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  • As president, he set many precedents!Such as; he served for only 2 terms, he created a cabinet of advisors, and advised the young nation to trade with all nations but avoid military alliances that would lead us to war. Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTGeorge Washington

  • Marbury v. Madison was the Supreme Court case that established the principle of _________ review.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTJudicial

  • The __________ Doctrinedeclared that European countries could not invade former colonies in the New World to re-establish colonies. Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTMonroe

  • Although this war was technically over, Andrew Jackson became a hero after defeating the British at the Battle of New Orleans.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTWar of 1812

  • Although Brigham Young led the Mormons to Utah to avoid religious persecution, it was ________ who founded this new faith.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTJoseph Smith

  • After Texas was admitted into the Union in 1845, this war would break out the following year.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTMexican-American

  • Known as Mr. Manifest Destiny for his expansionist support, this president led the U.S. in acquiring the Oregon Territory and the Mexican Cession.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTJames K. Polk

  • These _____ immigrants fled a horrible potato famine in their native country, and many helped build the Union Pacific Railroad.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTIrish

  • Sacagawea was Native American woman who help guide the _______ expedition across the Louisiana Territory.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTLewis & Clark

  • The Donnor Party were unfortunate pioneers who got trapped in the Rockies and had to resort to _______ to survive.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTcannibalism

  • After gold was discovered here in 1848, thousands would rush to this newly acquired territory.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTCalifornia

  • The British would invade Washington D.C. and burn the White House during this war.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTWar of 1812

  • The mechanical reaper was very useful machine that helped the ______.

    Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTfarmer

  • A treaty, and not war, allowed the U.S. to acquire this very southern state in 1819.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTFlorida

  • During the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key wrote a poem that would later become a very famous American song. Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTStar Spangled Banner

  • Marbury v. Madison was the first Supreme Court case to establish the precedent that the Court (and lower federal courts as well) had the authority to determine constitutionality of a law.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTJudicial Review

  • One precedent established by President George Washington was his use of advisors who provided expert advice. These official advisors are called the ______Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTCabinet

  • The British practice of kidnapping American sailors and forcing them to serve in the British navy is known as _____.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTimpressment

  • This amendment ended slavery.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECT13th

  • An import tax is called a ___.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTtariff

  • This cruel law passed by Congress in 1830 led to the relocation of many Native American tribes west of the Mississippi River.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTIndian Removal Act

  • A new religious group founded by ____ faced persecution in the east so they settled in Salt Lake City, UT.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTJoseph Smith

  • This term refers to the time period before the Civil War.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTAntebellum

  • These two men explored the Louisiana Territory for Thomas Jefferson.Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTLewis & Clark

  • Immigrants from _____ came to America to escape the potato famine and were discriminated against (like most newcomers). Click Here to Reveal AnswerINCORRECTCORRECTIreland

  • Instructions for Using this Game Template

    All of the slides you will need for a twenty-five question review game are included in this PowerPoint template and all of the navigational hyperlinks that allow the user to move between the main game screen and the individual question screens are pre-defined as well. To make a customized game, do the following:

    While working in the Normal or Slide view, you may edit the main game slide and each of the slides that contain the individual questions and answers. On the first slide, you may edit the names of the individual categories and the heading at the top of the screen. On each question slide, replace the sample question text placeholders with the specific question you wish to pose and type the proper answer in the corresponding answer box near the bottom of each slide.An open space has purposely been created below the question portion of each slide to allow for the insertion of a video clip from the unitedstreaming video library or a digital image from the unitedstreaming Image Library. Remember to save all such video and image files to your game project folder before you insert them into your slidesthis will insure that all resources will display properly when you play the game.It is recommended that you set video clips to play automatically when you insert them into the individual question/answer slides. Remember that during the game, you can click within the confines of the movie clip at any time to pause the clip and wait for a student response. In order to reset the game and restore the appearance of the main game slide, just close the file and re-open it again to begin a new game. Marchessault 2003