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We gathered 28 of the best FREE DIY playset plans and compiled them into one blog post, which we converted into a presentation. Hopefully you find some inspiration to create your own backyard playground!

Transcript of 28 Free DIY Playset Plans for Your Backyard

  • The Ultimate Collection of Free DIY Outdoor Playset Plans
  • Check out the post on our blog to get an updated version with even more plans! View it here.
  • There are plenty of different playhouses and backyard playground sets to choose from in the stores today, but sometimes it is actually better to build this kind of thing on your own. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • Building a playset for your child or children brings with it many benefits Theyre scalable so you can add extra features like slides, swings, climbing walls, and more as your kids develop. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • Building a playset for your child or children brings with it many benefits They can be customized to fit within your space. They often cost less than a complete, all-in-one kit. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • But the main thing that you need to think about when it comes to these kinds of custom playsets is the pride and satisfaction that comes along with building something unique and fun for your family. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • If your children are old enough, you may even want to have them help you with the building process youll need all the help you can get with some of these projects. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 1 Buildeazy Play Fort This is a pretty cool little fort/hut that has an attached tire swing, and slide. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 2 Playhouse with Climbing wall These plans elaborate on how to add a climbing wall structure to the fort above, which reminds me of a tree house, minus the tree. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 3 The Wendy House Check out this fort made with girls in mind, featuring a stylish front porch area and a feminine touch that most playsets lack. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 4 Eccentric Playhouse Heres another one for the girls, with a creative shape that looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Its a whimsical design thats would delight any young girl with an active imagination. It definitely requires a bit more experience, with some very long and angular cuts best handled with a mitre saw. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 5 Coolforts.com Coolforts has a couple impressive set of plans and instructions for military / fantasy / frontier style forts, available in PDF downloadable format. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 6 Double decker playhouse From DIY Network, this fort is pretty large, and definitely requires a lot of time and skill. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 6 Double decker playhouse Recruit one of your friends, or get that lazy teenage son of yours to help. If you can pull it off, the payoff would result in a giant fort that provides tons of fun for your kids. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 7 $100 Scrapwood Playhouse This was a toss up on whether or not to include here. On one hand, heres an example of what NOT to do when building a fort, unless you like mixing splinters and possible structural collapse with http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 7 $100 Scrapwood Playhouse However, its a great creative effort that was done for super cheap using a lot of household leftovers You be the judge. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 8 How to put together a play for A great series of videos by carpentry and woodworking expert Ron Hazelton on how to assemble your own fort. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 9 Two story fort and playhouse A very nice looking, double-decker fort/playhouse. Would be really neat to build this one as a tree house. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 10 Raised fort This is an exceptional fort, crafted with raised legs that elevate it off the ground by about six feet. It features a secret trap door for a secret entrance, and a ramp http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/ that extends
  • 10 Raised fort This plan by is very well documented, and could easily be extended to include a number of optional accessories and features. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 11 Log Cabin Playhouse A rustic, and very well put together playhouse made from logs. Would be a perfect addition to the backyard of your vacation cabin. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 12 The Squarris Wheel Feeling a bit more adventuresome? http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 12 The Squarris Wheel This ferris wheel type of playset features four spots for your kids to sit in, and a design that takes safety into account, which is a good thing! http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 13 Simple see-saw Perhaps you need an additional feature for your backyard playground. This easy to follow set of instructions lays out how to build a simple see-saw thats safe and fun to use http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 14 Swinging see-saw If you like the simple see-saw, but want something a with a little more style, try this swinging version. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 15 Tree house plans Good ol Ron Hazeton comes through again. What cant this guy build? ----- > I think every kid dreams of having a mini-fort/house to escape to in a tree, and this great outlines in great detail everything you need to build a safe tree house. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 16 Homemade wooden playhous Ehow brings us this outline explaining how to build a sturdy wooden play structure using 2x4s and some plywood. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 17 The adventure tower This unique structure offers tons of options for playing, swinging, and climbing around. Kids will love the unique design, which both looks good and is highly functional. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 18 Biggest play fort ever Heres an exceptional example of dedication and pride of craftsmanship. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 18 Biggest play fort ever This structure has it all, from a zipline, to multiple rooms/levels inside the fort, swings, and much more. An incredible playset that must have taken a long time to create. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 19 Adding a playground slide to a If you have the inkling to build a basic four post playset, then why not follow these instructions to add a slide to the unit? Its an easy way to enhance the structure and provide more fun for the kiddos. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 20 Landscaping pole playhouse Built using round landscaping poles, this version can be expanded or slimmed down to your needs and features a crawl tunnel connecting the two units. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 21 How to build a DIY playset with tower Kelly of View along the way provides a great outline thats welldocumented, showing how to build a playset with a tower. http://www.totalplaygrounds.com/blog/28-free-diy-playset-plans/
  • 22 Outdoor playset plans My Outdoor Playset has a very well put together guide to building your own fort. They include great image