3 CIRCULAR 21 World Mining Congress & Expo .21st World Mining Congress & Expo 2008 ......

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Transcript of 3 CIRCULAR 21 World Mining Congress & Expo .21st World Mining Congress & Expo 2008 ......

3rd CIRCULAR21st World Mining Congress & Expo 2008

world mining congress & expo 2008 1

Foreword 2About Congress 3Czy opodatkowanie wyrobisk grniczych jest zagroeniem dla finansw kopal? 4Congress framework programme 5Framework programme of accompanying events 7Congress timetable 8Session identyfication 97th September 2008 Day 1 (Sunday) 108th September 2008 Day 2 (Monday) 119th September 2008 Day 3 (Tuesday) 12

10th September 2008 Day 4 (Wednesday):

q S1. New technologies in mining 13

q S2. Methods of underground and open pit mining 14

q S3. Underground mine environment 15

q S4. Information technology Inmining 17

q S5. Sustainable development in mining industry 18

q S6. Coal mining chances and challenges 19

q S7. Ore mining trends and challenges 20

q S8. Open pit mining trends and challenges 21

q S9. The mine as a witness to history and a monument of technology 22

q S10. Legal aspect of mining activity 23

q S11. 17th International Conference on Automation in Mining ICAMC`2008 24

q S12. Risk management & subsidence engineering 25

q S13. Contribution of Strata Mechanics to mining technology and work safety 26

q S14. Economics, management and design in the mining industry 27Auditorium Maximum hall planner 2811th September 2008 Day 5 (Thursday) 3012th September 2008 Day 6 (Friday) 31World Mining ExpO 2008 32 Congress accompanying events 39Accompanying personss programme 44poland essential information 46Krakow essential information 47Congress sponsors 49Congress location and useful information 50

Important: Due to safety considerations entry to the building and congress sessions is possible only after displaying congress identification badge and participation in accompanying events is possible after displaying an invitation!

21stWorldMining Congress& expo 2008


On behalf of the Organising Committee of 21st World Mining Congress I would like to welcome

you in Poland, which was the organizer of the first Congress fifty years ago in Warsaw. It was or-

ganized by Professor Bolesaw Krupiski, doctor honoris causa of the University of Mining and

Metallurgy, the author of the beautiful description of the miners work ethos:

A miner has always been and will be the man of technical and social progress, because it is

only progress, continuous perfection of technical and social conditions of work which allow min-

ers learn more and more about the mysteries of the earth, discover its treasures, obtain them for

the common good, encounter the dangers of nature and give its power to the country.

We meet in Krakow, the magical city, one of the few in the world where the genuine histo-

ry mingles with the contemporary, where heritage salt mine operates on the citys edges in

Wieliczka: the only mining facility in the world which has been in operation since the Middle

Ages I am quoting from the justification for including the salt mine in the first list of UNESCO

World Culture and Natural Heritage on 9th September 1978 which covered 12 landmarks from

the whole world.

Who wants to know the Polish soul he must look for it in Krakow wrote Wilhelm Feldman,

well-known literary critic and historian. I am convinced that the Participants of the Congress

will know it and the stay and participation in the Congress will make up a wonderful memory.

Meeting opportunities and challenges that face mining at the outset of the 21st century is pos-

sible and effective thanks to working together. It is indicated by over 250 papers which will be

presented during the sessions. The confrontation of research and activities with the needs and

achievements of mining industry during World Mining Expo should be an important indication

on the way to look for new solutions compliant with the requirements of sustainable economic


I am convinced that thanks to numerous Participants the Congress will be a significant and

interesting event in presentation of mining image at the outset of the 21st century, the place

of opinion and experience exchange, many interesting discussions and most of all establishing

new friendships and preserving the old ones.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committeeof 21st Word Mining Congress

Jerzy Kicki

Krakow, August 2008

world mining congress & expo 20082

The 21st World Mining Congress held in Krakw, but some events are scheduled in other cities also having a long mining tradition, such as Katowice, Lubin, Bechatw and Wieliczka. In the first three cities, the Congress participants shall have a chance to familiarise themselves with the problems of Polish mining industry and with the knowl-edge and experience of Polish miners by undertaking technical trips to the mines. On the other hand, Wieliczka shall come about as travel back in time on one hand and as a contribution to a discussion on the role the former mining sites and testimonials of former mining glory play in the culture of todays societies. Among the most impor-tant topics discussed during the Congress, there are the following: q New technologies in miningq Methods of underground and open pit miningq Underground Mine Environment q Information technology in mining q Sustainable development in mining industry The Congress will include satellite sessions, held in

Krakw. During those sessions, the following issues will be discussed: q automation of the mining industry;

q risk management in the surface protection; q mechanics of the rock mass and its influence on mining technologies and occupational safety; q economics, management and design in the mining

industry. On the 50th anniversary of the World Mining Congresses

we have prepared numerous attractions for the partici-pants. We would like to present the beauty of the Polish culture and Polish mining traditions, which will be brought to you by the performance of the lsk Song and Dance Ensemble, the mining orchestra parade held in the mag-nificent surroundings of the Krakw Main Square and the traditional Jump over a leather apron event.

