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Transcript of 3.1.5 by Robert Roemer - hmhco. LESSON 5 TEACHER’S GUIDE Babe Ruth by Robert...




    Gnero: Biografa


    Destreza: Causa y efecto


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    3_269665RTXS_LR1_5AL_CVR_Babe.in1 1 3/11/09 11:27:50 AMNumber of Words: 1289

    L E S S O N 5 T E A C H E R S G U I D E

    Babe Ruthby Robert Roemer

    Fountas-Pinnell Level RBiographySelection SummaryAs a child, Babe Ruth played baseball at a home for boys in Baltimore. He began his pro career as a pitcher, and then became an outfi elder. Traded from the Boston Medias Rojas to the New York Yankees in 1920, he went on to set home-run records. Baseballs fi rst superstar, Ruth enjoyed his young fans, and never forgot how lucky he was.

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    Characteristics of the Text Genre Biography

    Text Structure Six spreads, each with a section heading, and one summarizing heading on last page Introductory event followed by shift back in time

    Content Main achievements of baseball star Babe Ruth Game of baseball

    Themes and Ideas Babe Ruth changed the game of baseball. Baseball players can be heroes on and off the fi eld.

    Language and Literary Features

    Conversational tone Use of exclamations to convey excitement: Era un nuevo rcord de jonrones! Foreshadowing: sus mejores aos estaban por venir

    Sentence Complexity Variety in sentence length and complexity Compound and complex sentences with phrases. Example: Firm autgrafos, salud y

    pos para fotos. Sus afi cionados lo queran mucho por eso, y fue la razn por la que Babe Ruth era cada vez ms popular.

    Vocabulary Baseball terms: bateador, plato, lanzador, jonrn, que sacara una del parque, recta, receptor, profesional, ligas menores, ligas mayores, Serie Mundial, jardines

    Words Many multisyllable words with varied syllable patterns, such as atleta, atencin, rivales, celebridad, autgrafos, superestrella, celebracin, aniversario, dedicada

    Illustrations Drawings and photographs support the text. Design motif of baseball seam

    Book and Print Features Thirteen pages with illustration on every page or spread 2006. Fountas, I.C. & Pinnell, G.S. Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency, Heinemann, Portsmouth, N.H.

    3_321455_AL_LRTG_L05_BabeRuth_SPA.indd 1 1/22/10 4:56:57 AM

  • Expand Your Vocabulary

    autgrafo la fi rma escrita a mano de una persona, p. 8

    celebridad persona famosa, p. 8

    desempeo la realizacin de una accin, p. 8

    hazaa accin o hecho muy importante y reconocido, p. 8

    inspirar dar esperanzas, p. 11rcord el mejor desempeo

    registrado, p. 2

    rival persona que se opone a otra, p. 7

    temporada un perodo del ao, p. 2

    Babe Ruth by Robert RoemerBuild BackgroundHave students name any baseball superstars they know of. Build interest by asking a question such as, Por qu a las personas les gusta leer sobre las superestrellas del deporte? Read the title and author. Discuss the cover photograph. Remind students that a true story about a persons life is called a biography.

    Introduce the TextGuide students through the text, noting important ideas and helping with unfamiliar language and vocabulary so that they can read the text successfully. Here are some suggestions:

    Pages 23: Tell students that this biography tells about events from the life of George Herman Ruth, who is better known as Babe Ruth. Suggested language: Have students turn to pages 2 and 3. Point out the date in the fi rst sentence. In paragraph 3, read the sentence: El da anterior, haba bateado el jonrn nmero 59 de la temporada, empatando un rcord que l mismo haba establecido en 1921. Por qu el autor querra comenzar la biografa en esa fecha? Qu podra pasarle al rcord de jonrones de Ruth?

    Page 4: Explain that the picture shows seven-year-old George Ruth. Su padre lo deja en un hogar de nios. Los padres de George son muy pobres y no pueden darle los cuidados que necesitaba. Por qu es importante incluir esta informacin en una biografa?

