3Com® Switch 4500 Family

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Transcript of 3Com® Switch 4500 Family

3Com Switch 4500 Family Command Reference GuideSwitch 4500 26-Port Switch 4500 50-Port Switch 4500 PWR 26-Port Switch 4500 PWR 50-Port

www.3Com.com Part No. 10015729, Rev. AA Published: January 2007

3Com Corporation 350 Campus Drive Marlborough, MA USA 01752-3064

Copyright 2007, 3Com Corporation. All rights reserved. No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative work (such as translation, transformation, or adaptation) without written permission from 3Com Corporation. 3Com Corporation reserves the right to revise this documentation and to make changes in content from time to time without obligation on the part of 3Com Corporation to provide notification of such revision or change. 3Com Corporation provides this documentation without warranty, term, or condition of any kind, either implied or expressed, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties, terms or conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, and fitness for a particular purpose. 3Com may make improvements or changes in the product(s) and/or the program(s) described in this documentation at any time. If there is any software on removable media described in this documentation, it is furnished under a license agreement included with the product as a separate document, in the hard copy documentation, or on the removable media in a directory file named LICENSE.TXT or !LICENSE.TXT. If you are unable to locate a copy, please contact 3Com and a copy will be provided to you. UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT LEGEND If you are a United States government agency, then this documentation and the software described herein are provided to you subject to the following: All technical data and computer software are commercial in nature and developed solely at private expense. Software is delivered as Commercial Computer Software as defined in DFARS 252.227-7014 (June 1995) or as a commercial item as defined in FAR 2.101(a) and as such is provided with only such rights as are provided in 3Coms standard commercial license for the Software. Technical data is provided with limited rights only as provided in DFAR 252.227-7015 (Nov 1995) or FAR 52.227-14 (June 1987), whichever is applicable. You agree not to remove or deface any portion of any legend provided on any licensed program or documentation contained in, or delivered to you in conjunction with, this User Guide. Unless otherwise indicated, 3Com registered trademarks are registered in the United States and may or may not be registered in other countries. 3Com and the 3Com logo are registered trademarks of 3Com Corporation. Cisco is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. Funk RADIUS is a registered trademark of Funk Software, Inc. Aegis is a registered trademark of Aegis Group PLC. Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. Microsoft, MS-DOS, Windows, and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Novell and NetWare are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company, Ltd. IEEE and 802 are registered trademarks of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT It is the policy of 3Com Corporation to be environmentally-friendly in all operations. To uphold our policy, we are committed to: Establishing environmental performance standards that comply with national legislation and regulations. Conserving energy, materials and natural resources in all operations. Reducing the waste generated by all operations. Ensuring that all waste conforms to recognized environmental standards. Maximizing the recyclable and reusable content of all products. Ensuring that all products can be recycled, reused and disposed of safely. Ensuring that all products are labelled according to recognized environmental standards. Improving our environmental record on a continual basis. End of Life Statement 3Com processes allow for the recovery, reclamation and safe disposal of all end-of-life electronic components. Regulated Materials Statement 3Com products do not contain any hazardous or ozone-depleting material. Environmental Statement about the Documentation The documentation for this product is printed on paper that comes from sustainable, managed forests; it is fully biodegradable and recyclable, and is completely chlorine-free. The varnish is environmentally-friendly, and the inks are vegetable-based with a low heavy-metal content.


ABOUT THIS GUIDEAbout This Software Version 13 How This Guide is Organized 13 Intended Readership 14 Conventions 14 Related Documentation 15




USING PORT COMMANDSEthernet Port Configuration Commands 43 Ethernet Port Link Aggregation Commands 64


USING VLAN COMMANDSVLAN Configuration Commands 76 Voice VLAN Configuration Commands 81




USING NETWORK PROTOCOL COMMANDSIP Address Configuration Commands 99 ARP Configuration Commands 101 DHCP Client Configuration Commands 108 DHCP Relay Configuration Commands 110 Access Management Configuration Commands 114 UDP Helper Configuration Commands 118 IP Performance Configuration Commands 121


