3 Ways to Reach New Car Buyers using Social Media

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Three Ways To Reach New Car Buyers Using Social Media September 2013 www.rallyverse.com @rallyverse

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Car shoppers are spending more and more time researching their purchases on social media. How should automotive brands and car dealerships think about marketing to socially connected consumers? We offer three tips for how to engage prospective car buyers. For more details on our content marketing platform that helps marketers of all sizes share great content on social media and beyond, contact us at [email protected]

Transcript of 3 Ways to Reach New Car Buyers using Social Media

  • Three Ways To Reach New Car Buyers Using Social Media September 2013 www.rallyverse.com @rallyverse
  • Social media has dramatically changed the way consumers shop for cars.
  • The challenge for todays car dealerships is creating conversations that set the stage for future purchases. Rallyverse Confidential Do Not Distribute 3
  • How does a smart dealership do that? To be successful, dealers need to do more than just post deals.
  • Dealers need to communicate directly with customers and respond to concernsall with a real, human voice. Here are a few ways to build relationships on social media and bring more customers to your door.
  • Engage with customers through good and bad.
  • The first step is to join the conversation, even on just one platform, like Twitter or Facebook Start extending your current activities to this new medium.
  • Tweet congrats to local youth sports teams. Follow local radio/ TV stations. Respond to compliments with a quick Thanks!
  • Utilize Instagram or Pinterest to get people to take photos of themselves behind the wheels of your vehicles. Get your customers engaged! (But dont ignore negative comments)
  • Post Third-Party Content
  • Whether it's Car and Driver, Automobile Magazine or the local paper, third-party content will garner as much attention, respect, and engagement from followers as original content.
  • But be careful not to lose your voice with someone elses content. You still need to add your perspective and point of view to a third-party story or video.
  • Successful marketers present the shared story as only a slice of the big picture Adding the how or "why" shows that this makes a difference for the reader and showcases your dealership as a trusted source of information.
  • Seek Out Leads
  • In a three-day span It was found that more than 1,700 potential leads for purchases were found on Twitter Often mentioning specific brands like Jeep, Audi, Honda, and BMW.
  • Keep an eye on tweets in which users ask for recommendations or vehicles on sale. If you don't have the time, utilize a service to find them for you. Ignore this, and turn your backs on countless new customers.
  • Technology can help you manage all these social media conversations in one place! Your dealership network may already have a platform you can use there are plenty of tools you can explore. But, of course.
  • Rallyverse can help .
  • Thank You [email protected] @rallyverse