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2. A slogan is a catchy phrase that isused to help people remember aproduct and make them want to buy it 3. Slogans usually come at the end of the advert A slogan is a verbal logo Instantly communicate the nature of the business,product, or service. They are appealing to the target audience They are able to withstand the test of time They work in context of all potentialcommunications media They are brief and memorable 4. Connecting peopleConnecting people 5. Just Do It. Just Do It. 6. "Probably the best "Probably the bestlager in the world" lager in the world" 7. once you pop, you once you pop, youcant stop. cant stop. 8. "Finger-lickin good." "Finger-lickin good." 9. The best a man The best a mancan get. can get. 10. Im lovin it. Im lovin it. 11. Have it your way. Have it your way. 12. washing machines washing machines live longer withlive longer with 13. vorsprung durch vorsprung durch techniktechnik 14. Gives you wings. Gives you wings. 15. The Power of The Power of dreams.dreams. 16. Impossible in Impossible in nothing nothing 17. Because youre Because youreworth it worth it 18. Good things come to Good things come to those who waitthose who wait 19. Think differentThink different 20. Make up your ownMake up your ownSlogan goes here Slogan goes here