    Page 6: Draw students attention to the section heading: George se convierte en profesional. Explain that at age 19, George Ruth was hired to pitch for a minor-league team. Because he was so young, people began calling him Babe. Al fi nalizar la primera temporada, Babe pas a las ligas mayores y fi rm un contrato con las Medias Rojas de Boston. Qu equipos de las ligas mayores conocen?

    Page 8: Read the fi rst sentence of paragraph 3: El desempeo de Babe lo convirti en una celebridad. Por qu se volvi tan famoso?

    Page 12: Draw attention to the section heading: La superestrella y la leyenda. Explain that a legend can be an old, well-known story, and it can also name a person whose fame has spread. Read the sentence: Cuando Babe Ruth dej de jugar, ya haba cambiado el bisbol para siempre. Qu aprendern en esta biografa? Cmo creen que un atleta puede cambiar el bisbol para siempre? Qu signifi ca eso?

    Ahora, vuelvan al comienzo de la biografa para descubrir por qu Babe Ruth se convirti en un jugador de bisbol tan famoso.

    2Grade 3 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

    Lesson 5: Babe Ruth

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  • ReadHave students read Babe Ruth silently while you listen to individual students read. Support their problem solving and fl uency as needed.

    Remind students to use the Visualize Strategy to form pictures in their mind based on details in the text.

    Discuss and Revisit the TextPersonal ResponseInvite students to share their personal responses to the book.Suggested language: Qu creen que es lo ms importante que pueden saber sobre Babe Ruth?

    Ways of ThinkingAs you discuss the text, help students understand these points:

    Thinking Within the Text Thinking Beyond the Text Thinking About the Text

    Babe Ruth came from a poor background, but his skill at baseball made him rich.

    Babe Ruth set home-run records that were not broken for decades.

    Babe Ruth enjoyed fans attention, and he became a celebrity.

    Babe Ruth must have had unusual qualities that other hitters didnt have.

    Fans love a player who makes the game exciting and who cares about them.

    Babe Ruth wanted to help children because his own childhood had been hard.

    The author did research to fi nd facts and also included opinions.

    The authors attitude is that Babe Ruths life story is inspiring.

    The author picked events from Babe Ruths life to show his best qualities.

    2006. Fountas, I.C. & Pinnell, G.S. Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency, Heinemann, Portsmouth, N.H.

    Choices for Further Support Fluency Invite students to choose a passage from the text to read aloud. Remind

    them to use punctuation to help them group words.

    Comprehension Based on your observations of the students reading and discussion, revisit parts of the text to clarify or extend comprehension. Remind students to go back to the text to support their ideas.

    Phonics/Word Work Provide practice as needed with words and word parts, using examples from the text. Use the word autgrafos on page 8 to point out the word parts auto (propio) and grafo (escritura), which come from ancient Greek. Write auto, grafa, and bio, explaining that bio means vida. Have students fi nd the word parts in biografa and autobiografa, and help them to fi gure out what each word means.

    3 Lesson 5: Babe RuthGrade 3 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

    3_321455_AL_LRTG_L05_BabeRuth_SPA.indd 3 1/22/10 4:56:58 AM

  • Writing about ReadingCritical ThinkingHave students complete the Razonamiento crtico questions on Hoja reproducible 5.8.

    RespondingHave students complete the activities at the back of the book. Use the instruction below as needed to reinforce or extend understanding of the comprehension skill.

    Target Comprehension SkillCause and Effect

    Target Comprehension Skill Tell students that events can be related, with one event

    causing another. Thinking about causes and effects helps readers make connections among events. Model the skill, using a Think Aloud like the one below:

    Think Aloud

    En 1920, las Medias Rojas vendieron a Babe Ruth a los Yankees de Nueva York. Ese suceso fue la causa o razn. El efecto es el resultado. Hubo varios resultados. Las Medias Rojas sufrieron una gran prdida. Los Yankees compraron al mejor bateador de jonrones de la historia. Durante los catorce aos siguientes, Babe Ru