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The 451 Group

A technology analyst and data company that helps executives make better decisions


The 451 Group is a leading technology-industry analyst and data company focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation.

Through its five owned and operated divisions, The 451 Group provides critical and timely insight into the market and competitive dynamics of innovation in emerging technology segments.

Clients of the company at vendor, investor, service-provider and end-user organizations rely on The 451 Groups insight and data to support both strategic and tactical decision-making.

Founded in 2000, the 451 Group is headquartered in New York, with offices in key locations, including San Francisco, Washington, DC, London, Boston, Seattle and Denver.


451 Research is focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. The companys analysts provide critical and timely insight into the competitive dynamics of innovation in emerging technology segments.

The 451 Group

Tier1 Research is a single-source research and advisory firm covering the multi-tenant datacenter, hosting, IT and cloud-computing sectors, blending the best of industry and financial research.

The Uptime Institute is The Global Data Center Authority and a pioneer in the creation and facilitation of end-user knowledge communities to improve reliability and uninterruptible availability in datacenter facilities.

TheInfoPro is a leading IT advisory and research firm that provides real-world perspectives on the customer and market dynamics of the enterprise information technology landscape, harnessing the collective knowledge and insight of leading IT organizations worldwide.

ChangeWave Research is a research firm that identifies and quantifies change in consumer spending behavior, corporate purchasing, and industry, company and technology trends.


The 451 Group

Founded in 2000

New York City: HQOffices in London, San Francisco & Boston

Staff of 165+30+ Analysts

Analyzing the business of enterprise IT innovation

The 451 Group has been in business since 2000 & we are growing

We are focused on the business (selling & investing) of IT.not just on technology.In short, the business of making money around IT

Innovation is key: We are interested in and focus on CHANGE.

Disruptive Technology & Business Models



Management decision-makers at:Technology product companiesTechnology services companiesInvestment banking and law firmsBuy-sideConsultingEnterprise end users

Diverse group of clients: Buyers, sellers, investors, consultants from the largest venerable company to the youngest seed company

Investment bankers get the SAME Syndicated Research as a Software Consultant

We are the RAW MATERIAL to your research


451 Research

Competitive dynamics of innovation Funding and formationProduct development and go-to-market strategyCompetitive landscape and business developmentM&A scenarios and exits

End-user adoptionInhibitors and acceleratorsTrends and patternsVendor selectionSpecific deployments (case studies)

What do we analyze?

We have a predominantly supply side & end user focus.

We focus on the problems End Users face.

We enable effective decision making.


451 Research

We Cover Enterprise IT

Infrastructure and infrastructure managementApplications and application developmentDatacenters SecurityInformation managementConsumption and delivery modelsMobilityStorage

We are interested on whats happening at the bigger firms (not SMB, not consumers)

The consumerization of Enterprise IT


What do our customers get from us?

Published syndicated research

Go-to-market support

Analyst advisory and support

We focus on:

Syndicated Research

Analysts Support:

Go to Market Support


Syndicated Research

Qualitative: Opinion based analysis/experience

Quantitative: The market sizing backing up the research


451 Market Insight Service

Continuously updated analytical insight into the opportunities and challenges presented by enterprise IT innovation.

Designed for rapid consumption

Modular, SWOT analysis, 451 Take

The five core report types are:

Impact ReportsMarket DevelopmentsSpotlightsAnalyst NotesUser Deployment Reports

Market Insight is a Time efficient tool. We detail trends in a granular way. Understand companies in your ecosystrem.

All our customers use this services & log on almost every day.


451 TechDealmaker

451 TechDealmaker examines the opportunities for and implications of corporate mergers and acquisitions within core areas of enterprise IT innovation covered by The 451 Group.The service delivers two major types of analyses:

Forward-looking reports: The service specializes in providing anticipatory analysis of specific sectors and companies that are likely to see M&A activity within the next 6-18 months.Insight into recent transactions:The service also focuses on interpretation ofannounced transactions that The 451 Group believes will have significant impact on emerging enterprise IT market segments.

Part of the same service but focused on M&A

Underlying effect on existing sectors regarding M&A


451 Research: Long-Format Reports

40 reports annually, between 40 and 80 pages in lengthDetailed, 360-degree examination of specific technologies and trendsTechnology innovation, vendor analysis, supply/demand, M&A, etc.

Topic specific reports.

Generate a deep understanding of how this might impact your business

Many of the LFR are linked thematially. The program is intellectually & logically linked.

Price fixed way of consuming our products (versus ala carte).


451 Research: Analyst Advisory

Access to analysts by phone and in-personMessage testingAdjacent market introductionCompany and ecosystem diligence

Phone & in person available.


451 Research: Go-to-Market Support

Reprint rightsQuotation supportLive customer-facing activitiesWebinarsFull-scale conferencesSmall-scale events

451 is completely objective we Don't do White Papers or Multi-client studies

We do allow reprints (use externally on web site / support the story)

We will participate in events you are runningwe wont talk about your products but will talk about the market, etc.


The 451 Group Events

Global Events Organized as extension of the companys research agenda (Cloud, Datacenter, Information Management)Offer opportunities for directed dialogue between clients, key market influencers and 451 analystsHeld in locations reflecting the 451s global reach

We run our own events.


A smart way to package relevant research

Short-format, long-format, analyst advisory, events

Prix Fixe vs. A La Carte!

451 Research: Themed Subscription Programs


451 Research: Themed Subscription Programs

Current themed subscription programs:Infrastructure computing for the enterprise (ICE)Open source (CAOS)Security (ESP)Euro (EURO)Eco-IT (ECO)Information Management (IM)Cloud (CloudScape)Storage


451 Research: Quantitative Research

Market size, share and growth forecasts for key segments of the enterprise technology marketplaceVirtualization SoftwareCloud ComputingBi-annual overview reportsMonthly segment reportsAnalyst access

Focus on embryonic / growing markets

Categorization is VERY granular


451 Research: M&A KnowledgeBase

Web-based technology transaction database Complete from 2002, updated dailyTaxonomy-driven categorizationProprietary dataDeal rationales

Widely used by Corporate Development groupsGreat tool for CompsProprietary insight whereby public & buying private companiesOr private buying private



The 451 GroupUnique combination of research, analysis & dataPublished syndicated research on emerging marketsDaily qualitative & quantitative insightAnalyst advisory, supportGlobal eventsGo-to-market support


Tier1 Research

Founded in 2000, acquired by 451 in 2006

New York City: HQOffices in Bethesda, MD & San Francisco

Staff of 2010 Analysts

Analyzing Hosting, Multi-Tenant Datacenter, & Internet Infrastructure.


Tier1 Research is a single-source research and advisory firm covering the multi-tenant datacenter, hosting, IT and cloud-computing sectors, blending the best of industry and financial research.

Our clients depend on Tier 1 Research for: Company funding and formationProduct development and go-to-market strategyCompetitive landscape and business developmentNew builds and facilities expansionCompany financials, M&A scenarios and exitsEnd user adoption information

Tier1 Research


Tier1 Research

Segments We Cover

Tier1 Research aggregates the perspectives of public/private investors, vendors and customers to deliver concise analysis and recommendations to the vendors, service providers and investors in the outsourced managed IT Infrastructure services industry

Segments covered include:

Multi-tenant Datacenter InfrastructureCo-location and third party servicesManaged ServicesHosting (dedicated, shared, mass market)


Tier1 Research: Short-Format Repor