USING ROUTING PROTOCOL COMMANDSRouting Table Display Commands 136 Static Route Configuration Command 146 RIP Configuration Commands 149 IP Routing Policy Configuration Commands 166




USING QOS/ACL COMMANDSACL Commands List 184 QoS Configuration Commands List 190 Logon Users ACL Control Command 201




USING RSTP COMMANDSRSTP Configuration Commands 216


USING AAA AND RADIUS COMMANDS802.1x Configuration Commands 236 Centralized MAC Address Authentication Configuration Commands AAA and RADIUS Configuration Commands 254 RADIUS Protocol Configuration Commands 270 247


USING SYSTEM MANAGEMENT COMMANDSFile System Management Commands 299 Configuration File Management Commands 308 FTP Server Configuration Commands 315 FTP Client Commands 320 TFTP Configuration Commands 333 MAC Address Table Management Commands 334 Device Management Commands 338 Basic System Configuration and Management Commands System Status and System Information Display Commands System Debug Commands 351 Network Connection Test Commands 352 Log Commands 361 SNMP Configuration Commands 376 RMON Configuration Commands 394 NTP Configuration Commands 403 SSH Terminal Service Configuration Commands 417 SSH Client Configuration Commands 428 SFTP Server Configuration Commands 435 SFTP Client Configuration Commands 436

346 348

13 A

CONFIGURING PASSWORD CONTROL BOOTROM INTERFACEAccessing the Bootrom Interface Boot Menu 456 455


display poe interface 88 display poe power 89 poe power-management 93 poe update 95 access-limit 254 accounting optional 270 acl 184 acl 201 am enable 114 am ip-pool 114 am trap enable 115 apply cost 166 arp check enable 101 arp static 102 arp static 103 ascii 320 attribute 254 authentication-mode 18 auto-execute command 19 binary 320 boot boot-loader 338 boot bootrom 338 Boot Menu File Download Commands 459 broadcast-suppression 43 bye 436 bye 321 cd 436 cdup 437 cdup 322 cd 299 cd 321 change self-unit 207 change unit-id 208 checkzero 149 clock datetime 346 clock summer-time 346 clock timezone 347 close 323 command-privilege level 19

copy configuration 43 copy 299 cut connection 255 databits 20 data-flow-format 270 debugging arp packet 104 debugging dhcp client 108 debugging dhcp xrn xha 108 debugging dhcp-relay 110 debugging lacp packet 64 debugging lacp state 65 debugging link-aggregation error 64 debugging link-aggregation event 64 debugging mac-authentication event 247 debugging ssh server 417 debugging udp-helper 118 debugging 351 default cost 149 delete 437 Delete File from Flash 457 delete static-routes all 147 delete 300 delete 323 description 44 description 76 dhcp-server ip 112 dhcp-server 111 dir 438 dir 301 dir 324 disconnect 324 display password-control blacklist 446 display acl 185 Display all Files in Flash 457 display am 116 display arp timer aging 106 display arp 105 display boot-loader 339 display channel 361 display clock 348 display config-agent 349 display connection 256 display cpu 339 display current-configuration 308 display debugging 350 display device 340 display dhcp client 109

display dhcp-server 112 display dhcp-server interface vlan-interface 113 display diagnostic-information 352 display domain 258 display dot1x 236 display fan 340 display fib 121 display fib 123 display fib acl 122 display fib ip_address 122 display fib ip-prefix 123 display fib statistics 124 display ftm 209 display ftp-server 315 display ftp-user 315 display history-command 21 display icmp statistics 124 display igmp-snooping configuration 176 display igmp-snooping group 176 display igmp-snooping statistics 177 display info-center 361 display interface VLAN-interface 76 display interface 45 display ip host 99 display ip interface vlan 99 display ip ip-prefix 166 display ip routing-table acl 137 display ip routing-table ip_address1 ip_address2 141 display ip routing-table ip_address 139 display ip routing-table ip-prefix 141 display ip routing-table protocol 143 display ip routing-table radix 144 display ip routing-table statistics 144 display ip routing-table verbose 145 display ip routing-table 136 display ip socket 125 display ip statistics 126 display isolate port 117 dis