We believe that by participating in the events accom-panying the Congress you will demonstrate the solidarity and friendship of miners from around the globe. Those bonds have been formed and build up for centuries and are strengthened by joint efforts to combat the dangers thrown our way by nature, protecting its reserves. We shall continue this difficult struggle, not forgetting however the future generations, for which we shall leave some of those natures treasures.

About Congress

world mining congress & expo 2008

Krakow, panoramic view







world mining congress & expo 2008

Czy opodatkowanie wyrobisk grniczych jest zagroeniem dla finansw kopal?

world mining congress & expo 20084

ZARyS pRObLEMUOd lat na gruncie polskich przepisw prawnych istniej kontrowersje w zakresie opodatkowania podatkiem od nieruchomoci podziemnych wyrobisk grniczych. Na pewien czas spr w tym zakresie zakoczya uchwaa Sdu Najwyszego z 2002 r. SN stwierdzi, i nie jest moliwe kwalifikowanie podziemnego wyrobiska gr-niczego, jak i urzdze oraz obiektw znajdujcych si w nim, jako budowli w rozumieniu ustawy o po-datkach i opatach lokalnych (UPOL), a w zwizku z tym wspomniane wyrobiska nie powinny podlega opodatkowaniu podatkiem od nieruchomoci. Jednake nowelizacja ustawy, ktra wesza w ycie z dniem 1 stycznia 2003 r. na nowo otworzya dyskusj zwizan z zagadnieniem opodatkowania podziem-nych wyrobisk grniczych.

pRZEpISy pRAWNEZgodnie z UPOL opodatkowaniu podatkiem od nieruchomoci podlegaj m.in. budowle lub ich czci zwizane z prowadzeniem dziaalnoci gospodarczej. Ustawa definiujc pojcie budowli stwierdza jedynie, e s to obiekty budowlane w rozumieniu prawa budow-lanego. Problemem jest, czy unormowanie to odsya jedynie do ustawy Prawo budowlane, czy te do caej gazi prawa budowlanego, w tym ustawy Prawo geo-logiczne i grnicze, normujcej szczegowo zakres pojcia obiektw budowlanych zakadu grniczego.

AKTUALNE STANOWISKO ORZECZNICTWA I DOKTRyNyW obecnym stanie prawnym organy podatkowe oraz sdy domagaj si od podatnikw zapaty podatku od nieruchomoci od podziemnych wyrobisk grniczych. Stanowisko takie spotyka si jednak z fal krytyki ze strony przedstawicieli doktryny prawa podatkowego. Zauwaaj oni m.in., i UPOL definiujc pojcie budowli jako obiektu budowlanego w rozumieniu prawa bu-dowlanego odwouje si nie tylko do ustawy Prawo bu-dowlane, lecz do caej gazi prawa, jak jest prawo bu-dowlane. Konsekwentnie zastosowanie znajd przepisy ustawy Prawo geologiczne i grnicze, zgodnie z ktrymi obiektami budowlanymi zakadu grniczego s obiekty budowlane zlokalizowane w caoci na powierzchni ziemi.

Jako e podziemne wyrobiska grnicze nie mog zosta za takowe uznane, nie powinny podlega podatkowi od nieruchomoci. Do niedawna wydawao si, e przedmi-otowy spr rozstrzygnie Trybuna Konstytucyjny. Ten jed-nak z powodw proceduralnych umorzy postpowanie. Sprawa moe jednake ponownie trafi na wokand TK. Zarzd Zwizku Pracownikw Grnictwa Wgla Kamiennego zwrci si bowiem do Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich by ten zwrci si do TK o zbadanie przedmiotowej kwestii. W oczekiwaniu na wyrok podat-nicy powinni jednak broni si przed nakadaniem na nich obowizkw podatkowych zwizanych z podziem-nymi wyrobiskami grniczymi. Ostatnie opinie prawne sporzdzone przez profesorw uniwersyteckich, wybit-nych przedstawicieli doktryny prawa podatkowego oraz prawa grniczego jednoznacznie