2VR Green Mountain Noise 2015

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In this issue, we celebrate our Vermont neighbors doing the good work of building a more resilient and independent Vermont for a new century.

Transcript of 2VR Green Mountain Noise 2015

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  • 22VR | 2015 IssueEditor/PublisherRob Williams

    Web EditorJulliet Buck

    DesignerKayla Hedman

    WritersIan BaldwinRachel CarterMatthew CroppGary FlomenhoftPeter ForbesPete GarritanoGreg GumaGwen HallsmithJ. Marvin HerndonLizzy HewittJim HogueRalph MeimaAlana MoriartyBruce PostHeidi SpearHelen WhybrowRob Williams

    GREETINGS FROM THE GREEN MOUNTAINS!Welcome to our 2015 e-zine issue of 2VRGreen Mountain Noise.

    Our goal?

    To deliver provocative independent solutions-oriented journalism and commentary focused on Vermonts emerging independence movement in the face of unique 21st century challenges: peak oil, climate change, and U.S. imperial excess.

    Slow journalism for revolutionary times.

    In this issue, we celebrate our Vermont neighbors doing the good work of building a more resilient and independent Vermont for a new century.

    Pushing for public banking, revitalizing our working landscapes, celebrating food sovereignty, inventing a new craft beer culture, considering Commons-focused initiatives and legislation, spotlighting hidden climate geo-engineering activities, exploring the potential of cannabis legalization for our once-and-future republic - youll find all this and more in this issue.

    And dont forget to grab and read our new bookMost Likely To Secede: What the Vermont Independence Movement Can Teach Us About Recreating Community and Creating a Human Scale Vision for the 21st Centuryour collection of more than two dozen writers and thinkers provocatively imagining a new and more independent future for Vermont, reviewed here in these pages.

    We hope you will dive in, slow down, reflect on, digest, and enjoy the stories and images presented here in Green Mountain Noise.

    We urge you to get involvedvisit www.2VR.org for more writing, information, and merchand send us your ideas for stories and initiatives.

    And, as Winter relinquishes Its icy grip on our Green Mountains, we celebrate the coming of another season of spring to Vermontwith opportunities to get out and play in our once-and-future republic.

    Free Vermont, and long live the Untied States!

    Rob WilliamsEditor and Publisher, 2VR

    Cover photo: Rob Williams Guy Fawkes at Vermont Commons parade. Photo: Theron Williams


    PhotosMargo BaldwinGary FlomenhoftJim HogueDylan KelleyRalph MeimaMagdalena NaylorMichael TaubRob WilliamsTheron WilliamsFeaturedPeter ForbesIan Baldwin Margo BaldwinBen Walsh

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    THE 2015 ISSUE.

    Cow Power in Vermonts Mad River ValleyPhoto: Rob Williams

    Features:p. 20Progressive Eclipse: Burlington After Berniep. 12Infographic: Claiming Vermonts Commons: From Banana Republic to Sovereign Commonwealthp. 46Vermont Cannabis Collaborative Testimony

    Food & Drink:p. 18Relocalizing Vermonts Foodscapes p. 34Funding Farms for Vermonts Futurep. 40Revolutionary Spirits?p. 48From Food Sovereignty to Food Revolution

    Books:p. 15The Next Revolution: Bookchin is Back!p. 42Growing Books: Chelsea Green Celebrates 30 Yearsp. 44Excerpt: A Man Apartp. 54Review: Most Likely to Secedep. 62Excerpt: Inter States

    Banking:p. 56Banking on Vermonts Futurep. 59Hang the Bankers

    Education:p. 52Vermonts Education Reform Initiative 2015

    Other:p. 7Interview: VPIRG; Energy Independencep. 10 Review: Furious 7p. 38Geoengineering the Climate

    Vermont Food Systems. story p. 18


  • 4Gwendolyn HallsmithMontpelier, VT

    Former Montpelier town planner. Co-founder of Vermonters for a New Economy and Executive Director of the Public Banking Institute.

    @ghallsmith- Banking on Vermonts Future, p. 56


    Jim HogueCalais, VT

    Historian, radio producer, and actor.- Hang the Bankers, p. 59

    Peter ForbesMad River Valley, VT

    Conservationist, farmer, and author.peterforbes.org- Excerpt From A Man Apart, p. 44










    Ben WalshMontpelier, VT

    Climate & Energy Program Director for the Montpelier, VTbased Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG).

