3D Slicer for Image Guided Therapy Program Goal: To develop general display, control, and...

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Transcript of 3D Slicer for Image Guided Therapy Program Goal: To develop general display, control, and...

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3D Slicer for Image Guided Therapy Program Goal: To develop general display, control, and communications modules providing a resource to support diverse IGT applications Thermal therapies Vascular interventions Surgical excision Specific Aim: Provide seemless tracking for rigid tools and catheters inside and outside of MRI scanner. Enable Dynamic Volume Acquisition Continuous 3D Visualization Real-time MR System Control Slide 2 Tracking Systems GE InstatrakEM Tip TrackingMRI NDI PolarisPassive optical, hybrid AuroraEM IGT FlashpointActive optical Robin Medical EndoscoutEM / MRI gradient Biosense Webster CARTOEM / induction coil Ascension Bird, MicrobirdEM Slide 3 Slaving of 3D Slicer Workstation Read coordinates from FDA approved system (e.g., GE Navs). FDA approved system provides primary source of information to clinician 3D Slicer provides augmented information (e.g., DTI) and will serve as a research platform. Slide 4 Platforms 3D Slicer Pai Saiveroonporn Thermal mapping, on-line scanner control Ryoichi (under Zientara grant) Cryo iceball prediction Eigil Samset Oslo Randy Ellis Queens College Mike Guttmann - NIH Slide 5 Interactive Scanner Control Dynamic re-sizing, re-orienting and re-positioning for rapid targeting of treated volume Slide 6 1st Qtr2nd Qtr 0 50 100 1st Qtr2nd Qtr Control Console Multi-computer MRI Scanner System Adaptive Scanner Control Dynamic re-ordering and reshaping of acquisition for rapid adaptation to changes in treated volume Slide 7 Flexible protocol definition to serve diverse IGT applications Temperature Visualization adjustment Slide 8 Multi-planar views of treatment evolution: real-time or retrospective Anatomical Temperature Thermal Dose movie Slide 9 Real-time rendering of treatment volume movie Temperature Thermal Dose TemperatureThermal Dose Slide 10 Real-time Surface Visualization movie Temperature Thermal Dose TemperatureThermal Dose Slide 11 Cryotherapy (Zientara) Intra-procedural 3D Assessment Real-time Monitoring and Controlling Slide 12 CRYOTHERAPY RENAL 3) Monitoring 4) Controlling 2nd 15 min Freeze Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Real-time Control of 3D-Slicer Visualization using Coordinates from Electrophysiological Catheter Tracking System (Westin) Slide 16 Reformatted view of the MRI volume using the location and orientation of the CARTO points. Slide 17 Microscope/endoscope video registration to MR/CT Simon Warfield P01 Lighthouse Imaging SBIR, CIMIT Slide 18 A Navigation System for Augmenting Laparoscopic Ultrasound (Ellsmere) Slide 19 Neuro intervention (Pujol) Ascension microbird integrated into Slicer Slide 20 Open tracker www.studierstube.org/opentracker Developed by Technical University of Graz flexible XML based tracking framework source code available under for Windows, Irix and Linux. includes drivers for a range of different tracking systems. modules for some addition tracking systems have been developed by Samset et al. can be used to maintain registration across different tracking systems