4 Important Hiring Tips To Implement Now

4 Important Hiring Tips To Implement Now
4 Important Hiring Tips To Implement Now
4 Important Hiring Tips To Implement Now
4 Important Hiring Tips To Implement Now
4 Important Hiring Tips To Implement Now
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Want to hire the best employees? Here are some tips for managers to help them in their hiring practices.

Transcript of 4 Important Hiring Tips To Implement Now

  • Easy Small Business HR 1

    Four Important Hiring Tips To

    Implement Now

    Special Report From: EasySmallBusinessHR.com

    Never hired before? Hired before, but could use some help? Implement

    the tips below to make the process of finding and hiring the best

    candidates a lot easier.

    Hiring Tip #1:

    Acknowledge Applicants

    Applicants who have taken the time to submit a resume or application

    should be acknowledged. If you dont have the resources to respond to each person who applies, post a brief statement on your website as to what

    candidates can expect when they submit a resume for your job, including

    whether all candidates will be contacted, or just those candidates who will

    be invited in for an interview.

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    Hiring Tip #2:

    Follow Up With Job Candidates

    Given time constraints, or a discomfort for relaying bad news, many managers neglect to contact candidates that they have interviewed to

    inform them of whether or not they will still be considered for the job.

    If you have invited a candidate in for an interview, be sure to keep them

    apprised of their status during your interview process. Dont leave the candidate wondering whether or not they are still being considered. If you

    have ruled out a candidate that you have interviewed, let them know as

    soon as possible.

    Hiring Tip #3:

    Have Candidates Complete a Job Application

    No matter how small your company, a best business practice is to ask

    candidates who will be interviewed to complete a job application in

    addition to submitting their resume.

    A job application is considered a legal document. When an applicant

    signs your application form, they are verifying that the information that

    they have provided is true and accurate.

    If youve hired an employee who you later find has falsified their education or experience on their application, you have a clear cut case for

    dismissal, if termination is the appropriate action to take.

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    Hiring Tip # 4:

    Prepare for the Interview in Advance

    You want to find the best candidate for your job. One of the most

    effective ways to do that is to take the time to write down all of the tasks

    that you will require of your new employee as well as the softer skills that

    are important for the candidate to possess in order to be effective in the

    job. Softer skills include things such as customer service skills or interpersonal skills.

    Develop questions that focus on the core skills, competencies and

    experience that you have identified in your job summary, or description.

    When thinking about the types of questions that youd like to ask your potential employee, make sure that the questions are behavioral interview questions which require the applicant to provide examples that

    support their experience as opposed to answering just yes or no.

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