5 Best Wedding Cakes

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Welcome! We take a look at 5 creative and cool weddings cakes! Take a look! We hope you enjoy our slides.

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  • 1.5 Best Wedding CakesThursday, 26 July 12

2. 1# The Scottish Castle CakeThursday, 26 July 12 3. The Scottish 1#Castle Cake This Wedding cake was inspired by an ancient Scottish castle. The cake is 3 and half feet tall with fantastic spires either side of the cake to finish off the designThursday, 26 July 12 4. 2#The Rock Band CakeThursday, 26 July 12 5. The Rock 2# Band Cake Not Every womans first choice for a wedding cake but it makes our list because it quite simple hasnt been done before.Thursday, 26 July 12 6. 3# The Disney CakeThursday, 26 July 12 7. The Disney 3# Cake One of the most detailed cakes we have ever seen, so detailed in fact that we wouldnt even want to slice in to such a beautiful design.Thursday, 26 July 12 8. 4#Thursday, 26 July 12 The Minas Tirith Cake 9. The Minas 4#Tirith Cake We have personally picked this cake as our favorite, not just because we love Lord of The Rings but because this cake is simply breathtakingThursday, 26 July 12 10. 5#The Super Mario CakeThursday, 26 July 12 11. The Super 5#Mario Cake Get a taste of Marios diverse world as you view this stunning cake containing different layers from the famous Super Mario Gameboy game.Thursday, 26 July 12 12. Thanks For Viewing If you want to find out more about how to create your perfect wedding please visit these sites: http://www.hitched.com.au http://www.australianwedding.com http://www.stylemepretty.com/australia-weddings/ http://www.polkadotbride.comThursday, 26 July 12