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1. l'r'HAT Tlll'. 'EAR lliwutojmzfbchoosing what you wear to your portrait session is kind of a big deal.i mean,these pictures are going to be arounci fora while.still,you shouldn't stress out about it too much,when selecting your outnts ror the day,I have three rules or thumb to rollow: iteep it corniy. This is the most imponant aspect when it comes to picking out your clothes.it youre wearing a starchy shirt or an itchy sweater or a dress that:too tight,chances are you're going to be pulling and tugging at yourselrthe entire session.Not only that,but yourrace will tell the story of garments gone bad ir you're anything but completely comiortable in your outt. Keep it simple. Simple doesn't mean boring,but start with the basl