4 1/2 Steps to Scale your Service Business the Better Way

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Stop trading time for money and instead take steps to create a scalable business that runs without your constant attention.

Transcript of 4 1/2 Steps to Scale your Service Business the Better Way

  • 1. 4 PRACTICAL STEPSTO SCALEYOUR BUSINESSTHE BETTER WAY. How to stop trading hours for dollars, and grow without working yourself to death.

2. Freedom . Growth . Sustainable Financial Success MandiEllefson.com @MandiEllefson 3. THE COMMON WAYTO GROW... 4. TIME FOR MONEY $ Hrs / week Time for Money 5. You are the engine that drives your business Completely dependent on you CHALLENGES 6. Revenue plateau unless you work all the time Business is worth nothing without you CHALLENGES $ Yrs in Biz Business Income by Year 7. MORE LEADS WONT HELP! How will you nurture new leads > convert them to a sale > process the sale > onboard the new clients > start the project/engagement > deliver consistently amazing results every time??? 8. OUTCOME Growth is Unsustainable 9. A BETTER WAY! $ Yrs in Biz Biz Income by Year $ Yrs in Biz Efficient Biz Income by Year OR 10. SOLUTION? ?? 11. TASKS >> SYSTEMS 12. INCREASE CAPACITY Maximize current resources 13. ADVANTAGES Consistent quality as you scale. Tasks get accomplished faster Focus. Project starts become a breeze Keep you going on downer days Increase your bandwidth, take on more work Prepare for a team 14. ADVANTAGES Life Balance 15. ADVANTAGES 16. HOW? 4 1/2 Steps: 1. Look From Above 2. Plan Based on Goals 3. Select 1 Process to Improve 4. Document Process Part A: 15 Minute Process Brain Dump BONUS Step: Time 17. STEP 1. LOOK FROM ABOVE Map out the ows in your business. 18. Brainstorm/mind map to get the big picture out on the table Draw arrows and write quick notes for each process Dont worry too much about details until step 3 Star obvious areas for improvement and circle any hazards that need to be xed ASAP. SETTIMER FOR 1 HOUR! STEP 1. LOOK FROM ABOVE 19. STEP 2. BIG PICTURE PLAN Plan 20. Get Clear OnYour Goals STEP 2. BIG PICTURE PLAN 21. VISIONVS. REALITY Where do you want to take your business? How do you want your business to support your life? Do current business processes measure up? How is it affecting your life? 22. STEP 3. SELECT ONE PROCESS 23. STEP 3. SELECT ONE PROCESS Take a lot of your time? Cause a lot of stress? Produce poor outcomes Where could be making more money? Which projects seem just impossible to get going? Operational hazards? Which processes... 24. STEP 3. SELECT ONE PROCESS List your processes in order of priority. Choose one! 25. STEP 4. DOCUMENT A PROCESS Before outsourcing, do this! 26. 15 MINUTE PROCESS BRAIN DUMP Sketch of a sample marketing and sales process. Notice its a MESS! 27. 15 MINUTE PROCESS BRAIN DUMP Workowy. Less Mess 28. TRENDS Look for: Opportunities Bottlenecks Breakdowns List: Possible actions Items to remove Prioritize TAKE ACTION! 29. PROCESS FOR PROCESSES 30. COMPILE DOCUMENTED PROCESSES Operations Manual 31. HOW DOESTHIS SAVE METIME? This looks like a lot of work! 32. LET ME HELPYOUTHERE... 33. MORE ONVISION If I had more time I would spend it... Display in a high trafc area! 34. MORE ONVISION Constantly remind yourself what you are trading to continue in your comfort zone. 35. 1/2 STEP:TIME Track your time 36. WHERETO FINDTIME Email Free consultations to non-prospects Meetings- stated objective Wasted peak hours- PROTECT this time! Make a list of things to stop doing 37. THANKYOU! For a more detailed version of this process, download my complimentary Sustainable Growth Road Map. MandiEllefson.com