading List by Amazon You can also showcase your upcoming events 27. 3 QUICK TIPS!2. Add your skills! Find skills under the More tabSearch skills & see who arethe leading professionals andcompanies in that market(according to LinekdIn) 28. 3 QUICK TIPS!3. Stay on top of industry trends and newswith LinkedIn today A daily digest of the most talked about news in the Automotive industry 29. RECAP: MISTAKESTO AVOID BEING A WALL- BORINGFLOWER PROFILENETWORK TO NOIRREGULAR SMALL INTEGRATIONUSE 30. I PROMISE TO NEVER MAKETHESE MISTAKES ON LINKEDIN EVER AGAIN (you sign here) 31. Questions?DimitriKotovI like emails.Disclaimer:The person in is thisphoto is not me.dkotov@worldmark.com.au Connect with me on LinkedIn at http://au.linkedin.com/in/dimitrikotov