4. F2012 Christianity comes to the Anglo Saxons

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Conversion of the Anglo- Saxons

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1. Conversion of the Anglo-Saxons 2. Celtic Christianity Monastic absence of urban centers Abbot - bishops Differences in calculation of Easter Tonsure No grave goods 3. Pagan Culture Religion based on nature with lesser emphasison gods and temples Ship burials, horse burials, cremations-gravegoods Kent has closer ties with Merovingian(Christian) France 4. Christianity Comes to Kent Survival of cults of saints but not churches thelberht marries Bertha, aFrankish princess Bishop Liudhard accompaniesBertha Augustine mission of 597 AD 5. Conversion of the Anglo-Saxons - Kent 6. PopeGregory the Great 7. Canterbury 8. St. Martins 9. St. Augustines 10. St. Augustines, Bases of Archbishops tombsLaurence (619) Mellitus (624) Justus (634) 11. Expansion of Mission Conversion of common people Reinforcement Questions Relationship with British bishops 12. Anglo-Saxon ChurchCanterburyPhaseI II III IV 13. St. Augustines Gospels 14. St. AugustinesGospels 15. Augustines Oak Attempt to bring together British and Romanclergy Issues Authority of Augustine Roman practices Joint mission to Saxons 16. The Pagan Reversion 616 thelberht dies Rdwald of East Anglia reverts Sberhts sons in Essex revert Eadbald, son of thelberht reverts but isreconverted 17. Rdwald King of East Angles Converted during reign of thelberht Reverted after latters death Buried at Sutton Hoo? 18. Northumbria 19. Deira DeiraAelleHerecicEdwinAcha(-604) (616-633) m. thelfrith HildOdfrith EanfldAbbess of Whitby (-633) 20. Bernicia Idathelfricthelfrith(592-616) EanfrithOswaldOswiu(633-634) (634-642)(642-670) 21. Edwins Conversion 592 thelfrith of Bernicia takes Deira; Edwinin exile among Mercians 616 thelfrith killed by Rdwald; Edwinreturns 625? Edwin marries thelburh, daughter ofthelberht of Kent Easter 627 Edwin baptized 633 Killed by Briton, Cadwallon 22. Other Conversions Northumbria Oswald and Oswiu, Bernicia, converted while exiled toIreland and Iona East Anglia Earpwald, son of Raedwald; converted by Edwin 630 Sigeberht, as exile in Gaul Wessex 635 Cynegils by Birinus (a Frank) 23. Church of St Peter-on-the-Wall, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex 24. Escomb Saxon Church, Durham, 675 25. Anglo-Saxon Whitby 26. Anglo-Saxon Whitby 27. Organization of the English Churchpost Whitby Theodore of Tarsus (602690), Archbishop ofCanterbury (669-690) Assisted by Hadrian, advisor to the Pope Fill vacant positions Breakup of large units into more manageable onesleads to conflict with Archbishop of York Refined liturgy; acme of biblical scholarship Taught Greek 28. Minster HypothesisPre-Viking Minsters: Churches served by communities of clergy whoadminister to large areas (political?)Post-Viking Minsters become mother churches Fragmentation of these areas Estate churches Parishes and parish churches 29. Masterpieces of Insular Art Book of Durrow Lindisfarne Gospels Book of Kells