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  • 1. Bell Ringer
    • Why is the balance of slave states and free states important to early American government?

2. Annexation of Texas

  • South favored adding Texas because it would be a slave state.
  • Congress votes to annex Texas in 1845
  • Mexico sees addition as an act of war

3. Mexican-American War

  • Dispute over boundaries.
  • American settlers declare California an independent republic and force out Mexican troops.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo sets modern borders

4. Missouri Compromise of 1820

  • Missouri would enter the Union as a slave state, but Maine would enter as a free state.
  • Goal was to balanceslave and free states to keep both groups happy.
  • Outlawed slavery north of Missouri
    • 36 30

5. 6. Quick Review

  • Why did the US go to war with Mexico?
  • Why did Southern States want Texas to join the Union?
  • What was the goal of the Missouri Compromise when it came to slave and free states?

7. Kansas-Nebraska Act

  • Kansas and Nebraska permitted to hold elections to determine they would be free or slave.
  • Both pro-slavery and abolitionist supporters migrate to Kansas to vote.
  • Bleeding Kansas
    • Disagreements turn violent

8. The Caning of Charles Sumner 9. Key Question

  • If a slave is taken North passed the Missouri line, is that slave free?Why or why not?

10. The Dred Scott Decision

  • Scott v. Sandford
  • Scott sues for his freedom when taken to free state
  • Court ruled that slaves wereproperty

11. John Browns Raid

  • October, 1859 John Brown leads an attack on an arsenal in Harpers Ferry, VA.
  • Browns rebellion crushed by Robert E. Lee
  • Brown hanged for treason
    • Becomes martyr to abolitionists

12. Election of 1860

  • Democratic party split North/South
    • North:Stephen Douglas
    • South:John Breckinridge
  • Republicans run Abraham Lincoln
    • Lincoln wins Presidency without a single Southern vote (Wasnt on the ballot)
    • Only wins 39% of the popular vote.

13. Election of 1860 14. Quick Review

  • Why did Kansas become a battle ground between abolitionists and slavery supporters?
  • Why was the Dred Scott decision a blow to the abolitionist movement?
  • How did John Brown contribute to North-South tensions?
  • Why was the election of 1860 controversial?