3D Talent Selection - Features

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  • 1. 3D Talent Selection Making Your Recruitment Better, the Scientific & Simple Way

2. Your Challenges Hiring the right talent is critical to your organizations success. However, its not without its challenges. Potential wastage of resources time, manpower & money looking for a purple squirrel Looking for the completely wrong candidate because of Chinese Whispers different understanding of hiring expectations between hiring managers, HR, recruiters & candidates 3. Your Challenges Making a bad hire can create significant ripples in your organization including fewer sales, lowered quality of products & services, negative impact on client relations, and more. 4. The 3D TS Solution Eliminate distortion in the hiring process through a clear JD that scientifically helps you identify the right skills for the job Maximize hiring efficiency by providing transparency and setting expectations at all levels of hiring Simplify candidate screening & assessment 5. What is 3D TS? 3DTalent Selection (3DTS) is a simple, scientific and powerful web based application to enable management of expectations across the recruitment cycle and help screen & assess candidates 6. Highlights of 3D TS Create the right JD with desired mandatory & optional skills in