5 questions to harry potter

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5 questions to Harry Potter books By career project

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  • 10 points to each question answers correct and No cheating answers at Google or any site. copy your answers at a piece of paper. Do Not CHEAT
  • A)Snape B)James C)Sirus D)Lupin
  • A)Ron B)Hermione C)The Twins D)Draco
  • A)Ginny B)Ron C)Dumbersnore D)Lupin
  • A)Dumberesnore B)Snape C)Horace D)Sprout
  • A)Harry B)Ron C)Dean Thomas D)Twins
  • 1-B 2-D 3-A 4-B 5-C
  • Better be Draco then.He didnt know anything at the school but some Magic.But dont worry, Draco learn something at the end.
  • Ron is going to have to be your player. He was not really a learning person but he was a better learner.
  • Harry is going to be your player.he wasnt really smart but he wasnt dumb either.he was okey.
  • Hermione is your player.she is very smart but she also get wrong answers in questions.
  • You are really a harry potter fan.Dumbersnore is your player.He really wise and keep his head to the work.
  • thank you for your time.