    @bcwalsh_vt- Interview with Ben Walsh of VPIRG, p. 7


    Helen WhybrowMad River Valley, VT

    Writer, homesteader and raiser of sheep.- Excerpt From A Man Apart, p. 44


    Elizabeth HewittWarren, VT

    Hewitt is a Vermont native of the Mad River Valley currently living and writing overseas.- Funding Farms for Vermonts Future, p. 34

    Heidi SpearFayston, VT

    Businesswoman, mother, and chair of the Fayston School Board, and the co-founder Vermonters for Accountability in Education Funding (VAEF).- Vermonts Education Reform Initiative 2015, p. 52



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    Ian BaldwinChelsea, VT

    Co-founder of Chelsea Green Publishing; served as publisher of Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence news journal.chelseagreen.com- Geoengineering the Climate is Happening NowAnd Theres a Problem, p. 38

    Margo BaldwinChelsea, VT

    Runs Chelsea Green Publishing in White River Junction, VT.- Growing Books: Chelsea Green Celebrates 30 Years, p. 42

    Rachel CarterPlainfield, VT

    Homesteader; communications director at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund.

    @RachelCarterPR- Relocalizing Vermonts

    Foodscapes, p. 18

    Matthew CroppBurlington, VT

    Self-described co-op geek. @MattCropp

    - Revolutionary Spirits, p. 40




    Gary FlomenhoftBurlington, VT

    A professor of ecological economics, currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Australia.- Claiming Vermonts Commons: From Banana Republic to Sovereign Commonwealth, p. 12

    Ralph MeimaBrattleboro, VT

    Renewable energy advocate and novelist.

    @rmeima- Excerpt from Inter States, p. 62


    Alana MoriartyColchester, VT

    An MJD student at Saint Michaels College with a deep and abiding interest in all things food-related.- From Food Sovereignty to Food Revolution, p. 48


    Bruce PostEssex, VT

    Former senior staff member for several members of the Vermont congressional delegation and now writes and lectures on Vermont environmental history.- Review of Most Likely to Secede, p. 54



    Rob WilliamsMad River Valley, VT

    Professor, publisher, musician, and historian.

    @freevtyakker- Interview with Ben Walsh of VPIRG, p. 7

    Kayla HedmanBurlington, VT

    Digital & creative marketer, designer and fitness instructor.




    Pete GarritanoSouth Burlington, VT

    Farmer and car dealer who ran for Lieutenant Governor on a Vermont Independence ticket in 2010.- The Next Revolution: Bookchin is back!, p. 15


    Ian and Margo Baldwin of Chelsea Green Publishing celebrate 30 years; interviewed by 2VR Publisher Rob Williams, p. 42. Photo courtesy of Margo Baldwin

    Greg GumaBurlington, VT

    Author of The Peoples Republic: Vermont and the Sanders William Boardman Revolution, Spirits of Desire and Dons of Time. He has lived in Vermont since 1968.- Progressive Eclipse: Burlington After Bernie, p. 20


    J. Marvin Herndon- Geoengineering the

    Climate is Happening NowAnd Theres a Problem, p. 38

    Hinda MillerBurlington, VT

    Former State Senator/Chittenden County & Co-founder of Jogbra.- Vermont Cannabis Collaborative Testimony, p. 46



    Rob Williams, Photo courtesy of Kate Williams

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    Vermont Independencestartem young.

    Photo: Magdalena Naylor.


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    2VR: Describe the Energy Independent Vermont campaignwhat are your goals?WALSH: The organizations that are part of Energy Independent Vermont believe we have a responsibility to tackle global warming while we still can. Vermonters have seen a preview of whats coming in Irenewe cant afford to sit on our hands and wait for Washington, D.C. to take action any longer. Whats more, helping people cut their dependence on fossil fuels will save Vermonters serious money on their energy bills. So, our goal is to put a price on the carbon pollution created by fossil fuels in Vermont, and use a portion of that money to create an Energy Independence Fund to help Vermonters cut their energy bills and fossil fuel use. Our proposal would also cut other taxes Vermonters already paylike income and business taxesto protect them from fossil fuel companies passing on the cost of the pollution tax.

    Some Vermonters may bridle at the notion of taxing fossil fuel corporationscan you elaborate

    on this idea?Fossil fuels create carbon pollution, which is causing global warming and all the problems that come with ittheres no question about that. Right now though, those costs are being borne solely by people impacted by climate change, like the farmers and homeowners who lost everything in Irene. So our plan says oil and gas companies shouldnt get to pollute Vermont for free anymore, and instead requires these companies to pay a tax on the carbon pollution created by the fossil fuels they sell.

    Oil prices have dramatically dropped in the past few months. Why should Vermonters get involved now?Even with todays cheaper oil prices, Vermonters are still spending a whole lot of money because of our dependence on fossil fuels. Our plan would provide help for Vermonters trying to cut their fuel use and fuel bills. Its also important to know that nearly all the money we spend on oil and gas goes straight out of the Vermont economy. That means a plan like this one, which cuts our

    collective fuel bill, will keep money in Vermont and help grow our economy. In fact, we commissioned an independent economic analysis to look at how this proposal would affect Vermonts economy. It found that keeping that money in Vermont would, amon