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  • 1. Enhancing Employability Module code: 5BUS1085 Career Research Report Briefing Purpose of the report Required information How to conduct your research How to structure and layout your report Submission Requirements Beware the Penalties
  • 2. Why is this assignment important This report will support you in considering your future career and give you important information in helping your make career planning decisions It will provide you with an awareness of the knowledge, skills and experience required by a recent graduate It will enable you to become aware of the opportunities available to graduates in the current jobs market You will be research information on the skills, knowledge and experience employers are looking for
  • 3. Free Career & Skills Matching Tools Prospects Planner www.prospects.ac.uk in the Jobs & Work Experience area TargetJobs Careers Report www.targetjobs.co.uk in the Career Planner area Adult Directions www.cascaid.co.uk/ adultdirections Use licence code: goalhome12
  • 4. What will you be researching You need to research and decide upon a profession you are interested in for example: Operations Management, Retail Management, Marketing, Sales, Human Resource Management OR look at a particular industry sector that you are interested in working in when you graduate for example: the media, not for profit, tourism, finance, sports and leisure You may be interested in other career options, for example teaching or entering the armed forces or the police You may be already working within your chosen career area, so you will need to consider future roles, promotion opportunities or transferring to other departments within the company
  • 5. The Task Having identified your profession or sector of employment you will need to: Research the current and future expectations of employers, the likely future trends in graduate employment in this profession or sector and what recruitment and selection methods being used You should then be able to produce a summary of the key skills, knowledge and experience which employers require from graduates seeking these roles
  • 6. Preparation of your CV You will need to review and develop your CV seek support from Careers and Placements to help you with this You should prepare your CV exactly as your situation is now not what you hope it will look like when you graduate! Your CV is a crucial starting point to your graduate or placement job search You should attach your CV as an appendix to your report
  • 7. Research a current opportunity You will need to identify one current role being advertised that you would be interested in applying for when you graduate You will also need to provide the advert or information on the current position that you identified as an appendix to your report This will form the basis for a large part of Assignment 3 your In Assignment 3 you will reviewing yourself against the requirements of the role that you identified in this assignment
  • 8. Researching your report Make use of both primary and secondary research Use all available opportunities to undertake your primary research discover original data by your own investigation
  • 9. Structuring your report Introduction and Contents What your report will cover and how you make your decision on what sector/profession to focus upon written in the first person so use I Number your pages and include a contents page Section 1 - Occupational Research Terms of Reference what you are researching Methodology how you carried out your research, what sources of information did you use Section 2 - Main findings General Employment Trends in the sector/profession Opportunities for recent graduates including a current advertised role Skills, knowledge and experience required and selection methods being used Section 3 - Conclusion References and Bibliography and Appendices A brief reflection on your key findings and how you will make use of these within your Career Action Plan and Self Reflection report Assignment 3 This should be written in the first person I Reference sources used to research and construct your report Your current CV and a copy of the advert or information on the advertised role Any other relevant information referred to within your report
  • 10. Writing your report A report reports on something in a concise, formal way using clearly defined sections presented in a standard format, which tell the reader what you did, why and how you did it and what you found A report should be written concisely, in a business like manner, and have headings and subheadings The main body of the report should be written in the third person apart from the introduction and conclusion which should be written in the first person Note the available marks for each section and ensure that you take account of these in how you construct your report Remember to include your appendices and all your references and bibliography
  • 11. Laying out your report Use Times New Roman/Arial 12pt with 1.5 spacing Use 14pt headings and 12pt subheadings Have a title page and a contents page Use page numbering from the Introduction page onwards Include a final word count on the title page Refer to the HBS ASU Guide to Report Writing for more information
  • 12. Submission Requirements Your report must be submitted to the correct assignment tab Ensure that you submit on time by 13:00 on Friday 15 November 2013 Only submit an MSWord document (doc or Ensure that you submit in the required format Stay with the required word count docx), submit one document which containing all the required sections Label your document as follows: Your name: Student number: EE1 (eg John Smith 1234567 EE1) The word count for this assignment is 1200 words (+/- 10%)
  • 13. Beware of the penalties Failure to label document correctly or submitting the wrong type of file Failure to submit on time Failure to stay within defined word count Failure to accurately state word count a penalty of 5% will be deducted from your mark Penalties will be applied from 1% for 1 30 minutes late to your mark being capped at 40% if you are more than 300 minutes late Penalty of 1% deducted from overall mark for each 120 words over word count a penalty of 5% will be deducted from your mark
  • 14. Extension Requests You must apply for an extension if required by Friday 8 November 2013