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Transcript of 3 million fans. Whats next?! Social Media by AVAST Software

  • 1. 1 3 million. Whats next?! Julia Szymanska @dzulaya SOCIAL MEDIA BY AVAST SOFTWARE

2. 2 AVAST Software - milestones 0 30 60 90 120 150 190 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Reached 190 million registered users Investment from Summit Partners NumberofregisteredUsers(million) Hired Vince Steckler as CEO Quadrupled user base in that year SanDisk cooperation Reached 1 million users Launched avast! free antivirus McAfee licensed avast! Launched 1st Windows 95 Antivirus Gained Company status Velvet Revolution Developed 1st Antivirus tool International expansion Won Virus Bulletins VB100 awards in all testing categories Launched online store Reached 1 million users per employee; launched Mac and Server products 180 3. 3 AVAST is freemium based 4. 4 AVAST = community Forum Translation Recommendations Support Brand ambassadors Program testing 5. 5 2008: Global Social Media Marketing team was Established Social Media communication was initiated 6. 6 AVAST across social media 3,3M 110K 90K 12K 200 100 13K 1,7K One global page (EN) General audience Communication geo targeted on the local communities: ES, RU, PT, FR Global Page (EN) Local Accounts Key Influencers: Journalists, Security experts English page Targeted audience IT specialists 7. 7 Social Media team Julia Szymanska Global Community Manager Czech Republic Deborah Salmi Marketing Manager USA Anna Shirokova Russian Albert Soriano Spanish Looking for French Brazilian No agency No budget for paid FB ads and paid posts 8. 8 Our goals Engage Provide customer care Retain users Drive recommendations 9. 9 Growing communities Driving traffic Content Campaigns 10. 10 Content calendar AVAST branded visuals Divers content across channels Communication strategy 11. 11 Geo-targeted message 6 languages versions In total one message Reached 2,5 million users 25K Shares TOTALLY ORGANIC Social media security related content Talk to your fans their language 12. Get out of your box Engage with content that is not necessary directly connected to your brand Endorse your users for recommending your brand 13. 13 Mac Campaign 800,000 fans gained 165K entries 50K pictures No paid adds 14. 14 And the winners are.. 15. 15 Recommendation campaign 185k visits 40K recommendations 17K downloads 1.7k installations 16. 16 Member gets member 350 K PTAT 550K fans gained 1,100K Stories published 17. 17 #avastBeFree campaign 125K fans gained 90 % entries93,K invites sent 18. 18 What has never worked Russian community engage on VK Fan of the week leader- board Generates quantity, not quality 19. 19 Challenges Internal communication across AVAST Software Managing social media team remotely Global vs. local communication Quality vs quantity How to gain new avast users on Social Media? How to measure our activities? 20. 20 If YOU can write EVERY DAY ABOUT ANTIVIRUS Software YOU CAN DO ANYTHING 21. 21 THANK YOU Feel free to stalk on me :) @dzulaya